Twenty five years to get his Mojo working

Dan Horne revs up with solo album

Palo Alto’s best young bands

Begun three years ago by the moms of teens in local high school rock bands, an annual rock concert-benefit for the Ecumenical Hunger Program continues this year on Saturday, Dec. 16. Appearing on stage for this “Palopalooza” of talent are: the Dan Horne Trio, the Electrocutes (formerly Ragady Anne), Brain Monkey, the Gremmies, Pino Pino and Inspected by No. 7. The local bands will play from 8 p.m.-midnight at the Mitchell Park Community Center. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Bring a quality toy or food item for the Ecumenical Hunger Program and you get in free. Come empty-handed and you’ll shell out $5. All high school band members are donating their time and talents. For more information, call 329-2390. 12/15/1995 ie 25 years ago…I think I had this flyer for about 22 years until I got married, moved in with the wife and donated or sold 25 boxes of books, 100 hand written spiral notebooks, two boxes of demo tapes sic sent by bands wanting to play my concert series — but certain things stuck in my brain, so I noticed a little write up in a recent Mojo Magazine about Dan Horne — who I had actually reached out to about a year ago. He’s the bass player in a leading Dead cover band and numerous other projects. Rock on! (Note: the number printed may have been the number for Lisa Robertson, Allison Robertson of the Donnas aka Ragady Anne. 


  • The Electrocutes
  • featuring: Chachi, Boba Fett & The Wookiee – The Electrocutes – Dan Horne Trio – Inspected by no.7 – Wikkit – The Jolly Postmen
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All hail the Sylvie

Kudos to Sylvie Simmons of San Francisco by way of something very posh across the pond for her new album of music on Compass Records. Sylvie played in my Earthwise Productions concert series in fall, 2019 at Cubberley Community Center — my first show in that room since 2001 — I had produced 150 shows there in the 1990s.
Sylvie is by far my favorite rock journalist who also performs. And she is among my fiavorite performers who also writes. (Reminds me that when I managed Mark Stew Stewart pka Stew of The Negro Problem – he wrote “Passing Strange” a journalist — likely not Sylvie Simmons wrote “dude sings better than Richard Pryor and is funnier than Jimmy Webb”).
The photo above is from an “audio salad” sent from SS via her label — this is my first “audio salad” — years from now we will all look band on these audio salad days.

SS wrote about Linda Ronstadt recently. I also have her book about Leonard Cohen, and the one she helped Debbie Harry write. You will know I officially have too much time on my hands when I publish the official unofficial index to that book about Blondie.

Also: my life officially seemed to stop a few weeks ago when I watched the movie about Ethan Hawke as an indie rocker, that featured a very cool needle drop of Sylvie’s song. I thought it was totally about my indie world, then by the end it was more like “okay”. (That’s why I am not a journalist –I’m more like a gossip).



A few hours ago I was threatening to wring a 917 number to try and reach Dan Zanes formerly of Del Fuegos because I noticed an article by Pamela Metzger in The Dartmouth that Del Fuegos were booked to play the Summer Carnival in July, 1985 and I wonder if he has a memory of such. 


The Dartmouth corporation or Fund sent me a special sample compilation of articles written by current student journalists and I noted:

  1. their banner for THE ARTS section had a detail from a Ellsworth Kelly sculpture on top of the Hopkins Center that was donated a few years ago that I’ve never seen in real life by Leon Black the financier; 
  2. an article about Leon Black had a picture of a detail of Dartmouth Hall although the trustees of Dartmouth usually meet either in Parkhurst or the Hanover Inn. 
  3. an article about a new piece of outdoor art by a Polish immigrant in Brooklyn that depicts a gian wooden bowl with woolen knots — I will repeat — a giant wooden bowl – cedar — with woolen knots or balls — says it’s site near Rollins Chapel but the photo shows my old dorm, Richardson Hall in the background. This triggered for me memories of my 3-part series about gay life at Dartmouth for the very same publication, 38 years ago, that got me blackballed from Alpha Chi. Maybe Sylvie Simmons will perform some day standing in or near that wooden bowl. On, in or near the bowl. Ursula von Rydingsvard’s (b. 1942, Deensen, Germany — but of Polish origins).
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Streb dancers VS hoop dancers

