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I appreciate comments about live music during these strange times by Cate Armstrong in SLO as told to Stephanie Zappelli for Cal Matters and printed in the Quran today

We started (the band —Purple Hibiscus) in the end of June. The first show that we had was at my house. We planned it, but I was like, I’m nervous about this because we’re entering a new realm of, “Is … Continue reading

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Ordinary monkey

Use serial comma, use serial comma, and use serial comma. Anonymous 1) I heard back from Brett Hall Jones, daughter of Oakley Hall and partner of Louis B. Jones. I thought it funny that he wrote books about money, and … Continue reading

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Lark learning to prey

  I just like saying that. It’s a Sondheim reference, but also “Mad Max” Weirdly – -this is plastic alto, right?  – this morphed into a discussion of racism out of Charlotte NC and Tulsa OK not Okey with activist … Continue reading

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Tap her G-spot

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Straw man argument for the replacement of the human race by pets for their computers by Barbara Manning Vargas, Maureen Dowd and Mark Weiss, circa 2021 or so we were led to believe

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Amber lozenges (after Elif, Regan, Osip of Peet’s)

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Happy chanukah and happy 147th birthday, in advance, dead French author Colette aka Gigi

There’s a group of four scholars here at the Cafe on Middlefield, one of whom has two books cracke (open) simultaneously; they are reading “Gigi” in the original — talk about cognate — and are charmingly subtle counter-revolutionaries. The woman … Continue reading

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It was 20 years ago today, Maya Ford told the band to play

It had already been a long evolution for Palo Alto teen punks the Donnas. In eight years, they’d gone from junior high school metallicists as the Electrocutes to Ramones-worshippers, then Runaways avatars as the Donnas. The metalinfluences gradually surfaced more and more, until The Donnas Turn … Continue reading

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Kelefa Sanneh book VS Xgau review of such; or ‘to get in doors again’

Bottom line up front as Michael McFaul son of a music teacher would say BLUF: Jeano Edwards and stylist Chloe Grace Press photographed models Baba Chogwu and Temitope Ajayi at the gardens of the Monkey Island Estate hotel, which is … Continue reading

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Twenty-seven titles I carried apropos of Diunna

Books:1. Home, Toni Morrison;2. Race Against Time, Keith Boykin;3. African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle & Song, Kevin Young, editor;4.Sing For Freedom, Carawan;5. Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison;6. The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin; Magazines: 7. Pollstar (Yola);8. NYT Magazine … Continue reading

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