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either having to do with the museum on third street or a lady who lives in sf

Weird beer commercial featuring reggae music and a woman unhooking her bra

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By Hilbert writ, by Manning sealed

Barbara Manning wrote and recorded an original song as a tribute to mathematicians like Cantor, Goedel, Hilbert, Cohen and Good Will Hunting. lyrics It’s hard to be the only one who knows something that’s true To stand alone as colleagues groan
They’ll … Continue reading

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Sudan archived (Brittany Parks pka Sudan Archives at Noise Pop Swedish American Hall San Francisco, February 24, 2020 about 10 months ago or three weeks before Covid-19)

I’m still digesting her album: Did You Know; Confessions (+); Black Vivaldi Sonata; Down On Me; Ballad of the Unhatched Twins; Green Eyes; Iceland Moss (+); Coming Up; House of Open Tuning II; Glorious; Stuck; Limitless (+); Honey, Pelicans in … Continue reading

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Three short films about fm

1. Leslie Marie Cook of Los Angeles and Brooklyn, December, 2020, original song “Women On The Wall” making of video in her home studio; 2.Monica Walker, of Palo Alto, busking or singing for fun in the new parking garage near … Continue reading

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Rachel Garlin VS J Church

Rachel Garlin is a modern folk singer who lives in Noe Valley and J Church goes past her house.Lance Hahn founded the influential and surely missed punk pop band called J Church. I’d love to hear Rachel Garlin cover “My … Continue reading

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Candye Kane, truly gifted

Live your life, play your part. Let the feelings flow from your heart. You can’t change the tide, you can’t change the sea you just gotta be who you were born to be. I wouldn’t be alive now if it … Continue reading

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Lisa Fay Beatty

I’m watching the documentary “Hype” about the Seattle grunge music scene, a very 1990s experience, but when the screen flashed to 7 Year Bitch, I thought of my friend Lisa Fay Beatty. Lisa was the guitarist for the Mudwimin, who … Continue reading

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Twenty five years of Dawn Richardson drums

Dawn with Four Non Blondes circa 1994 Dawn with Mental 99 (Joe Gore Dawn Richardson duo) 2010 There’s more to say but for now I tagged this “music” “sfmoma’ “sex” I forget when I split “sex” and “sfmoma” into two … Continue reading

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Personal to Plastic Alto voters in Palo Alto: you have 90 more minutes to get to the polls and vote REBECCA

I met Rebecca Eisenberg walking our dogs at the new park at Peers Park and then have followed her campaign avidly since it started in June. I mention her here 23 times. I voted for she and three others, but … Continue reading

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Vote Cari for Palo Alto

Cari Templeton told me that she has heard the stories of Pat Burt being a bully but vowed that if tried such with her she would “kick his ass”. That earned my endorsement. Kick some ass, Cari Templeton. (She is … Continue reading

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