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Writing about music may be like dancing about architecture—

But mark morris layla on my cellphone is just one more thing draining the battery

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Post-modern exchange with Pam Mandel

Regarding her memoir “Same River Twice” published by Skyhorse Press and distributed by Simon and Schuster. Pam is from Palo Alto, graduated from San Jose State and makes Seattle her home base. Actual title is The Same River Twice: A … Continue reading

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Cutting contest for candidates

I am hereby inviting the 10 Palo Alto City Council candidates to respond to a prompt: on your cell phone, sing a bar, a line or a verse from the song “When You Were Mine”.I will post the results on … Continue reading

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David Shribman says Jim Newton says (about Jerry Brown and E.F. Schumacher)

It wasn’t only Wittgenstein. Newton plumbs the Brown mind, finding traces of E.F. Schumacher, Ivan Illich and Michel Foucault and unearthing the concept of “subsidiarity,” which translates in the political realm to decentralization — the delegation of solutions to those … Continue reading

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Two Palo Alto covers with today’s Sunday Times

One, A1, fifth lead photo of interior of restaurant at 546 University where CEOs of two leading tech companies were photographed dining together, apropos of antitrust. Two, The New York Times Magazine typography illustration for article about Palo Alto surveillance … Continue reading

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Personal to DD of the PAW: speaking of ‘rant’ and the related word ‘bombastic’, there is a giant cock-shaped gourd in the window of the dildo shop on Ramona

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Fair play to those who dare to dream, and Pham Doan Trang, writer, performer, dissident

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‘Hinky’ is now officially a word

I wrote something about “kinky-pinky: which referenced Robert Maplethorpe’s nearly obscene erotic and homoerotic photographs but also that something about Palo Alto police and someone describing a suspect as “hinky” which means suspicious. I bought Webster’s 11th edition just this … Continue reading

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‘Lami@60’ will be especially poignant in the COVID or post- COVID era

I watched the video tape that John Rhodes had made of the event Matt Gonzalez and I produced in 2011 at David highSmith’s store regarding the 50th anniversary of the publication or the creation of Alden Van Buskirk’s collection called … Continue reading

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Palo Alto considers commissioner handcuffs

Statements to the media should generally be avoided. If asked, route questions through the Chair in collaboration with the City’s Chief Communications Officer. BLUF: I find the agenda item for the October 19 Palo Alto City Council meeting, about a … Continue reading

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