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Presley Pavillion in Palo Alto proposed, yo

Apropos of the recent discussion of building a public sector gym in Palo Alto, I want to suggest a related but much cheaper idea, to rename the gym at Cubberley “Presley Pavillion at Cubberley Center”. Bud Presley was a Cubberley … Continue reading

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Happy chanukah and happy 147th birthday, in advance, dead French author Colette aka Gigi

There’s a group of four scholars here at the Cafe on Middlefield, one of whom has two books cracke (open) simultaneously; they are reading “Gigi” in the original — talk about cognate — and are charmingly subtle counter-revolutionaries. The woman … Continue reading

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Day of show: ghost of Lisa Fay Beatty at Bottom of the Hill today, Sunday, November 28, 2021

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It was 20 years ago today, Maya Ford told the band to play

Allison, Maya, Tori and Brett, or their avatars It had already been a long evolution for Palo Alto teen punks the Donnas. In eight years, they’d gone from junior high school metallicists as the Electrocutes to Ramones-worshippers, then Runaways avatars as the Donnas. The metalinfluences … Continue reading

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Good luck, Kaya the ally of children; Kaya1 VS Kaya2

I met Kaya twice, last Saturday and again today. I admit I forgot her name, had to dredge it from my photo feed. I thought I had posted this photo, on the left, the before, also known as Kaya1 to … Continue reading

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[I had a different headline here but it was ambiguous that I am sympathetic to the victims of sexual assault in Ann Arbor]

ed to ad an hor later: I wrote Geiger back to say “nevermind”. Also, I know that the agent of Trevor Noah does not get 10 percent of gross, as much as he may deserve such.   and another reason … Continue reading

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Carlos Santana and Marcus Malone at Los Altos High, 1967

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Merry Christmas, again, Chop and Roxy

I noticed on page 9 of Silicon Valley Business Journal 11/26/21 a little box about small businesses with impressive and noteworthy pre-IPO valuations, “unicorn” in the local lexicon. Two of the ten highlighted are from Palo Alto: TripActions, which raised … Continue reading

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Remember Ralph Carney et Henry Butler, at Tunnel Records near big waves

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Kelefa Sanneh book VS Xgau review of such; or ‘to get in doors again’

Bottom line up front as Michael McFaul son of a music teacher would say BLUF: Jeano Edwards and stylist Chloe Grace Press photographed models Baba Chogwu and Temitope Ajayi at the gardens of the Monkey Island Estate hotel, which is … Continue reading

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