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From our files: Cake v. Lake (at Coupa)

Cake’s version of “I Will Survive”, heard above the din as I sat in our most popular cafe enjoying my lunch, rerouted my train of thoughts from about five other topics to the fact that I am carrying around in … Continue reading

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ruth weiss, Harold Norse and me

Although I do have a picture of an old Hal “Prince Hal” Newhouser baseball card in my little digital menagerie, and the recent Sore Dove broadside by Jack Hirschman has a baseball theme, “Prince Hal” is probably more likely the … Continue reading

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New Orleans piano etouffee

great piano players rarely play together, except in New Orleans, Plastic Alto or Stevenson Palfi’s heaven Continue reading

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Eric Cohen walking canvas

Eric Cohen is a Los Angeles-based member of the Screen Actors Guild, who you can spot in numerous films. although you kinda have to look for him. He and his twin brother Steven sometimes appeared in my concert series at … Continue reading

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Flat Stanley, Stanley Jordan, Christopher Tin and Sandra Bae

Brian Moore and Liam Moore, from Springfield, IL, called me this morning to check on their friend Flat Stanley. I texted a photo of Flat Stanley, myself, and Mayor of Palo Alto Nancy Shepherd back to them. But I had … Continue reading

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My precious Stargell and frank funk

We used to ride our bicycles the mile or so from our neighborhood to the five and dime in Saratoga Village, to pay 10 cents for Topps 1972 baseball cards — ten cards and a stick of not very tasty … Continue reading

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SF Mime Troupe post: 2012, 2011, 2014 and counting

I posted this on some other sight, as a volunteer “community blogger” and am trying to paste it over here, for archive sake: To wit: SF Mime Troupe, an award-winning comedia dell arte political-musical-theatre group from San Francisco, is bringing … Continue reading

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Protected: Make it tweedy

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Music is data (work in progress – notepad)

I’m still the dissident claiming music is the thing coming out of your amp or mouth and not recorded data, but for some reason I am reading up on some of the leading terms and players in that admittedly large … Continue reading

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Tale of Two Gits: Mia and Ren

I noticed a week-old New York Times magazine, in my dad’s to-recycle basket, and rifled thru it: the cover story was about Silicon Valley, from the perspective of a grad student working a summer job at a hot new generation … Continue reading

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