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In Tanaka’s Satanic Service, Strikes Two

BLUF: if i was going to answer such a question I would say I am reading the autobiography of the recently deceased football hero Gale Sayers for whom the NFL humanitarian of the year award is named for “I Am … Continue reading

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Doja chatter

She should remake every Amy Irving, Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler movie, plus another version of “High Fidelity”.  

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Equality VS Equity (the rainbow world of Palo Alto’s Molly Tuttle)

She comes in colors. This is the 27th time I’ve blogged about Molly Tuttle in a year, or more likely name-checked. Meanwhile there are people who’ve been following her for 15 years. This is a great video, of a great … Continue reading

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Big Sister

I voted for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump and I will definitely vote for Joe Biden with Kamala Harris and not Donald Trump and my wife was very very disappointed that we did not have a female president yet … Continue reading

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Maggie Davis shout out to Christo+ JC, Los Angeles VS Ken Holtzman Joe Ferguson, 1974

M H Terry bought a poster at Stanford. Watching various sports replays including Oakland A’s versus Los Angeles Dodgers. Joe Ferguson was also an all CCS basketball player for Camden High near San Jose:    

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And God said

I like it when gentiles get Hebrew characters tattooed on their wrists and they think it’s Genesis 3:16 but it’s really a recipe for matzo balls. REFRIGERATE THREE HOURS. FOR FLUFFY, bw Kudos Bells Books for best use of 25 … Continue reading

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Bob Watson, George Hendrick, Bob Tolan

All played for Fremont High in Los Angeles. The Times meanwhile hints that Watson’s scoring MLB’s 1,000,000th run was not verifiable. They gave him among other spiffs a million Tootsie Rolls, which he regifted to the Scouts. According to his … Continue reading

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X ‘Alphabetland’ cover art by Wayne White VS ‘OY’ / ‘YO’ at Stanford Cantor

I am a medium cool X fan I think I saw them once at the Fillmore in the 90s and John Doe played my concert series at the Cubberley and DJ Bonebrake played with Susan James gave me his business … Continue reading

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Thinking about Jeff Parker’s mother for 3 minutes on my 56th birthday while sitting in a diner trying to not hear monsters and men in the House system, awaiting corned beef hash and eggs, sipping coffee and NOT at the gym

This gallery contains 25 photos.

Or: Suite For Max Brown 2020 International Anthem Nonesuch VS “tell her that I miss our little talks” 2011

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Improv trio to crash The Mitch

A trio of improvisational instrumentalists comprising Scott Amendola, drums; Trevor Dunn, upright bass and Phillip Greenlief clarinet convene Friday, October 11 at The Mitch, as part of the ongoing Earthwise Productions assault on the normal comfy tranquility of South Palo … Continue reading

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