Thirty-five dollars OR One Thousands Words on Black Sabbath

1) NYT re “Almsot Famous”
2) axstv “Almost famous” paused at 2:31 pm — Lester bangs (hoffman?) and the kid in a cafe in Sd:
3) Stars of David — Peter Green is Jewish? But Ozzy nor his wife are not? Who is the heaviest heavy metal jew? as compared to Islam Heavy Metal; (And it turns out like 30 minutes later that I Donely is Peter Greene not in this book by Scott R Bernarde But there are no hard workers in the book there must be another book to my collection about Jews for example the Kiss guy;)
4) All Music Guide: Black Sabbath p 46, there are 37 entries that start “Black_”; (The only song and it was crazy train which is Ozzy but I came up with something which is the pixies Frank black black sabbath and Ozzie Osbourne)
5) HST Fear and Loathing Campaign Trail; Which for me translates into a picture and page 205 attributed to Annie Lennox from June 1972 which is at least contemporaneous to almost famous the Vincent black shadow witch Hunter calls and experimental prototype of the new Vincent or 1000 mL route the proved out to be so awesomely fast that I didn’t even have time to get scared of it before I found myself coming up on a highway stop light at 90 miles an hour and then it’s getting halfway through the intersection with the wheel both wheel brakes locked I genuinely
6) Brian Edge on Gilman Street literally and figuratively; I find that the mud women played on March 11, 1994 or seven months before they inaugurated my car barely series in October 1994; the merman AFI 15 NJ Church all played earlier that year Mr. T experience if we can substitute punk for Meadow.  I find that the mud women played on March 11, 1994 or seven months before they inaugurated my car release series in October 1994; the mermen AFI 15 NJ church all played earlier that your Mr. T experience if we can substitute punk for metal
7) Ben Fong Torres the hits juts keeps on coming Ben Fong Torres; I forget how close I came to anything in this book maybe Joe Sullivan on sly Stone who’s actual name is Stuart like Mark Stewart who is black but not Black Sabbath;
8) I bought the times because of a story on Creem;
9 Ira Kpalan tonite on wfmu andmy equents.
ut my wife took my computer, put it on my desk, various other mischief moving my shit around, but DIN DONT PLUG IN MY COMPUTER.
I Was trying to see if I could write 1,000 words on BS by 4:30 my apointment with my atty.
Mark Weiss
not really a rock pundit, likes music, owns a coputer, too mch tim on my hand — song by Styx or something.
I was also Fant Linda Tillery doing some 1974 crap. David Essex but change James Dean to James Brown.

But with my handy handheld I can at least stream a minute or two of two early Black Sabbath songs 50 years late to the dance But with my handy handheld I can at least stream a minute or two of two early Black Sabbath songs 50 years late to the dance. I thought the guy from all music guide was using the term “butler “as a metaphor I thought the guy from all music guide was using the term “butler “as a metaphor. My neighbor Maya Ford knows a fuck load about Black Sabbath or at least Motley Crue.  Who is the heavy-metal bass player who spoke at pole star this year and she knows him and plays his guitar? 
this says word count 600 so I guess I have earned by 20 bucks in the fictitious year 2000 depiction of 1970 rock critic fantasia. 
edit to ad: Hey kids it’s not too late to root for the famous Sacramento solons what the fuck is a Solon is it a missile military industrial complex and all that? Also they were supposed to be something about baseball earlier today that I described in a private correspondence but I discovered I had in my possession Bud Daly.  Or Daley. But don’t delay time is running out you might as well be sledging on the one But don’t delay time is running out you might as well be sledging on the one. 

and1 andujar (personal to DJ at WFMU : don’t take drugs 

here it is:

CROWE I remember at some point, Billy was on fire. And he said, “OK, I’m on acid, right? Give me something specific. Give me something to do.” And I said, “Well, you’re tingling, you’re feeling it in your hands. It’s like, your hands have a mind of their own.” And he did that thing with his hands, which I just can never get enough of, where he’s feeling the tingly air on his hands, and it’s just like, “I dig music.”

but also — and not that I am not earning $35 for covering Stillwater or Black Sabbath From the comfort of my own couch — but I mean to bone up on this whole Beyoncé thing, too. 

