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Earthwise vs The Pink

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650 concert promoters’ media war

Nonprofit the guild full page ad page 9 of the Chronicle Sunday paper showing 24 shows five of which previously appeared in Earthwise a Productions at either Cubberley or The Mitch

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Bob Dylan, the vote, Will Bernard, Sony Holland singing the music of Linda Ronstadt

  Just now, taking the dog out, I noticed todays mail. It included a single balcony reserved seat ticket to a Bob Dylan concert upcoming in Oakland Friday June 11, in about a month and a notice for a polling … Continue reading

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Anna for Congress: Or, what is the sound of half a brain clapping?

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Because I was reading Jerry Mander ’In The Absence of The Sacred’ (1992), Dr. Cindy Russell put me in charge of the ‘Earthwise Traditions’ section of Stanford’s Earth Day, and that led directly to me founding a company Earthwise Productions”


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Further assault on Democracy by Palo Alto City Clerk

  When a developer spoke to the Palo Alto Public Art Commission last night, although she did not even bother to attend the meeting in person, her face was giving 100 percent status and her voice matched her lips moving … Continue reading

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John Zorn ‘Naked City’ vs Or Bareket ‘Sahar’

  This is from 1993 and featured John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Joey Baron, Wayne Horvitz; I had never seen it until 10 minutes ago; I admit I had it confused with “Spy VS Spy” which I borrowed from the library … Continue reading

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Every day is Earth Day: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and, especially Sunday, April 24, with MC Lars and Matt The Electrician, in Palo Alto

  Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered I’m producing an Earth Day concert Sunday 2 p.m. at Mitchell Park Bowl.  I’m writing early Wednesday morning, or Tuesday night, depending how you look at it. So … Continue reading

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April 18: day of show

Yet, I am running a photo of my dog yesterday caught mid conniption by a Stanford student an entrepreneur named SHough rhymes with my headline. Sydney Quoyen Hough, from Saratoga, working on their next billion, yet staying ”fuzzy” by hanging … Continue reading

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Tim Gray, Mark Weiss, Gail Price, fall, 2009 at Smith-Andersen studios, Pepper Street, Palo Alto

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