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gender, has to do with females of the species, generally but not pruriently except in rare cases; feminism sometimes.

V.Vale v Eve Valois

If it is not obvious on first instance, one might recognize a pattern wherein a common trope at Plastic Alto is to compare two dissimilar items with similar names. Wasn’t there a guy on Saturday Night Live who would have … Continue reading

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Jim Coulter sent me…

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We are taking our dog to Sausalito Fair in, like, 10 minutes but not before I quickly post about the Stanford tennis player and her father

Based on Yesterday’s Research and Revelation: Or, Kirstie Ahn Should Take a Gap Year It’s no good when the evening of your greatest victory ever the news is about how your father thinks you should quit and become a corporate … Continue reading

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‘You’re One’, Imperial Teen (song) VS ‘You’re’ Sylvia Plath (poem)

Clownlike, sleeping with the enemy. Nuf sed.

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Twenty-one arts photos from my email feed, butt-to-butt

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Jen Dziura’s upgrade from hamburgers to bull-sliders

 In my 25 years in the arts a sub-project has been to cultivate a network of Dartmouth alums in those fields.  As distinct from the previous efforts to do so in journalism parentheses Paul Gigot, Budd Schulberg  or advertising – … Continue reading

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Alta Weiss VS Lynda Benglis

Alta Weiss was a baseball player who defied gender expectations 111 years ago and then became a medical doctor. Lynda Benglis is a sculptor  who works with fabric and has a show coming up shortly in Palo Alto at the … Continue reading

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