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gender, has to do with females of the species, generally but not pruriently except in rare cases; feminism sometimes.

Gaye Adegbalola the Uppity Blues Woman new single for Vizztone and Lions With Wings about Kamala Harris our first Black woman

I just noticed that a song I helped produce with Gaye Adegbalola during the covid lockdowns is released as a single on Vizztone, a blues cooperative co-managed by Bob Margolin. I thought the song cycle would be released on my … Continue reading

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The Way We Woof

  I’m very PoMo which means that rather than write the way I was trained at newspapers, ad agencies or at the best English department at America’s 10th oldest college or university, I paste together texts, emails and other people … Continue reading

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Tap her G-spot

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Counting sheep

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Connie Han Solo

Or: Ableton V Earthwise at The Cub, The Mitch, Pollstar In brief, although I am actually wearing briefs, (Calvin Klein snuggies), grey or gray Billabong sweats, K-swiss sneaks, dri fit not my normal South African socks, a Giants t-shirt, a … Continue reading

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Charlie Hunter at The Mitch by Earthwise by Paula Weiss Media preview

Upcoming Amendola VS Blades, Johnny A, Plays Monk with Ben Goldberg, Todd Sickafoose, Scott Amendola, Greaseland All Stars featuring Kid Andersen, Lisa Leuschner, Jimmy Pugh, Caroline Davis Quartet Jazz Residency, MC Lars, tba.   bw peninsula media center feature on … Continue reading

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Presley Pavillion in Palo Alto proposed, yo

Apropos of the recent discussion of building a public sector gym in Palo Alto, I want to suggest a related but much cheaper idea, to rename the gym at Cubberley “Presley Pavillion at Cubberley Center”. Bud Presley was a Cubberley … Continue reading

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Happy chanukah and happy 147th birthday, in advance, dead French author Colette aka Gigi

There’s a group of four scholars here at the Cafe on Middlefield, one of whom has two books cracke (open) simultaneously; they are reading “Gigi” in the original — talk about cognate — and are charmingly subtle counter-revolutionaries. The woman … Continue reading

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It was 20 years ago today, Maya Ford told the band to play

It had already been a long evolution for Palo Alto teen punks the Donnas. In eight years, they’d gone from junior high school metallicists as the Electrocutes to Ramones-worshippers, then Runaways avatars as the Donnas. The metalinfluences gradually surfaced more and more, until The Donnas Turn … Continue reading

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[I had a different headline here but it was ambiguous that I am sympathetic to the victims of sexual assault in Ann Arbor]

ed to ad an hor later: I wrote Geiger back to say “nevermind”. Also, I know that the agent of Trevor Noah does not get 10 percent of gross, as much as he may deserve such.   and another reason … Continue reading

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