Holiday, Monday January 17, 2022

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1954 Calvin Jones v 1952 Rosalind Franklin

On the wall of the sports bar is an old cover it is not Jim Brown it is a lineman for Iowa who won the outlander Ward is the best defensive player and then died in a plane crash while playing in the Canadian football league; I bought an anthology of life magazine photographs and they said that a woman in Rosamond took a picture that helped Watson discover the double helix

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Jennie Gillespie record mogul/ poet

I met Jenny Gillespie in Chicago 13 years ago she was a poet and ran with my than client the author turned songwriter Dahlstrom
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Good luck in playoffs to Katie Brown my Dartmouth classmate

Hi, Katie.
Congrats on making the playoffs.
Looking forward to the game.
I’m a Niners fan but loved the Madden era Raiders.
Rooting against you today, but will be happy for you if you advance.
Mark Weiss
In Palo Alto
Your Dartmouth classmate

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I have no idea

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Gaye Adegbalola the Uppity Blues Woman new single for Vizztone and Lions With Wings about Kamala Harris our first Black woman

I just noticed that a song I helped produce with Gaye Adegbalola during the covid lockdowns is released as a single on Vizztone, a blues cooperative co-managed by Bob Margolin. I thought the song cycle would be released on my own imprint Lions With Wings but the industry standard heavies that Bob deals with set me straight.
Gaye was on my books for an Earthwise Productions at the Mitch residency this winter but we cancelled due to worst-case scenario of the Covid Omicron being a threat. Gaye is a 77-year-old blues musican and activist in Northern Virginia. I was a fan of Saffire the Uppity Blues Women band and cold-called her after reading more about her in Bruce Iglauer’s memoir about Alligator Records.
Unlike most of the projects from Lions With Wings, Gaye waited until the threat of illness was manageable then booked time with a trusted studio in her community. The others made due in their home studios and by epistolary methods.
I am not sure how much our conversations and correspondence helped her create these songs but obviously I would be thrilled if it was as good for her as it was for me. Sometimes just telling a musician or creative person that there would be even one eager listener or viewer is enough of an inspiration for a work to take flight. I guess. I’m no Hal Willner. I’m just a guy with a cellphone and too much time on my hand. Or as Groucho Marx said “times flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana”. She’s talking.

and1: Groucho also said that prunes cooked like apricots taste more like rhubarb than watermelon water tastes like sasparilla. Do. Or dew. If you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce, they taste more like prunes than rhubarb does. 

What if America had nothing but 77-year-old Black lesbian musicians as President for the next 250 years? 

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Bhi Bhiman does Bernie Besman

I am saying that the Sri Lankan Woody Guthrie should record a John Lee Hooker record focused on the ones cowritten so to speak by Ukrainian émigré businessman Bernard Besman



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Jerry Hannan ‘Society’ VS Johnny A doing ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in Palo Alto, January, 2020

Friday night I likely will have my first concert of the new year, lord willing and the infections rates don’t rise. We are spiking in terms of cases of the “om” variant of the dreaded death, yet potentially if you are vaxed and masked and have $20 you can check out Johnny A at The Mitch. Tickets are available here.

Johnny wowed us all in January, 2020, just before we got shut down. On that night a highlight was his version of the Beattles “Strawberry Fields Forever”. I taped a bit of that here.

Jerry Hannan opened for Johnny A. I don’t remember what I was thinking in terms of the match. I taped a bit of his most famous song “Society” here.

The opening act Friday – January 14, 2022 – -is Anna Konstantopoulos and Billy White. I admit that part of my rationale for the booking is that Johnny is Greek and so is Anna. I figure putting two Greeks on the bill will at least hermetically or mercurially as it were push back the “Omicron” variant. I met Anna on September 14, 2021, singing on University Avenue with Billy and Lukas Vezley — Jacob Savage’s crew.

We shall look deeper into the crystal ball for 2022 in terms of music, life and death. As a Janus birthday, I am of course looking back to 2021 and forward to 2022.

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Mand and og

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New pub art at 429 Uni

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