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Deep Blue Something ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ VS Ana and The MRI duo, song performed mostly covers at Lytton Plaza

Deep Blue Something is a group from Dallas Texas who had a big hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that played at Cubberley Community Center in 1998. It was #5 on the 1996 Billboard Hot 100 charts. It namechecks a famous movie, … Continue reading

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Saturday shout out to ‘Original 9’ tennis players, 1970

I caught about 30 minutes of Billie Jean King and Boomer Esiason talking about the launch of equity and equality for women athletes. The original nine played for one dollar each to launch the professional circuit. Billie Jean King, Rosie … Continue reading

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Little piece of leather don’t you know: Stella Brooks, Connie Han & Blanca Cecelia from Queens

I forgot to write the rest of this. Briefly: Stella Brooks was a singer from San Francisco who was big in the 1940s and her signature song was “I’m a Little Piece of Leather Don’t You Know (well put together … Continue reading

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Peter Selz VS Terry Acebo Davis

Terry texted me a link to some citation on the Internet about her and when I clicked on it, it’s a used book seller selling a file from the archive of the recently deceased and very esteemed critic and curator … Continue reading

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Imagining a mash up of Maki Morinouye ‘Dream’ VS Dave Douglas ‘Moonshine’

Maki is a choreographer, dancer, coffee farmer and mom in Kona Hawaii by way of Purchase, NYC  and Seattle. I don’t believe I’ve met her but Terry and I visited her family’s art studio in 2011.  I am wondering if … Continue reading

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Dave Douglas, Trumpet, Aoife O’Donovan, voice ‘Barbara Allen’ VS ‘KC Moan’ Memphis Jug band, from Harry Smith Anthology

Or the Aoife O’Donvan Time Warp Tour Dave Douglas sent around to his mailing list a version of exquisite Barbara Allenism, with Aoife O’Donvan, the singer from Bluegrass band escaping Crooked Still, she’s neither. it’s doesn’t ring true like something … Continue reading

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‘Philadelphia Freedom’, The Philadelphia Experiment — Ahmir Thompson, Christian McBride, Uri Caine VS ‘Bright Mississippi’ by Monk Quartet

I’ve been thinking about Monk.BLUF Not sure my tech devices get me any closer to the urban or southrern or blacker essenses of these jazz places, from my insular and easy suburban shelter and place. Still trying to train my … Continue reading

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