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‘Pixilated’ w. ‘pixelated’

In deeds

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18 studies of Aoki potentially useful towards turning him into a toy, an animalperhaps an anthropomorphic chipmunk a girl a tennis player, art, after Aoki


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Tom Zhang new Subway pitchman

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The prime tuples conjecture, sieve theory, and the work of Goldston-Pintz-Yildirim, Motohashi-Pintz, and Zhang

Originally posted on What's new:
Suppose one is given a -tuple of distinct integers for some , arranged in increasing order. When is it possible to find infinitely many translates of which consists entirely of primes? The case is…

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Cardinals sink Giants on Yadda Yadda Yadda (Molina homer 100)

edit to add: somehow I am claiming also not just Seinfeld but Nabokov “Pale Fire” and previous unpublished research or sussing or Googling or search-injuning on “Red Sox Beat Yanks 5–4 On Chapman’s Homer” and Lawrence Ritter and “hoot mon” … Continue reading

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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

That’s not actually the USPS motto, but an inscription on a building in New York, sort of a monument. There’s supposedly a Carly Simon song based on it. And I think of James Taylor. But I am here trying to … Continue reading

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The searchable fortress

I found your blog and this post because “The Hidden Fortress” plays tonite in Palo Alto, California, at the Stanford Theatre, a non-profit film museum under-written and subsidized (tickets are $7, pop corn only $1) by the Packard Foundation, related … Continue reading

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