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Radio Gaga w Hoodio Gaga

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Hunter Hagdorn scores in Dartmouth win (‘Bless’)

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Bob Peaks speaks

And our response Paux de dos let’s two play

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PaJaMa are a group of gay photographers who also sometimes paint, I learned today after noticing the work Thursday at Whitney, including Paul Cadmus, whilst COBRA is acronym for art movement slightly early of cross pollinating artist from Copenhagen Brussels … Continue reading

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In New York State of mind, but thinking of The Man from ‘Cincinnati Kid’

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Jets having internal debate on how to handle Sam Darnold

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The Boob Tube: 1) what is ‘Maniac’? 2) what is ‘Netflicks’? & 3) whose ‘Dick’ did Georgetown prep?

I’ve never even seen Gsme of Thornes but tore a clip from the times about the real life town in Croatia being over run by tourists ( see also Mark Twain, Yankee in King Artur Ct). — also Hawking disproof … Continue reading

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Terry My Wife in silhouette w print ‘Elegant Shadow’ by an alumnus of, who was seated next to us, an artist and critic who I misheard as saying, ‘Amorous’

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Lunacy as white privileged and ‘Columbus’: Neil Degrasse Tyson w Mark Twain

We believe, because historians tell us, that Christopher Columbus tricked to indigenous islanders into giving him food by causing a lunar eclipse in 1503. I was just reading about this I wonder if that’s why my smart phone suggested I … Continue reading

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David Hogg is not a ‘crisis actor’ But he is booked for speaking engagements by a former William Morris Hollywood agent

And In a completely unrelated matter, except buy plastic alto logic, I’m producing a jazz concert October 18 at Mitchell Park Center, El Palo Alto room,  and I’m planning planting considering moling over rhapsodizing inviting the five candidates for city … Continue reading

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