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The Lockhart Loo (2023)

The Brigham Young player called Pony the N word. Later Goodwin reprimanded Lockhart, who watched the overtime from the bench, for not letting him fight his own battles. (Kent’s account, circa 2009, of the fight in 1984 seen on the internet) Continue reading

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Church service at City Hall on May 22, 2021 in possible violation of the First Amendment ‘No Establishment’ clause aka ‘separation of church and state’

I only have about 10 minutes this week to articulate what was bothering me so on Saturday (May 22, 2021) about a church service being held at City Hall. Here is the sign that was posted. Is this a permit? … Continue reading

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These colors don’t run and gun

(I wrote the bulk of this Sunday morning but let it breath for a day before posting. I thought of the relative value of working behind the scenes to get traction on this, or just letting it go completely. Beyond … Continue reading

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Should Palo Alto pardon Jeremy Lin?

prologue, from February 10, 2012: Lin had the most astounding performance of his remarkable week, scoring a career-high 38 points and outdueling Bryant as the New York Knicks held off the Los Angeles Lakers 92-85. Later I will read this … Continue reading

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Original G, or Lah med yah weh

(Note: I wrote this exactly one month ago but re-reading it, it eludes even me. The basic story is that a barista at Peet’s in South Palo Alto who did not look particularly interested in Torah had four Hebrew characters … Continue reading

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Paly writer Josh Stern rocks that Viking craft

During his senior year at Paly, scholar athlete Josh Stern, now at Brown, describes seven cases of Paly athletes leaving for private schools (or PAUSD students) and two counter-examples, Keller Chryst and Tolbert, of blue chip players arriving from elsewhere … Continue reading

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Lin Sunde ditty

Posted by Mark Weiss, a resident of Downtown North 0 minutes ago Mark Weiss is a registered user. That would be funny if they posed him in his JLS jersey.
actually there is a painter locally who did a great portrait … Continue reading

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The Wizard of Churchill Street

Peter Diepenbrock, most famously, coached Jeremy Lin and the Palo Alto Vikings to the 2006 California State Championship in basketball. Although he has moved on from Paly, he still pops up around town now and again, for instance, he and … Continue reading

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Jerry East

I was going to recommend “Jerry East” as a nickname for Jeremy Lin; it’s a play on “Jerry West” the Lakers star who is the model for the NBA logo. I found this song that makes the same association: which … Continue reading

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What Can Brown Do For Yu?

I ran into Steven Brown who was Jeremy Lin’s teammate and main man at Paly. Steven said that they played on Mr. Jim Brown’s AAU team for years, then played separately at JLS vs. Jordan, then reunited at Paly. My … Continue reading

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