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NZ from A to Z

prime minister Jacinda Ardern   poli sci teacher dan Zirker B/w Raymond Chandler poignantly observed, “Without magic there is no art. Without art there is no idealism. Without idealism there is no integrity. Without integrity there is nothing but production.” … Continue reading

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Parallax receptions

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Forest thru the car window, 36 year interval

1982 Fast Times (LA)2018 Harlem Bumpy More: His new show is god father

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Mary Cain, potter vs Mary Cain, runner

Mary Cain of Santa Clara Pueblo, 1915-2010, very famous potter and grandmother of, among others, Tammy Garcia (also related to Autumn Borts, James Ebelacker and Jody Naranjo, right?). Mary Cain runner, name-checked by former Stanford star Lauren Fleshman, who claims … Continue reading

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First rap Grammy VS first grammy who raps

MC Hammer Stanley Burrell from McClymonds High in Oakland won the first rap Grammy, in 1992 for “You Can’t Touch This”. Angelica sat down next to me after today’s Niners victory over The Cards. She went to Silver Creek, works … Continue reading

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ChristgAU on MuldAUr

The AU standard: Don’t You Feel My Leg: The Naughty Bawdy Blues of Blue Lu Barker [Last, 2018] Now 75, Muldaur became a dynamo in her fifties, an album a year between 1998 and 2011. Always a nuanced singer, she … Continue reading

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Don Cherry the Canadian blowhard VS Don Cherry the Choctaw cornetist

There is something in the local rag and likely other sources about the xenophobia of Canadian hockey broadcaster (and I think sometimes crooner) Don Cherry and him calling people “them” and that recent arrivals to Canada don’t respect the sacrifices … Continue reading

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