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Wonder Woman VS Matzo Man

Parentheses I ripped this from an article in the New York Times about 25 important Modern arts and the screen capture is from an edited video of the 1970s super hero show whereas the other piece is from a well … Continue reading

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Sun Kil Moon, Friday, Sept. 27 now on-sale for Palo Alto concert

Sun Kil Moon, the legendary and pervasive indie rock folk jazz band featuring Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters fame, crashes the Mitchell Park El Palo Alto Room, also known as The Mitch, Friday, September 27, 2019, for a concert … Continue reading

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Yes, but can she bake a cherry pie?

(Kay Kostopoulos and I visited the niece of Stella Brooks in Santa Rose about 15 years ago and leafed through a box of correspondence and briefly – -on the ride home and a few brief epistolary exchanges later — dreamed … Continue reading

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Windy Chien VS Tiffany Mangulabnan

reprinted did from 6 posts ago, courtesy of the artist, but not bloody likely a selfie: which all somehow reminds me that after 45 posts and two hours here this morn I have a date with some laundry origami and … Continue reading

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On a Sunday: or, ‘anticipation’

On a Sunday we traveled there with our friends from Pratt. There were two points on the island that we visited. The first was a sprawling nineteenth century building that had the aura of a madhouse; it was the smallpox … Continue reading

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Beth Custer, Jerry Barrish, Hunter’s Point

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Fabric artist Windy Chien not afraid of limelight

Windy Chien creates art out of knotted fabric, dare I say rope.I spotted her work or guess correctly at its source, at the new Verve Coffee 100 block of University Avenue. Her website reveals that she has graces the interior … Continue reading

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