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gender, has to do with females of the species, generally but not pruriently except in rare cases; feminism sometimes.

Doria lauded for her ‘FWA’


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I am Gerhard

    A woman in line behind me at the café noticed my book with a faux naive cover that said “Gerhard Richter 100 pictures” and she asked if I was Gerhard. I said no I am Mark although the … Continue reading

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Credits to their genders

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Hey, Jay, nice to see you. That guy David is the one who turned me on or out as a Dead head, we recalled that I bought his NYE tix in 1989. Question: what is that random but lovely photo of drummer Ali Miller, you file and tag as ‘corporate’ – is she the poster child for the Jazz School or something? Is it okay i.e. fair use that I randomly run it on my blog next to the color version of Bob Dylan by Tony Frank: I tag the photo ali jay bob which sounds like a Kevin Smith character

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June swoon >>> just added

I’m cutting and pasting this from last week’s post plus a few other just added: TAMMY HALL, solo piano at Johnson Park, downtown north Palo Alto, 2 p.m. Saturday, September 10, 2022 – (note: Stanford plays USC later that afternoon, … Continue reading

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We are the world

Gertrude Stein said I write for myself and strangers. As I sit the world around me is increasing, approaching 9 billion souls and bodies. I am actually South County today, so we are more like 2 million not the 60,000 … Continue reading

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Blues master offers two shows for Palo Alto

Gaye Adegbalola performs two shows in Palo Alto, Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22. Tickets at EventBrite, for either the indoor show at The Mitchell Park Community Center or the next afternoon, free in the park. Both shows presented … Continue reading

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Seventeen photos of Meklit Hadero, who appears here Friday

She also sings   bw 1) I found this snapshot of Tim Bloom of the mother hips and yours truly Mark Weiss of Earthwise productions I took it with a cheap camera disposable at Tressider in 1999 I don’t know … Continue reading

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Anna for Congress: Or, what is the sound of half a brain clapping?

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North Carolina ’tis strange, passing strange

I just got a short note from director Christopher Burris, who has been teaching and workshopping and producing at a university in North Carolina and I admit I don’t know Greensboro from Winston-Salem other than it is not Asheville or … Continue reading

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