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Henry Aaron backwards ‘4’ 1957 Topps card

      In 1957, Topps issued a baseball card, of Henry Aaron with him “batting left” but it is actually a reversed image you can tell by the backwards “4” (actually “44” concealed) on his jersey front. In 5751, … Continue reading

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Earthwise Sagejubako

Five post-meridiem, Lytton Plaza, twenty-two September, Wednesday: Scott Amendola, drums versus Wil Blades, Hammond B-3 organ with Leslie cabinet; Two post-meridiem, Lytton Plaza, two October, Saturday: Brittany Haas, fiddle; Jordan, guitar, Hawktail; Two post-meridiem, Mitchell Park Bowl, seventeen October, Sunday: … Continue reading

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Olympic style run planned for Palo Alto this month

Palo Ato is hosting an Olympic style running race this month. Palo Altans, who are very healthy indeed, even during these times, will wear shorts and sweats and good shoes and run in circles and around a park, while being … Continue reading

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Earthwise announces free concert series as part of Mayor’s ‘Together Again Palo Alto’ project

Mayor Tom Dubois, whose music bona fides include being the “Band Dad” for the Gunn High orchestra during his son’s formative years and now being engaged to a jazz singer, asked me to help out his “Together Again Palo Alto” … Continue reading

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Day of show: Saturday, July 31, 2021 (first gig in sixteen months)

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Molly, Remi y La Doña –top new voices coming out of the Bay Area

  My favorite new artists to listen to, track and tell people about are Molly Tuttle, Remi Wolf and La Doña, also known as Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea.Molly and Remi are from Palo Alto, though Molly lives in Nashville and Remi … Continue reading

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Don’t bullshit a bullshitter, Pacaso

J.K. Dineen of the Chron has a story about a unicorn billion dollar start up buying vacation property in Napa and Sonoma but claiming to be PLUR. He wrote me back a four word exegesis: diversity in the workforce ie … Continue reading

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Weird beer commercial featuring reggae music and a woman unhooking her bra

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Life as strange as fiction in ‘Last Picture Show’

You have to be the son of and the son of a son of a car dealer to search the name of the Chevy dealer in the background as Sonny and Dwayne fight in last picture show: Murphy Chevrolet. Vincent … Continue reading

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No sour grapes for Napa billionaire

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