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Tales of 2.0 Palo Alto Cities

I greeted activist Herb Burok today, idling on Waverley near Hamilton and he mentioned that the recent election six weeks ago was a mixed bag: he noted that the losers got more votes than the winners. I’ll believe his math … Continue reading

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Pop Smoke shot by shot

I counted 140 shots in the three minute video for “Dior” by the late rapper superstar meteoric success story or cautionary tale, Pop Smoke. This song was the first song I added to my Apple stream — I pay $10 … Continue reading

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Dueling Dartmouths

I have a green felt pennant from the 1980s and a new cotton pullover with dueling Dartmouth shields. They both say VOX CLAMANTIS IN DESERTO from Isaiah but the new one elides the two figures in the foreground (representing students, … Continue reading

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Peace, health and oy

Installation by Terry Acebo Davis, private collection

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Sudan archived (Brittany Parks pka Sudan Archives at Noise Pop Swedish American Hall San Francisco, February 24, 2020 about 10 months ago or three weeks before Covid-19)

I’m still digesting her album: Did You Know; Confessions (+); Black Vivaldi Sonata; Down On Me; Ballad of the Unhatched Twins; Green Eyes; Iceland Moss (+); Coming Up; House of Open Tuning II; Glorious; Stuck; Limitless (+); Honey, Pelicans in … Continue reading

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I cannot believe it took me nearly six years to hear Radiohead ‘Fake Plastic Trees’

bw Total Plastic Alto posts this year: 300 estimate Total Earthwise concerts this year: seven Total new works commissioned by Lions With Wings: 10 December posts: 23 November posts: 29 October posts: 28 September posts: 34 Belgian drummer with cool … Continue reading

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Rufus T. Fireball Fingers and their finery

OR, WHEN I HEAR ‘CHIN MUSIC’, I ‘DUCK SOUP’ Been walking around all morning with 10 baseball cards in the pocket of either my Patagonia green vest or my Polo maroon cotton pants, what I call “finery”; “Finery” is a … Continue reading

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Six days later, I am way cooler than Superchunk

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Kudos to Ann Killion of the Chron for her support of gay sporting life on The Farm

Tagged: Justin Lui, Davis Mills, Gary Floyd From: mark weiss <>To: “” <>Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 11:17:18 AM PSTSubject: Well hungGay Chinese Canadian volleyball players at Stanford? I wonder if the creepy 63 yo Chinese math professor who liked to shower with wrestlers … Continue reading

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Lou Grant endorses Greg Tanaka for Congress

A local newspaper — the worser of the two, which is like saying shingles is worse than asymptomatic herpes, at least in the short term — says that Greg Tanaka is running for Congress, to unseat or succeed Anna Eshoo. … Continue reading

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