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Jazz time travels or jazzscribe contrafacts: from full faith and credit to fregulia and back

The Geography of Hep, Palo Alto’s influence on Jazz, via music education, guest concerts(Monk, Steve Lacy) and our all too rare gifts to jazz world in terms of artists like Stanley Jordan and executives like Danny Scher, Jason Olaine, plus Herb Wong, James Benham, Ted Gioia, plus Akira Tana, venues like The Bandbox and The Varsity, and all that jazz Continue reading

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Talking Harbaugina

The Guy: If you are here tonight for “The Harbaugina Monologue” you may be disappointed. “The Harbaugina Monologue” is taking a break, on injured reserve, if you will. Instead we have a new feature called “Talking Harbaugina.” Instead of actually … Continue reading

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Go see Cal, in heaven

Cal Worthington was an American legend, a car dealer, country music promoter and friend of critters large and small. He bought Key Chevrolet in Cupertino, in 1988, then sold it to Jerry Davidson in the early nineties. It was his … Continue reading

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The New York Times has been charging me $15 per month since April yet I actually have not been on their site for about six months. I thought of calling the 800 number on my credit card bill to ask … Continue reading

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