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Ethan Iverson “do the math” on tenors

Recently Oliver Lake tweeted “happy birthday” to Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. I responded, “If I played tenor, I’d spend all my time not with TraneSonnyWayne but Lockjaw, Byas, Gonsalves, A. Cobb, G. Ammons, B.Webster, Lucky T.” Several people took this to … Continue reading

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Sid Mobell all around jeweler

Tony Fenwick once introduced me to a fraternity brother calling me “an all-around jeweler” and at first I was taken aback; I thought it was some kind of coded ethnic slur. But I decided it was a variation on the … Continue reading

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Arnell Soprano

Terry and I ondemanded a well-above average film about the music biz called “Don’t Stop Believing” about Journey finding singer Arnell Pineda in a Manilla-based coverband called Zoo on youtube and going on to gross $500,000 in multiple dates here … Continue reading

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Offspring breakers

“Spring Breakers” the new James Franco vehicle has him duded out in dreads and cornrows, with a gold grill; reminds of Offspring Dexter Holland and “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”. Among other things.  The title is a pun on … Continue reading

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Are you having a pussy riot?

“Are you having a pussy riot?” I actually asked this, out loud, directed to my dog, a cocker spaniel, spayed, 14-years old, blind, deaf, who keeled over at the kennel when Terry and I were in Kona, but then made … Continue reading

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Yardley’s ‘Brave Dragons’ hits the mark

CHINA CAGERS BOOK A ‘SWISH’ BUT NOT ‘SWISHY’ From Carolina Blue to ‘His ass is blue’ in reporter’s hoops odyssey Jim Yardley’s “Brave Dragons” can be read two ways, at least; one, as a basketball book that takes place … Continue reading

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From VTA to Vatican for former Gunn High journalist

Jim Yardley reports in The New York Times today from Vatican City on the surprise choice of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis. In 1981 I edited his first byline, an article about Gunn High students who took what is now … Continue reading

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Aloha Hawaii our 50th State, specifically Big Island, Kailua-Kona, Holualoa, Keahou, Honokaa and HUG

We had a pleasant lunch at Jolene’s in Honokaa, on an attempt to visit Hilo (which we were told was being deluged), via Waipio Valley lockout and the excellent gift shop gallery. At Hapuna Beach, on the Kohala Coast, north … Continue reading

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“The Color of Palo Alto” as dueling videos, referencing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Pink Floyd/Oz and Errol Morris

The relative value of public art is debatable, but let’s keep in mind our budget here is about $50,000 of $150,000,000, or around a dollar per capita. While I generally hate corporate-creep into civic affairs, in this case I think … Continue reading

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