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I’m quite certain I had not previously seen a double feature at Stanford theater with two two 0-star films, according to Holly will

  Up the river just imagine    

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mish-matched twins: Tommy and Steve & Rembrandt Kapoor


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Cohen recalls

  who sings like an super weird else comes to Slater

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Expectations low for saving capitalism

I’m roughly two-thirds through my first crack at Robert Reich “Saving Capitalism: For the many not the few”, an endeavor inspired by seeing the former Clinton cabinet member lecture two weeks ago in nearby Campbell, Calif.   I got there … Continue reading

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I saw the figure ‘5’ in green

And then I noted the shape of the couch and thought in resembled the descender in the “5” but a student started to sit there and I asked her to move to get my shot, which provoked a brief exchange … Continue reading

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Allen Touissant, 1938-2015

(I heard a KPFA dj named Tim Lynch back-announce a set of Toussaint covers last night and immediately pulled over in my car to find via hand-held the announcemnet in Times of New York and then drove by a magazine … Continue reading

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Raymond Smullyan’s Dracula w. Colin Meloy

I saw a book worth purchasing and someday reading, at Bell’s books, about Dracula and logic. “What is the Name of This Book:…” is the name of the book. The subhead is about the Dracula riddle. It does have a … Continue reading

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Vienna Teng at Bol Park, Palo Alto, 2007

Someone taped this show by Vienna Teng on August 7, 2008 and then uploaded it to Youtube — that is, well before it was acquired by Google — the very next day, where more that 100,000 times it has been … Continue reading

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Coupa Cafe blue room

Coupa Cafe on Ramona has added a blue room to augment its super-crowded red (main) room. I say: some of the best ideas in Silicon Valley start with someone eavesdropping at Coupa Cafe. J.P. Coupal, pictured above, says there are … Continue reading

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Rigo art in San Jose State for Olympic fist protest

Steve Cohen sent me an interesting article about the Australian athlete who stood on the podium with John Carlos and Tommy Smith at the 1968 Olympics. Reminds that a year ago I took these two snapshots: The sculpture is by … Continue reading

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