Don’t bring a chicken bone to a knife fight


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David Shields’ ‘beast-mode’ doc


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When will the Raiders find a star named either Silver or Black?

4A3B36A5-FE84-4E80-8ADB-48D979CD5090.jpegAnd one I saw a guy on the train and spoke to him his shirt I thought said holy Toledo but spelled OLY. “Snap spot Stabler kick a Blanda  good”.

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Happy 50th anniversary of Woodstock to Palo Alto’s Gregg Rolie of Santana

Let’s put our hands together for Gregg Rolie

The New York Times did not mention him, but ran an interview with Carlos about taking mescaline with Jerry, but the Grammy homepage did have Gregg Rolie on the panel interview about their thoughts on rock’s big day out, 50 years ago this month.

It’s a Palo-centric view to say Carlos would never have made it that far if not for meeting Gregg Rolie at a Mountain View jam session a couple years before.

Who knows the real story of why Gregg and Neal Schon bailed to go form Journey. Ah, the road not taken!

Rolie is performing some Santana songs at Bethel Woods near Woodstock tomorrow night, with Ringo.

To the extent that Palo Alto seems to book often the Santana tribute led by local Leo Herrera, I always say “We should get Gregg Rolie!”

I’ll have to ask John Santos about Santana when he gets here next month. He played with that band, for a minute, he sometimes talks about.

Not sure the segue: Joe Russo Almost Dead, Saturday at Frost; Dayna Stephens at The Mitch Sunday afternoon; some old British blues band in Santa Clara Sunday night. Get yer ya-ya’s indeedy.

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Fake news I’m seeing little green men watching CNN

10FC3739-8253-4361-9EBD-3713ED0A62A8.jpegAbove, the world as it actually is, somewhere in Russia, a monument; below, similar info but in my limitless cave. I wrote “little” but changed to “limitlessly “.

link to the actual, If fake, story or transcript

F58DF3F2-1961-4ED8-9F7C-C366E0058A3BBw google doodle inside google doodle

A2F54771-EFB6-4783-B07F-C44B3373EE3C.pngI probably should not admit this but the reason I am watching TV and posting Ludicrously to my blog  is that it seems like someone has hacked my Yahoo! Mail in the middle of me sending out 2000 announcements about my Dayna Stephens concert. Or at least it suddenly logged me out and I don’t really know the password so I will have to change the password.  I’m imagining that one of the 800 or more people who have gotten that invitation to the concert, besides Jen Dziura Or Dave Douglas was some kind of Russian unemployed guy who just for yucks wants to make Dayna and my life that much harder,  or someone really does see me as a threat to their threat to democracy. Or a thread even.

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Jen Dziura’s upgrade from hamburgers to bull-sliders

66DC59E2-CFDA-4978-BA9C-6A7946FE02D8EF2914A8-63FC-489D-9D08-52916FFC7CA8E8F5858C-0828-49AB-8C5E-7499FE1BC9E3 In my 25 years in the arts a sub-project has been to cultivate a network of Dartmouth alums in those fields.  As distinct from the previous efforts to do so in journalism parentheses Paul Gigot, Budd Schulberg  or advertising – – check the eggs he can Roman Chuck Thegze Ken Roman.  The list includes: Aisha Tyler, Eric Lindley, Fred Haas, Pat Burtis, Joel Newton, Echo Brown, Ramona Falls — that’s a band.

When I caught up to Jen 10 years ago, she was a comedian and hosted a spelling bee and used to box, and debate.  She wrote something memorable about controlling the micro market for hamburgers with an invisible hand.

Now that I have reactivated my mailing list I’m getting blasts from the past and it seems her new thing is a conference built around “bullish”or “bullishness”.  I looked it up and the attributes of that animal as an adjective date to 1582 whereas as a positive force or heading towards improvement or with confidence dates back to 1862 although I didn’t figure out why .

Anyways good luck to Jen. Or as they say in the Carmen movie with black people, keep swinging until the bell rings

(The quirky headline or nut graph or Nidus, is that nowadays there are all these schemes for making upscale hamburgers, for example not using meat or using fresh meat, and the idea that I guess we could be eating ground up Bull as much is ground up cow. Unless we are Hindus.

I wonder if there are a bunch of cows who even in their own language – tone variances on what we hear as “moo” —are chanting or singing  “juice will not replace us” meaning extracts from the vegetable named beet and its seems stem cell derived non-meat thingy I think.

Jen’s bullish conference has every excuse the expression “manifest destiny “and that it spans are cotton in Brooklyn to Palm Springs.

This post today despite the fact I was trying to focus on my upcoming concert, Dayna Stephens, and then I realized that at my age I am not very funny. In that as I explained previously when I was 30 there was no one funny over 50. And therefore there is no one under 30 who thinks I’m funny.

Or as someone very famous who eats a lot of hamburgers says “everyone should be calm and safe“.

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Alta Weiss VS Lynda Benglis

C18A19EC-F60A-4E3E-86DE-D3576B2CB138.jpegAlta Weiss was a baseball player who defied gender expectations 111 years ago and then became a medical doctor.

Lynda Benglis is a sculptor  who works with fabric and has a show coming up shortly in Palo Alto at the Pace Gallery.  I had never heard of her until 20 minutes ago walking past the gallery.  There was a man in the window —this is seven in the morning —who is either a preparator waiting for his wing man or a security guard or just a ghost.


Alta Weiss came over the transom so to speak from my friend the baseball scholar Ed Burns who also was once my editor in the sports department of “the D “ .  Ed and I drove to Yosemite together one summer, the year that Kevin Mitchell was on fire but thankfully Mariposa was not since we stayed in Mariposa.

More sensibly I should compare the shirts for sale commemorating Alta Weiss and Kevin Mitchell giveaway coming very soon. I have to admit besides the cornucopia of music events I am producing or attending that I’m going to two more baseball games, Giants versus the A’s and then

tk (wink, wink)


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It’s 2 bad I didn’t know this guy, nor his music


Divid Shapiro of the Silver Jews, age 5too

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