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Their music lives on, and my versions of their stories

Veronica DeJesus recently created a series of portraits, of musicians who I knew from my work as Earthwise Productions, which started in 1994 and continues, although my last concert was March 13 2020, having, like virtually everyone and everything on … Continue reading

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Reich calls out DeJoy on $30m conflict, and motive to destroy Postal Service e

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20 inter-related headlines from Yesterday’s the New York Times regarding the election two months away and the future of democracy IMHO

  One. Trump bolstered by party he has transformed: emphasizing nationalist themes, he goes into election looking to shift narrative   Two. Trump Unchastened by time in top office, even impeachment   Three. Teen suspect glorified police and weapons   … Continue reading

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I’m middle aged but James Dean and Natalie Wood have long since turned to dust swallowed by mites

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World premiere of ‘There Is Something On Your Mind’ video featuring Nancy Wright, on Lions With Wings, an online initiative of concert promoter Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto

Earthwise Productions has released a video, made by Kid Andersen’s Greaseland Studios of San Jose, as part of its Lions With Wings initiative. The 8-minute video features six performers in isolation, an accomodation to the Covid-19 virus, but is edited … Continue reading

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Ed and Lava’s Excellent Adventures

Ed Solomon was in my Hebrew School car pool 45 years ago and he held signs for other cars to read, on 280 like HONK IF YOU’RE HORNY.He wrote “Bill and Ted” movies, one of which, still featuring Keanu Reeves, … Continue reading

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Ascent Elimination Airlines

Nina Katchadourian should own an airline that always chooses the longest distance between two points but my the end of the flight as you deplane you are awarded an art degree. I think of her as a strange visitor from … Continue reading

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The McCloskey’s of St. Louis are Unamerican; the Republicans are Unamerican

I agree with Edsall of The New York Times: Donald Trump is trying to create a race war in America, Blacks versus whites, as a way to avoid a class war, as a way to avoid taxing corporations and the … Continue reading

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Celebrating 25 and a half: or, half celebrating

Belated thanks to Sal Pizarro of the Merc for plugging my concert series — I don’t think I noticed it until months later while doing a little subtle self-googling. THE SHOW GOES ON: It’s been 25 years since Mark Weiss started Earthwise Productions, but … Continue reading

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1 Lady Announces’Eel and Saffron’ as new Nationalist Bowl

‘MORE, SIR” is plea.

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