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Street parade for Paly grads, downtown north, after Ives (w vibraslap and dog)

Starring: Max, Kobi. Featuring: Eric, Titi, Lars, Sarah, Maya, Jordan, Neilson, Debbie, Nick, Nick Jr, Kristtine, Barbara, Wylie, Laura B, Lori R, Jerry, Sally, Ben, George, Sylvia, Julian, Julie, “Jordan Cheng”, Ice Cream Truck, Hodes, Tyreek, Leah, Duffy, Marjorie, Mac, … Continue reading

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Thank you, James Mattis, of Stanford

“I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled,” former Trump administation Secretary of Defense, and Hoover fellow James Mattis writes, for The Atlantic. “The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States … Continue reading

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R u Casti R-1?

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My platform for 2020, although I’m definitely not running

So to tie together a couple loose threads on the internet here at PAW, we have 35 acres at Cubberley, 39 acres special zone and Casti, which someone, apples to oranges, defines as a CUP on 51 R-1 single house … Continue reading

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AFI at The Cub, 1996 and 2021?

Or: Just like heaven. And 1: a bit parochial but WordPress cannot distinguish Davey Havok from AwkwAFIna. The instant matter my blog to God’s vag: I will pay a pro rata share of the rent for the Cubberly multi-purpose room/auditorium … Continue reading

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Smoke signals, I and II

Twice in the last 24 hours I have posted at PAW about the government decree to ban vaping and cherry-tobacco from Palo Alto and its likely negative impact on Mac’s Smoke Shop, which I frequent for newspapers and magazines.I think … Continue reading

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Trump appointee to ramp up war on wild horses

Seeks increase of $25 million in next budget to capture mustangs The chronicle had a small wire item about wild horses in the Bureau of land management which I clipped out today. Reminds me that right before I started Earthways … Continue reading

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