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The Way We Woof

  I’m very PoMo which means that rather than write the way I was trained at newspapers, ad agencies or at the best English department at America’s 10th oldest college or university, I paste together texts, emails and other people … Continue reading

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One oh three, thirty two and seven, baby

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Saying ’tah-tah’ to Desmond Tutu

Not sure why my mind flashed to Bhi Bhiman singing about the circa 1990 assasination of Bobby Saele but here goes:     I’m not sure we’re all these items for together But I guess when you die it’s better … Continue reading

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MacBeth witch vs Hong Kong pillar of shame

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If you never pulled a muscle, you never did the hustle

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Forty-four years on, I can still name the college attended by 20 Raiders from 1977

George Buhler, Stanford, Dave Dalby UCLA, et cetera. 

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Tolendo tolens and the future of Democracy

    Bob Watson, Willie Crawford and Bobby Tolan were all teammates at Fremont High in Los Angeles. Tolan held his bat usually high in his stance. I was sometimes compared to him, for that reason.  A New York Times … Continue reading

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Ordinary monkey

Use serial comma, use serial comma, and use serial comma. Anonymous 1) I heard back from Brett Hall Jones, daughter of Oakley Hall and partner of Louis B. Jones. I thought it funny that he wrote books about money, and … Continue reading

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Good bye and thank you, Ms Jane Pittman

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Sluggers of the senior circuit, 1965

Billy Williams Deron Johnson, Eddie Mathews, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, Johnny Callison, Mack Jones, Norm Cash, Ron Santo, Tony Conigliaro, Willie Mays, Willie McCoveyTen of the 17 top HR hitters that year were Black Only 7 were this year. 

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