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David Foster Wallace on Roger Federer: nearly 14 years ago

Annealed knees  

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Bill Frisell epistrophy

Not sure what the word means but it says “Monk” to me and thanks Bill for posting this video.

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COINTELPRO in Palo Alto, fall 1968 legend

Yoshi Kato in PAW and Almanac has the scoop that the Thelonious Monk Palo Alto live concert produced by Danny Scher then a senior at Paly has been shelved, because of an injunction by Verve’s Record’s rivalry with another label. Not … Continue reading

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Molly Tuttle Lindsay Lou cover of Operation Ivy ‘Crowd’ VS L. Marie Cook ‘Super Bon Bon’

  Step aside and let the gals go thru I found this today looking for something else: Bonus track: AJ Lee and Sullivan Tuttle – Molly’s brother, well, they are both former bandmates — live at Mitchell Park, doing Bob … Continue reading

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San Jose and Blue Note jazz legend, Eddie Gale, 78

When I met Eddie Gale late in his career I had switched my focus from concert promotion to artist manager for the likes of Henry Butler, John Ellis, Chris Cotton, Laura Price with Laura Chavez, the blue eyed Devils, the … Continue reading

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Richter, Serra, Ruscha

    I’m also wondering about: Manifestoes including Cate Blanchett as 15 different artists, Rose B Simpson driving her El Camino Maria down our El Camino from Menlo Park El Palo Alto to San Jose and filming in two directions … Continue reading

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‘O Sleepless as the river under thee, Vaulting the sea, the prairies’ dreaming sod, Unto us lowliest sometime sweep, descend; And of the curveship lend a myth to God’

We are approaching the centennial of Hart Crane’s epic “Bridge”. Contemporaneous depiction of Brooklyn Bridge, new to me as of Emma Acker’s “Precisionist” show at the DeYoung Museum in 2018: Quirky and superficial but I did correspond with my former … Continue reading

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Shut up and Dance by Pearl Harbour and the Explosions 1978 Vs The Dance section of Hart Crane bridge poem circa 1923 or 55 years prior

I thought of Pearl Harbour this morning because I learned she is the sister of the recently deceased gallerist Ed Gilbert. Her biggest song is “Shut Up And Dance”. My smart phone let me play it, somewhat quietly. My wife … Continue reading

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‘Seether’ Veruca Salt VS ‘Remedy’ Seether

Apparently Remedy by Seether 2009 is five times more popular than Veruca Salt “Seether”, 52m plays to 9m plays.I never heard it before just now.I bought by wife a dress from J.Foss in Palo Alto with a bunch of cd … Continue reading

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Hanks, Hanks, ‘Hanks’ VS Oswald, Oswald, Oswald, and Oswald

I hereby nominate Marc Oswald to the Cubberley Hall of Fame. Marc is a graduate of the school in the class of 1976. They were only three more classes after his to go full-term and a total of 25 classes … Continue reading

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