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Giants of improvisation VS Mardi Gras VS Beth’s birthday VS Earthwise at The Mitch VS Duke

OR: CLARINET THING AT MITCHELL PARK, FEBRUARY 25, 2020 FULL CONCERT (67 MIN) These are times that try something novel, here in the mediated consciousness stream of my fellow music lovers and coronavirus resisters. I do believe that our inclination … Continue reading

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X ‘Alphabetland’ cover art by Wayne White VS ‘OY’ / ‘YO’ at Stanford Cantor

I am a medium cool X fan I think I saw them once at the Fillmore in the 90s and John Doe played my concert series at the Cubberley and DJ Bonebrake played with Susan James gave me his business … Continue reading

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Watching 11:57 on a Tuesday morning

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The MC Lars Podcast Episode #13 — Gary K. Wolf — 11/26/18 VS Frying Bacon, Making a Sammy, Eating It quotidien photo series (f Duffy)

I was listening to MC Lars podcast and watching Dave Burd Lil Dicky tv show with the sound off, but since I have short attention span, I went back to John Oliver and he was with Wendy Williams and she … Continue reading

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Thumbs up for Nina Katchadourian and her 24,000 imitators

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Flashback to May 2, two years ago, with Lars and Mark

MC Lars was in England explaining the relationship between hip-hop Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe to a group of students, on May 2, 2018. He had them hitting the trochee hard. Upon the trochee hard they hit; something something think … Continue reading

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Total recall: one hundred short films about November, 2019, not to exceed an hour total viewing time nor 30 seconds each, unless they feature Matt The Electrician

1. 11/1/19 Palo Alto (recycling)2. 11/1/19 Palo Alto Lytton Plaza (music)3. 11/2/19 Palo Alto (media)4. 11/2/19 Palo Alto (media)5. 11/2/19 Palo Alto (dog)6. 11/2/19 Palo Alto Barron Park (street train)7. 11/2/19 San Francisco (basketball)8. 11/2/19 San Francisco (miscellaneous)9. 11/219 Palo … Continue reading

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She’s a little piece of data don’t you know

Stella Brooks(1910-2002) is earning money, 18 years after her death and, in effect, loaning the money back to the people of the United States for cultural purposes. The San Francisco singer has seven songs among the 60,000 in the catalog … Continue reading

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Palo is less Alto without Lee Konitz, 1927-2020

Lee Konitz is not really from here, and his melody composition is as likely about New Jersey than here, but I want to note his passing. Lee recorded a song “Palo Alto” in 1950. I tried to get City Manager … Continue reading

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Earthwise Siphonophore Chorus tribute to Laura Veirs

April has been the cruelest month to Laura Veirs and her fans down here in the Six-Five-Oh. Instead of both a workshop at Stanford and a show at The Mitch, we have various examples of woodshedding. Using my magic box, … Continue reading

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