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Superchunk Meets Dan Pritzker Silent Satchmo Boychik

(Play both of these simultaneous for full FX; with apologies to Ken Vandermark, Jem Cohen, John Corbett, Charles Ives, Trombone Shorty, Ralph Carney, John Zorn “Spy vs. Spy”, Christian Marclay, Mal Sharpe, Charles Mingus “Cumbia and Jazz Fusion”, Wurster and … Continue reading

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Superchunk meets Richard Serra

Although I labeled it THIS IS REAL and THIS IS NOT A PRANK,  I doubt the letter I sent to Mac MacCaughan at Merge Records in Chapel Hill, North Carolina will merit serious consideration. I noticed that the found object … Continue reading

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Watching the VibraSlap (Cake on tv)

I caught Cake’s performance on late late television with Craig Ferguson of CBS. The performance is of a new song called “Long Time” notably featuring Vince Difiore on keyboard, a vocal chorale sample, over trumpet. I wondered what type of … Continue reading

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Who can forget those hours that passed like dreams? Sam Rivers (1923-Dec. 26, 2011) at Dartmouth, 1980, 1997

I just spoke to Erik Lawrence, a reeds player who was in residence at Dartmouth in 2005 but has a longer relationship with Williams today for the first time and one of our probably 50 discreet topics was Don Glasgo, … Continue reading

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Rm 222 (KFlay v. KVal)

if kflay is crazy, i’ll have what’s she’s having Continue reading

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Tommy Jordan sits in with Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads ‘Howl’

i saw the best minds of my generation employed by downtown street team Continue reading

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Take me, “Portlandia”

I saw Sleater-Kinney three times. Sold out show Friday in SF. I didn’t realize I even get channel 503 IFC — yeah! I’m only a year or so behind the times! Photo of Carrie Brownstein at NPR showcase, at SXSW … Continue reading

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420 Cambridge

let’s get to the point, and smoke another joint, cause you don’t know what it means to be reality stoner real estate television satire and then i bumped again i bumped again Continue reading

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Thanks to Gary Meyer, the Chron and the good people of Serendip

Clearing space in my old school (ie circa 2008) phone, I uploaded to here (via my email server) this photo of Gary Meyer, which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle in August. I guess I am skirting copyright issues by … Continue reading

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Check “YES!” for Alex Carbonel music and hoops

La di dah dot tot dah I caught via the tube a live performance on a sports show of a point guard from St. Mary’s University of Moraga, California (East Bay, halfway to Winnemucca), named, and they didn’t even have … Continue reading

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