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Lit in lines

I was in nearby Menlo Park yesterday, trying to replace Todd Sickafoose’s worn Size 10 1/2 sic Saucony Jazz lime shows and I wondered into Feldman’s for the first time since it relocated. A young man was playing on the … Continue reading

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Lordy, lordy lordy a.k.a. Joe Ely

edit to add: I posted this via my handheld during the show and updated to say the song is called “I’m Gonna Strangle You, Shorty” and here is seen a few years back at Saxon Club in Austin. I spoke … Continue reading

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These colors don’t run and gun

(I wrote the bulk of this Sunday morning but let it breath for a day before posting. I thought of the relative value of working behind the scenes to get traction on this, or just letting it go completely. Beyond … Continue reading

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Are there any other celebrities on this blog?

Dear Moe and All: Setting here listening to your Stella Brooks album sounds tough and good. Old timey sound of the backs her up “Little Piece of Leather” is onery, delightful and rough. “Gin’s gonna kill but they don’t say … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Needs Music

This is a detail of a drawing offered by the lovely Annie Pletz of Berkeley  regarding TLPW456, the initiative to revive the historic and beloved Varsity Theatre in Palo Alto. The drawing actually shows a bass player performing under a … Continue reading

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