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Pluck out every brick and Stone

If he is currently employed by PAUSD, shouldn’t he recuse? Greer is not employed by PAUSD and if he was he’d employ the  same high ethical standards he did when he recused himself for the tenant relocation matter when it … Continue reading

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Sharon Benitez lucha va voom take down of John and Vince

I met the Benitez sisters at Palo Alto World Music Month, directly after hearing Ledisi at Stern Grove, where Cecilia Pena Govea and her father Miguel Govea were the opening act. That they had a jaw’s ass (oops: jaw of … Continue reading

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Los Panaderos demo of Cake’s ‘Mexico’ with two-voice-harmony and jawbone

I met Sharon Benitez and her sister Tanya Benitez Sunday busking on University Avenue, near Oren’s Hummus. They peform in a grupo called Los Panaderos (The Bread-makers) and also teach folkloric dance to children under the name Quetzal.They were here … Continue reading

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‘Jolene’ VS ‘Jungle Boogie’

Get downs; For Cake, in this signature and seminary track from 1994’s “Motorcade of Generosity” John McCrea auspiciously leads the band in a plausibly live sounding workout at the resolution of the jam, signaling doomed sideman Greg Brown to fire … Continue reading

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‘Mr. Mastodon Farm’ w. ‘Guitar’: birds fall w. if i throw my guitar

windows 1,418.0* Birds fall from the window ledge above mine Then they flap their wings at the last second w. this is deep hamlet-type stuffing: If I threw my guitar Out the window, so far down Would I start to … Continue reading

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From our files: Cake v. Lake (at Coupa)

Cake’s version of “I Will Survive”, heard above the din as I sat in our most popular cafe enjoying my lunch, rerouted my train of thoughts from about five other topics to the fact that I am carrying around in … Continue reading

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It will be interesting to see if these four Palo Altans can indeed carve a livelihood out of these events, and do so without losing their dignity

Let’s rab. Continue reading

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Gallery of posters and flyers, Earthwise Productions, 1994-2009

art direction credits at bottom of scroll; photos by Terry Acebo Davis (this one was based on artwork accompanying an article in the Rolling Stone about the fact that Texas, especially during the tenure of Governor Bush, had executed so … Continue reading

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My sloppy Cake transcript sans typos

i was high but cake was the sky, or at least on terrestrial radio, which travels literally thru the airwaves, all the way from KQED to our Palo Alto kitchen while Frida caked her chin with salmon-mush and I walked around in circles moving my arms but not my hips Continue reading

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My sloppy notes on Cake on KQED, verbatim and unedited

We don’t have in our music the equilvalent of deforesatatoin. Turn the amp to 11 is not subversive, its what Exxon is doing. I grew up in bekrely and had to move to sac as a tennagaer and hated it … Continue reading

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