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neurology, neoroscience, neuropathology and the link. Links to my friendships with staff at University of Southern Illinois in Springfield especially doctors Brian Moore and Doug “ScoutMD” Shevlin.

Ludwig Guttman neurologist; Barbara Manning Vargas, ‘Cantor’s Mind Was Rockin”

I would normally just do a quick post: Ludwig Guttman neurologist. But then, because I have a few more minutes, but not world enough and time, I will make a list of what I would write about today, because I … Continue reading

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Hey, 19 that’s 8 and 1

That’s funny in that due to my cold I decided, despite emailing a list of 30 people about the game, to stay home. But a couple hours earlier at the Pace Palo Alto Picasso Show opening I saw a well … Continue reading

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Improv trio to crash The Mitch

A trio of improvisational instrumentalists comprising Scott Amendola, drums; Trevor Dunn, upright bass and Phillip Greenlief clarinet convene Friday, October 11 at The Mitch, as part of the ongoing Earthwise Productions assault on the normal comfy tranquility of South Palo … Continue reading

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Kudos to Dave Montgomery, my former Gunn High of Palo Alto school mate, for winning the MacArthur ‘Genius Grant’ for his work on soil

Soil brother number 1. He’s also a very talented musician, with two bands, Good Bones and Big Dirt. So to summarize: Mark Weiss, Gunn class of 1982, runs Earthwise Productions a concert company that is a spin-off from Earth Day … Continue reading

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Kevins Mitchell

Batted third

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God bless John McCain, in hospice in Phoenix

1936-2018 from the times: Whipsawed by family relocations, young John attended some 20 schools before finally settling into Episcopal High School, an all-white, all-boys boarding school in Alexandria, Va., in the fall of 1951 for his last three years of … Continue reading

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II For H.B.

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Plastic saxophone at Perry Lane

He had hi-fi speakers up on the roof of the house and suddenly out here in God’s great green mountain ozone erupts a manic spade blowing on a plastic saxophone, namely an Ornette Coleman record. It’s a slightly weird path … Continue reading

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Tom Zhang new Subway pitchman

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The prime tuples conjecture, sieve theory, and the work of Goldston-Pintz-Yildirim, Motohashi-Pintz, and Zhang

Originally posted on What's new:
Suppose one is given a -tuple of distinct integers for some , arranged in increasing order. When is it possible to find infinitely many translates of which consists entirely of primes? The case is…

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