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Meta-post on the long tail

The scoreboard shows that about 300 people have viewed this blog this week and that about 80 different posts have been visited, of the 400-plus that exist. There have been about 20,000 views in the history of “Plastic Alto”.  Wired … Continue reading

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Owen Smith and Ruth Belikove in Albany

Terry and I went to Albany one Sunday afternoon to greet Santa Fe painter Mateo Romero but an added bonus of the event was meeting Albany painter Owen Smith, who happened to create the cover of The New Yorker the … Continue reading

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Ornette LOL tribute

Ornette Coleman’s website includes a cool feature. I would describe it as an electronic xylophone, or a MIDI idiophone that lets you sound from a selection of samples by clicking on about 60 little buttons, multicolored keys. The sounds are … Continue reading

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A picture is worth 109 KB

I met the brothers Cory and Eric Fraser jamming at a private function in Los Altos Hills and enjoyed their duo versions of Hendrix and Sinatra; they told me that in a former life they were signed to a major … Continue reading

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Boekbinder spell binder

I think I had a relative named Bookbinder so on that basis I search-injuned something listed in Metro called Zoe Boekbinder. Ten seconds of research says “link to this”. Ok, well I am screening this on “mute” since my girlfriend … Continue reading

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Tallest tale

I thought I bought this cd merely because I liked the cover art but must have somehow known it or he was booked by Billions, was playing Lolapalooza in Chicago — where I was born — and is coming to … Continue reading

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Nels Cline and Norton Wisdom

I actually have no idea what this is but something tells me to paste it into “Plastic Alto”. I found this via the new Peter Selz book; I noticed Exene Cervenka in the index, as a note. The author of … Continue reading

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