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Coupa water

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Shut up and Dance by Pearl Harbour and the Explosions 1978 Vs The Dance section of Hart Crane bridge poem circa 1923 or 55 years prior

I thought of Pearl Harbour this morning because I learned she is the sister of the recently deceased gallerist Ed Gilbert. Her biggest song is “Shut Up And Dance”. My smart phone let me play it, somewhat quietly. My wife … Continue reading

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Robertson, Basirico, Carpio work in progress, Palo Alto, June, 2020

Black Lives Matter mural, artists at work, a week ago:

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Lions with Wings, Lvvvv, June 19, 2020 thru June 19, 2021 via WordPress and Bandcamp

BLUF — BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: I am starting a record label of sorts, due to Covid, starting with performers who had been booked into my concert series; the name references a landmark on the Stanford campus and or the … Continue reading

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Pitter Pat pear

Pat you were in leadership here for 16 years, 2000 thru 2016. Two companies, now worth a combined $1.6 trillion market cap were either founded here or based her during that time (FB, 2004; Google, 1999-2003). Why did we fail … Continue reading

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When Lynda Barry future Genius grant winner told David Letterman who saw hail as big as hams that Deadheads will steal your condiments bwI was bs-ing Aidin V of the Chron about the fact that his claim that Shoreline looks like “steal your face” is as valid as my yarn about Bill Graham being circumcised, and that’s what the seats look like. … Continue reading

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FB Pr and Real Estate Team ‘Man-splaining’ Corporate Creep to Menlo Park neighbors, June 21, 2018

BLUF: Facebook exacts threaten to pull out of silicon Valley unless they get their way which means quit it with all this democracy self governance stuff I’m going to update this with a transcript.My recollection and paraphrase is they are … Continue reading

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Honk if You’re Horny

Ed Solomon was in my Hebrew school car pool in 1973 when I was 8 and he was 11. There were a total of six of us in the car pool. Our mother’s drove. Ed made a sign that he … Continue reading

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The MC Lars Podcast Episode #13 — Gary K. Wolf — 11/26/18 VS Frying Bacon, Making a Sammy, Eating It quotidien photo series (f Duffy)

I was listening to MC Lars podcast and watching Dave Burd Lil Dicky tv show with the sound off, but since I have short attention span, I went back to John Oliver and he was with Wendy Williams and she … Continue reading

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ESREVER NI ESIWHTRAE: somebody call a hear-se

Marta Sanchez, Roman Filiu Marco Diaz, Melecio Magdaluyo, Jon Bautista Lagunta (JBL) Johnny A Charlie Musselwhite MC Lars Valerie Troutt F Howard Wiley, Ruthie Price, Javier Santiago Elvin Bishop Mitch Woods f Maria Muldaur Larry Ochs, Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, … Continue reading

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