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Lit in lines

I was in nearby Menlo Park yesterday, trying to replace Todd Sickafoose’s worn Size 10 1/2 sic Saucony Jazz lime shows and I wondered into Feldman’s for the first time since it relocated. A young man was playing on the … Continue reading

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Two new true Ray Johnson books

I’ve only seen one Ray Johnson in person, at a gallery in Carmel, and posted about that previously.   I don’t think I knew much about Ray Johnson until I read Accidental Masterpiece by Michael Kimmelman. Prompting me to post … Continue reading

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Peets don’t fail me now

Palo Alto, a Thursday late morning early afternoon in June — Strong coffee brings out the inner-Mencken in me, unleashing the inner-Stalin in Stephen Levy, who keeps deleting my attempts to civic-engage him [portion deleted] [portions deleted} [portions deleted}   … Continue reading

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