Laura Veirs has a new video featuring a young hoop dancer she met randomly; that remined me of my interest in streb dancing. I don’t do streb dancing, mind you, I just sometimes talk about it.
I’m kind of a streb dancer snob.
I met Hope Clark at a nooner at 92Y in winter 2001 so that’s about 20 years of being a streb dancer snob.
Hope Clark wanted to study film at Stanford and offered to teach dance in exchange. Laura meanwhile or years later was going to teach a course on songwriting thru Stanford extension, but the covid cancelled that. talk about cancel culture.
I admit I am a bit miffed that laura did not further acknowledge my group of veirs coverers.

bw Hope Clark vs Hope Hall – I sometimes confuse Hope Clark and Hope Hall. Hope Hall has a film degree from Stanford, came to my Negativeland show, and recently was namechecked on moth radio hour because she worked for Obama as his in house white house videographer. 

kara maria — this doesn’t go here at all

Laura’s song is called “Freedom Feeling” — is it she or “freedom” that is having this feeling? I should let Laura tell her own story:

 About a year ago I was hanging out at the lodge at Breitenbush Hot Springs in the Oregon mountains and a woman came up and said hi. Turns out we had met many years ago a couple of times through our exes. The woman’s name was Molly. Molly’s daughter was there, too, and we got to talking. Her name is Story and she’s a 14-year-old ariel hoop dancer and choreographer. I had been thinking at that time about a video that incorporated hoop dancing so we exchanged numbers. A few months later I chose my song “Freedom Feeling” for this treatment and Story took on the challenge of working on this piece. She worked for the entire summer of 2020 under lockdown, spinning safely at her community studio in Bellingham, WA

I tagged this: ariel hoop dancer, feel me?

gratuitous shakespeare outro that only an english major from the 1980s would find appropriate:

All hail, great master! grave sir, hail! I come
To answer thy best pleasure; be’t to fly,
To swim, to dive into the fire, to ride
On the curl’d clouds; to thy strong bidding
task Ariel and all his quality.

The kind of guy who talks of his “bevington” and sends random notes to James Shapiro…and1: apparently this is the 12th night I’ve written about Laura Veirs…

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Maya Wiley, from DC, running for Mayor of NYC speaks truth to power re the insurrection


Yesterday, a pro-Trump, white supremacist mob stormed our nation’s Capitol as legislators met to certify the results of the presidential election. This mob, many of whom were armed, were able to bypass Capitol Police to violently disrupt democracy at work in the People’s House. They spent hours smashing windows, ransacking offices, breaching the House and Senate chambers, and waving symbols of hate.

This was a dark and frightening day for our country, and instead of offering real leadership, Trump once again fanned the flames of division. Trump incited violence, resisted to call in the national guard, and tweeted a video where he told the mob: “We love you, you’re very special.”

I am angry and appalled at this violent assault on our democracy by those claiming the mantle of protecting our democracy and the failure of leadership we saw from the White House and several members of Congress. But I am not surprised. We’ve never grappled with our original sin of white supremacy, and we still face the consequences today.

As I look back on the events of yesterday, I can’t help but notice the way law enforcement responded to this mob. When we marched peacefully in the streets to protest the murders of Black people at the hands of law enforcement, we were met with tear gas, rubber bullets, flash grenades, and hundreds of arrests.

When armed protestors lay siege to our nation’s Capitol, they were met by officers who moved aside barriers and took selfies with them. What we saw was Capitol Police, who have sworn an oath to protect these United States, aiding and abetting those who would violently attack our democracy.

Our democracy is supposed to protect and serve every last one of us, but it has failed. It failed over the summer, when a group of multiracial Americans came together across the country to demand recognition that Black Lives Matter, and we saw a failure of protection from the state yesterday.

What we have to do now is what the late Representative John Lewis always told us to do: act. Democracy is an act and truth-telling is a critical part of that democracy. So I will continue to speak that truth because the only way we will protect our democracy is if we address the original sins of this country and recognize we are still sinning.

Thank you,


Maya Wiley is among 1000 of us who matriculated at Dartmouth in 1982 and graduated in 1986 she is my classmate.

to my recollection she was in my Spanish class freshman fall. I don’t remember any other particular interaction with her those four years or in the ensuing 25. But she left an impression such that when I saw her on CNN and then saw her name in the New York Times I supported her for mayor. And then to my delight a few weeks ago she called me to thank me for a contribution and I gave her some other ideas on people who I know who might support her quest, her efforts to help.

