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The Wizard of Churchill Street

Peter Diepenbrock, most famously, coached Jeremy Lin and the Palo Alto Vikings to the 2006 California State Championship in basketball. Although he has moved on from Paly, he still pops up around town now and again, for instance, he and … Continue reading

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Eugene Robinson rookie card: he’s got it

Randy Lutge deserves recognition for cultural contributions to our fair city, Palo Alto. He and his family managed The New Varsity for many years, and he was encouraging to the small group that tried to reclaim the historic and beloved … Continue reading

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Fox says “Ding” in Palo Alto

FOX SAYS DING IN PALO ALTO Dog goes “woof” Cat goes “meow” Bird goes “tweet” Frog goes “croak” Ducks say “quack” Fish goes “blub blub” And the seal goes “ow ow ow” What does the fox say? Ding-ding-ding-ding-dingering Ding Ding … Continue reading

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Drupes Not Dupes

I am AGAINST D. When I listened to the public hearing I heard people I respected on both sides of the argument, making reasonable statements for and against the proposal. When council approved the project, I shrugged it off and … Continue reading

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‘Palo-centrism’ explained and Big Beat exhumed by Corry

Palo-centrism and The Big Beat research Kudos to Grateful Dead scholar and fan “Corry342” for all his work, in his blog “Lost Live Dead,” and for finding the location of the Big Beat Acid Test, at 998 San Antonio, on … Continue reading

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Palo Alto the incubator

Not only did Palo Alto lose Facebook to Menlo Park, but it apparently tried to fine thefacebook $250 per day in 2005 because the artist they hired to paint their original headquarters, David Choe, spilled white paint on the parking … Continue reading

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