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Pinegrove ‘Marigold’ cover art VS kernels of the sun seen thru a telescope in HI, both reported in today’s The Times

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Thinking about Jeff Parker’s mother for 3 minutes on my 56th birthday while sitting in a diner trying to not hear monsters and men in the House system, awaiting corned beef hash and eggs, sipping coffee and NOT at the gym

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Or: Suite For Max Brown 2020 International Anthem Nonesuch VS “tell her that I miss our little talks” 2011

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Ravenswood, 1962 VS Gunn, 1981 (basketball showcases at Stanford’s gyms)

Dave Newhouse and Nate Branch gave an excellent presentation at the Palo Alto Arts Center auditorium yesterday, for PAHA, about a historic and storied hoops result from 1962, wherein future Harlem Globetrotter Nate Branch of East Palo Alto and Ravenswood … Continue reading

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Broadway Joe theme song 1968 vs Rapping Grammy Niners 2019 but about the 90’s team

Angelica, 1989/2019 Cordate on the train ride back to Mountain View after 49ers victory she actually lives and works in Stockton for Costco but it’s from the South Bay “Joe Montana has a canon… ”  

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ESREVER NI ESIWHTRAE: somebody call a hear-se

Marta Sanchez, Roman Filiu Marco Diaz, Melecio Magdaluyo, Jon Bautista Lagunta (JBL) Johnny A Charlie Musselwhite MC Lars Valerie Troutt F Howard Wiley, Ruthie Price, Javier Santiago Elvin Bishop Mitch Woods f Maria Muldaur Larry Ochs, Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, … Continue reading

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Zion I VS Zion 1

NBA star by the name of Zion makes his long-awaited debut tonight. Zion I is a hip-hop band been around bout 10 or 15 years from Bay Area. Not quite the same subject but Sugar Hill gang played at the … Continue reading

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Redbone vs RedTone

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My Dartmouth class had only 12 Asians

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Hh I usually introduce this as so: My friend and fellow editor ‘Ellen Glaser attended a conference; she came back and wrote an article which we publish at the daily Dartmouth;  it listed the estimate number of Jews at each … Continue reading

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Dubai propaganda tourism film with Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow (2019) VS Chevron oil 25th anniversary of Techron detergent additive, which was the subject of my freelance stint at Young & Rubicam at the outbreak of the Gulf War

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Radio Raheem VS Raheem extra terrestrial

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