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Cogswell Plaza tourist from China

As part of my ongoing coverage of Cogswell Plaza and Lytton Plaza, I met this Chinese tourist and asked her to send me her photos of the plaza, for Plastic Alto. I hope “Yanni” or “Yah Nee” comes through. She … Continue reading

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My left foot or fist

French footballer Gael Clichy, from Martiniquis heritage and playing for Manchester City in the Premier League, developed his left foot on the advice of his father, I am reading. Truth be told, I captured this shot merely because I liked … Continue reading

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John Hawkes as Mark O’Brien

Am I the only one who wants to hear Jessica Yu on “The Surrogate” a new Hollywood release about the life of writer Mark O’Brien. Jessica Yu won an Academy Award for her documentary on Mark O’Brien, “Breathing Lessons”. The … Continue reading

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Fueled by Dohatsuten

cut is what i aim for, sic. Continue reading

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Bobbito Garcia Fan Club Chapter 650

I met Bobbito Garcia because he and his friend sat down next to me at Brown Sugar soul food kitchen in Oakland. I happened to be packing a couple vintage basketball cards, in this case I think they were Rich … Continue reading

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Cut ties and tight cuts

(this riff is temporarily postponed but for now enjoy vinage Von Iva doing “LALA”) Rob Schneider – name popped up when I logged in today, new show “Rob” Adam Werbach – of Sierra Club and Saatchi; ran into at art … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me from Palo Alto’s Finest

But in this case Agent David Lee was working for the taxi companies, the landlords and the pubs and not for me or you my neighbors and voters and taxpayers and citizens of Palo Alto. Continue reading

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Hello, Gunn genius Jin Pan

I am dedicating this quirky version (or can I say “quarky version?”) of the famous old song “Hello, My Baby” to Henry M. Gunn High senior Jin Pan, a finalist in the prestigious Intel Talent Seach contest, for science. My … Continue reading

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Pass the Crisco

My name’s Ken — which is “yes” in Hebrew — and this little jew gives a big throbbing thumbs up for Stew’s new goo, he’s making it. Continue reading

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Crush Rigo Head

I am a big fan of Rigo. I met him a couple years ago when I was helping Charles Linder. I had borrowed my dad’s Mitsubishi van to help Charles and Rigo move a bunch of panels that were part … Continue reading

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