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325 Lytton, $20m; their tenant you’ve never heard of, $1.3b

Smart-home technology provider Plume Design Inc. joined the Bay Area’s unicorns Tuesday with a $270 million funding round. The Palo Alto company, which has largely flown under the radar despite its technology being used in some 22 millions homes, saw … Continue reading

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With the new Palo alto Art commission temporary mural installation it’s a tossup on whether it’s better to seek them out through the handy map or be surprised when you stumble upon them, so to speak

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Lions With Wings endorsed by Chico

Speaking of guitar noise I recently had that most wonderful of experiences of having my hair blown back by an exhilarating burst of fuzzed-out guitar licks. The furious cluster of notes came out of nowhere to punctuate the first verse … Continue reading

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Ethan Iverson, Downbeat VS Megan Theestallion, Bazaar

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Maya Wiley endorsed by key union in NYC Mayoral race

Maya Wiley was in my advanced Spanish class freshman fall at Dartmouth, which for us was 19lkjdflkasjd, wljslkfjslkfas. Interestingly, she also achieved language proficiency in French as well. So to my mind, hearing of her work in politics I think … Continue reading

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Harbaugh hater monologue in 2012, the day I met Remi Wolf

I used to do a comedic monologue about balancing my interest in the 49ers or Stanford football with the fact that I was at Gunn high school when Jim Harbaugh was at Paly and never liked the guy. The difference … Continue reading

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Remi Wolf lit on Tonite Shwa

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Ten in the Swear Jar or XITSJ

Not to be confused with university of illinois at urbana champaign whatever.I wrote this a year ago, before I was banned from PAW.And thank you XGAU for the inspiration — he had something about Indestructible Beat of Soweto which I’ve … Continue reading

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Mazel tov to musician Jacques Schwarz-Bart for his new set of world music and jazz

He is the son of a famous scholar and novelist, Andre Schwarz-Bart (1928-2006) who wrote the judaic classic “Last of The Just”. I met Jacques about 1998 when James Hurt Band, with a Blue Note release, played The Cub. Scott … Continue reading

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