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Daniel Bard Verses Hanif Verses Shakespeare

This is not an April one joke this is how I roll.

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Hopi Pottery at the DeYoung with and without the Weiss Collection

Tony Bravo in the Pink has a blurb about a pottery show at the DeYoung, which opened a few weeks ago — as did the museum — and runs through February, 2023, or about two years. I recall Hillary Olcott … Continue reading

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All hail, Winkelmann (Beeple)

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Harbaugh hater monologue in 2012, the day I met Remi Wolf

I used to do a comedic monologue about balancing my interest in the 49ers or Stanford football with the fact that I was at Gunn high school when Jim Harbaugh was at Paly and never liked the guy. The difference … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin VS Chuck Berry

One said we have a republic, if we cnn keep it.The other said it’s got a back beat you can’t lose it.Something like that.   @Adobe abode, in terms of my concert series at Cubberley, I did have an artist … Continue reading

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Amber Navran, reeds and vocals

I said below that I was going to turn out 500 sax players.Amber Navran of Moonchild, sings, sax — this is a clarinet though. No, sax.In a previous life I had a blue spiral notebooks with the names of 1,000 … Continue reading

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Streb dancers VS hoop dancers

Laura Veirs has a new video featuring a young hoop dancer she met randomly; that remined me of my interest in streb dancing. I don’t do streb dancing, mind you, I just sometimes talk about it.I’m kind of a streb … Continue reading

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Random Mapplethorpe collage

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Sixty-six images from my past

To come Mark Weiss addressing City Council, on cable access (the guy in the back, Michael, always talks about fluoride in the water); staff at Ramen Nagi Palo Alto; Aaron Goldberg, piano, Josh Redman, Bing Stanford; ibid; Mark Weiss, a … Continue reading

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I wish God had let Kara Maria design novel coronavira

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