She is a Black woman from DC helping her community and wishing the best for our country. She leans in. She can bring it. And she writes well.

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‘Correct me if I get this wrong…’

Pat is wrong

At about 3:47:30 of last night’s Palo Alto City Council meeting, retread Pat Burt apropos of housing says “correct me if I get this wrong.”
You are wrong.
By historical standards, Pat Burt is not qualifed to be the dog catcher. (And I know the dog catcher, and mean no offense..). Pat Burt discussing economics is like the dog catcher explaining to the poor doomed mutts that when they get to doggie heaven they will get treats.

I’m really trying to find the part where, I was told, he lit into Rebecca Eisenberg, the way the 0ld Pat Burt lit into all his colleagues, but so far have not been able to find such, and its really tough sledding listening to him talk about anything. 

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Kudos to Kamala

Vogue cover of VP elect: what’s the problem?

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More specifically or to explain further there is a set of soccer fields at the corner of Oregon Expressway page Mill Road and El Camino and it is Stanford land but was the site of an elementary school at one point years ago before my time and recently Stanford created for Palo alto benefit the soccer fields as payment or thinks for we the people signing off on their plans to do some dance development it was mitigation or a public benefit. I don’t use the fields much but I have a friend who has played there 1000 times literally every day for five or six years. I would say I don’t play much soccer but I’ve played there three or four times. Similar to the fact that today I went and met my brother-in-law out in Hayward and played about 40 minutes of pickle ball for the very first time and then quit after two matches he and I against two younger men strangers— and we won both matches which in pickle ball is to 10 points with a side out affect like in volleyball. And I decided to bow out pretty prematurely but my wind is not great and I wanted to quit while I was ahead and he stayed and kept playing. He was a regular with this group of maybe 40 people — and further I noticed a warning from the health department that was suggesting people play singles not doubles that is to say 40 people might not be social distancing whereas 20 or more precisely 12 would’ve been.  Anyways when I saw the beautiful soccer fields my thought was it would be fun to have a concert there. LOL tell used to have a more elaborate concert series but there are five or six parks in Palo alto that over the years do host free civic concerts. And I had also had a scheme of trying to produce concerts in every park in Palo alto there’s about 40 of them. And a peculiar thing about the new soccer field is that it has plastic turf or Astroturf or artificial turf or whatever you want to call it. And nowadays it’s complex and there is green grass like things but also a little black pebble like things that help a ball bounce more naturally more like grass and less like cement and plastic. And as someone who still feels like art thinking is new to me I try hard and even overdo it I was trying to imagine what the field looks like from the perspective of the little black rocks. And the way they move. (in the way if you excuse that aggression that people think about the famous wave but don’t realize that in the Japanese would cut painting it’s part of the mount Fuji series). I thought it be interesting to get Ornette Coleman himself to play at that soccer field. Then a few years later that became a blog.  

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On Jan 10, 2021, at 8:33 AM, Chris Knipp wrote:

Heard an interview with Bob Dorrough around 7 years ago, when  he was 90.  He said when he first met Ornette Coleman he was playing a plastic alto. So is that where the name of your column comes from?

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Muddy Waters VS Louis Armstrong

I am plunked down in front of the TV to watch more NFL football, Saints versus Bears and of course it occurs to me that both cities register as music hubs.

I know its Drew Brees vs Sobrisky or whoever — not sure i can name any Bears. Gale Sayers is gone. I’d go Archie Manning vs Bobby Douglass.

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Good luck, Chris Strausser in his first NFL playoff game

Coach Strausser and this author, Seattle, 2015 —and as i write the Colts go up 10-7 on a short rushing TD
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Central Park Five Birtherism Build The Wall Muslim Ban Russia, if you’re listening Lock her up Grab ’em by the p***y Hush money Charlottesville Niger Kids in cages Government shutdown Ukraine Impeachment Teargassing protesters 360,000 Covid deaths Election fraud Coup attempt


Keith Boykin, my former day reporter, 1984 at The Dartmouth. Former Clinton staffer. Author. Could easily pin Jim Jordan.
what he said!

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