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Plastic Alto welcomes Robert Syrett pop up flash art flash menagerie and suite

Robert made a couple posters for Earthwise, back when he worked for Gil. Then one day he was evicted from his apartment and I agreed to take on a suite of works on paper, that I imagined selling out of … Continue reading

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The tough, the strong

For certain members of the Gunn student body and community, the pulse must quicken with anticipation this week and perhaps for the next 12 days, a rarified situation created by Gunn’s selection to the Central Coast Section basketball tournament. The … Continue reading

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I think I’m totally wrong

I borrowed Garth Stein “Racing in the Rain” today from library mainly because I think David Shields lauds it. A quick search is iffy” Shields jokes about Stein in his new book “I think you’re totally wrong”. isn’t this going … Continue reading

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Wild reveals

“Wild” reveals what some of us have long suspected: that plot is the enemy of truth, and that images and emotions can carry meaning more effectively than neatly packaged scenes or carefully scripted character arcs. I stole that fro the … Continue reading

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Jodi is smarter than her meter; or, 8888 w. Jodi w. SEIU

SNAKE ANTHONY IS NOT A SMALL JAPANESE WOMAN NOR IS OR WAS JODI BALL, S.E.I.U (In the course of a 12-week campaign leading up to my name on the ballot as candidate, member, Palo Alto City Council, I am slightly … Continue reading

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Shields 224 (on R.Stern), ‘Damn right I’m no body’ & 10 day schedule

As I started to write this, waiting for my breakfast burrito, my table overcrowded with books and papers, I knock the plastic case of my reading glasses from the high top to the floor, and bending over I notice that … Continue reading

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Not a genuine Filseth

I met a man who looked a lot like Eric Filseth, especially looking at him across the room, with my reading glasses. Earlier, I shouted out to James Lyons the dramatician. (He endorses me, I think, or at least signed … Continue reading

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David Shields Nine Twenty-four

David Shields is in San Jose Wednesday evening and Thursday nooner. The Palo Alto Weekly ran an add Friday. From Reality Hunger, 9: One author pilfers the best of another and calls it reality hunger From Reality Hunger, 24: In … Continue reading

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Two new true Ray Johnson books

I’ve only seen one Ray Johnson in person, at a gallery in Carmel, and posted about that previously.   I don’t think I knew much about Ray Johnson until I read Accidental Masterpiece by Michael Kimmelman. Prompting me to post … Continue reading

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My fullish heartpack

Shlepping about two stone in my The North Face pack, to Menalto not Ladakh, to sip-and-post, because two ongoing threads merged: Shields and Salerno mention that Salinger’s short story “Uncle Wiggly” was made into a shlocky Hollywood film, Title TBA, … Continue reading

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