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gender, has to do with females of the species, generally but not pruriently except in rare cases; feminism sometimes.

Tracy Chapman, ‘Baby Can I Hold You’, 1988 and 2020 VS Pop Smoke posthumous New Yorker review, August, 2020

I found a copy of The New Yorker in a free library two blocks from my house and tore out pp 78-79 to read or reread about Pop Smoke. I own a Pop Smoke t-shirt. I bought it on the … Continue reading

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I pay estimated taxes every quarter for my small Palo Alto music business, but apparently Castilleja School because it packs Palo Alto leadership with insiders, paid $250k by check seven years and three days ago, but cheats We The People out of $5 millon each year

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Aloha to drummer Amy Cesari from Downtown North Palo Alto

Although this rock ‘n’ roll drummer has been in the biz almost as long as I have it suddenly dawned on me her story. I knew because Maya told me that when Tori quit the band with chronic illness in … Continue reading

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Eight female forms painted by Marcy Friedman of Sacramento

Marcy is a Stanford grad and a major donor to the Crocker Museum of Sacramento; not to be confused with Marcy Freedman of San Francisco and San Diego who is a writer it would be cool if Friedman with an … Continue reading

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Twenty five years of Dawn Richardson drums

Dawn with Four Non Blondes circa 1994 Dawn with Mental 99 (Joe Gore Dawn Richardson duo) 2010 There’s more to say but for now I tagged this “music” “sfmoma’ “sex” I forget when I split “sex” and “sfmoma” into two … Continue reading

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Personal to Plastic Alto voters in Palo Alto: you have 90 more minutes to get to the polls and vote REBECCA

I met Rebecca Eisenberg walking our dogs at the new park at Peers Park and then have followed her campaign avidly since it started in June. I mention her here 23 times. I voted for she and three others, but … Continue reading

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On the basis of ‘MET’

I won’t know until I walk into the ballot box drop off place also known as the polls which for me might be in front of Palo alto city Hall although I’d prefer something with a human attendant but right … Continue reading

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Cutting contest for candidates

I am hereby inviting the 10 Palo Alto City Council candidates to respond to a prompt: on your cell phone, sing a bar, a line or a verse from the song “When You Were Mine”.I will post the results on … Continue reading

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Personal to DD of the PAW: speaking of ‘rant’ and the related word ‘bombastic’, there is a giant cock-shaped gourd in the window of the dildo shop on Ramona

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On the basis of sex: Ladomirak, DiBrienza and Nisewaner Lead Women’s Sweep in PAUSD Race

I watched the League of Women Voters candidates forum and am marking my ballot, were it ranked:Jesse Fletcher LadomirakJennifer DiBrienza (i)Karna Nisewaner. The also-rans for me are, in order: Katie Causey, Todd Collins, Matt Nagle. I think this is a … Continue reading

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