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when i sneak my cell into stanford theatre and the lady, who is cool with almost falling off a ladder for minimum wage when she changes the names on the marquee, asks me not to use my cell, marshall mcluhan, noam chomsky and more

Erno Rubik four states

I met a Stanford student who set the world record for solving the cube while juggling.

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20 inter-related headlines from Yesterday’s the New York Times regarding the election two months away and the future of democracy IMHO

  One. Trump bolstered by party he has transformed: emphasizing nationalist themes, he goes into election looking to shift narrative   Two. Trump Unchastened by time in top office, even impeachment   Three. Teen suspect glorified police and weapons   … Continue reading

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The McCloskey’s of St. Louis are Unamerican; the Republicans are Unamerican

I agree with Edsall of The New York Times: Donald Trump is trying to create a race war in America, Blacks versus whites, as a way to avoid a class war, as a way to avoid taxing corporations and the … Continue reading

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Big Sister

I voted for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump and I will definitely vote for Joe Biden with Kamala Harris and not Donald Trump and my wife was very very disappointed that we did not have a female president yet … Continue reading

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Holy cow!!! Kamala to be first female president of United States!

Edit to add: trifecta

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Young & Restless Black Lives Matter

  (I was kidding but it’s actually true: But another big reason Y&R was beloved in my family was its black characters, who flourished in the 80s and 90s: They began as background figures, but slowly evolved into pillars of … Continue reading

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Hanks, Hanks, ‘Hanks’ VS Oswald, Oswald, Oswald, and Oswald

I hereby nominate Marc Oswald to the Cubberley Hall of Fame. Marc is a graduate of the school in the class of 1976. They were only three more classes after his to go full-term and a total of 25 classes … Continue reading

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I May S1:01 Or Hemingway black cat story

I watched the first 10 minutes of HBO date rape show and then went to walk my dog and then watched the final 5 minutes or so, then reviewed backwards minutes 26 thru 13 — the meat of the matter. … Continue reading

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The rail: Good week for Avenue Beat from Quincy and Nashville, bad week for TJ DeStefano of San Jose and Palo Alto: fuck 2020 low key ok?

 Or as the woman once said: some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug  Debug. like dis:

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Revised version of Adrian fine Adrian Figg riff for readers of the Palo Alto Weekly

(Eleven hours later, kind of reminds me of the joke when I was a kid about Gilligan and Ginger and Gilligan asks if he can stick his finger in her belly button and she says “If Black Lives Matter”..)I saw … Continue reading

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