Have not made much progress on Almost Famous, moved 1 min in 1 hr like a 24 hr psycho:

more: I think I figured out how to play or stream “Iron Man” and “Paranoid” while editing this post. Also Eric Cohen son of a Fields Prize winner texted me back to suggest cutting away to a Pinoy busker doing “Nothing Else Matters” two Saturday’s ago, at night on Uni Ave and since I’m a Jew and EC/2 that’s pretty fuckin’ Black Sabbath. 
also I promised Satan I’d at least learn the names of the four hoarse men of 1970: Ozzie Osborne, Tommy Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ronnie Del Rio, Jack Del Rio’s kid cuda cuddly brother. 

nothing else matters:

lastly —And it is about an hour and a half later and I have my meeting with my attorney and very non- rock and roll matters in about 23 minutes and I’ve only advanced meanwhile five minutes in the world of almost famous but here is Kozelek  in some ways it’s all about those like right or Kaplan special K — squared.

so I will send this along to Ira in hopes of having him acknowledge me during his graveyard shift or whatever you call it and I think I have Covid Lakes email something clever not quite a name but more like an intersection in the tenderloin like Eddie with a Y Jones Eddie Jones or something like maybe nowadays he doesn’t actually have a roadie but he likes to advance his own show under a pseudonym or something; and when we were in Bigsur we saw a flyer so he has Groundhogged:

did I already say that instead of 1000 words or $35 or $435 it’s about 700 words and seven photos and a five minute video of a guy playing Metallica song and I will pay Ira or Marc $35 to read this like a Woody Allen character working in a strip club:

I also forgot to say Bill Ward


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Below the fold (thank G#^)


I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this guy by name which is a Chinese wall so to speak against being rounded up when they come for the union thisI don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this guy by name which is a Chinese wall so to speak against being rounded up when they come for the union this and I was not a unionist

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Bob Dylan ‘Hurricane’ poster cover or flyer courtesy of Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo and WFMU VS Reggie Jackson ‘IN ACTION’ 1972 Topps baseball card although he is just standing there staring into space


I don’t have much else to say on the topic other than tune in tonight 9 PM Pacific Coast time WFMU on your handheld staring into space devices


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Anita Wheeler speaks

I heard back for real from Anita Wheeler who was my favorite Oakland Raider cheerleader in 1975 when I was 11 years old. My favorite player was Fred Biletnikoff, or I say that because I was known as sort of a finesse and possession receiver, at least Dave Perry compared me to the Raiders guy once.  And my football career ended after flag football in eighth grade at Terman.  Other Raiders of course include Ken Stabler, the fact that they had two consecutive fullbacks from Colgate, Marv Hubbard and Mark Van Eeghan — my neighbor now Nick Peterson was briefly a baseball player for Colgate and apparently my math teacher Fred Holmes  went there too and maybe played a little football; George Blanda who was nearly as old as my dad.  Dave Dalby who unfortunately suffered from depression perhaps related to concussions and CTE; a linebacker I think number 58 from Nebraska, Monte Johnson I think; he drove a four-wheel-drive; Jack Tatum, the assassin; talons of Skip Thomas who had a custom painted Firebird I think it said “Dr. Death”. Lineman Henry Lawrence from Texas number 70 who had a Cadillac; Gene Upshaw number 63 later the head of the players’ union; Ted Hendricks known as “kick ‘em” And not “Mad the Stork”; Dave Casper “the ghost to the post” from Notre Dame against Baltimore, which I watched from the room of the hotel we were staying at on our vacation in Hawaii.  Cliff branch.  There was a third receiver for a while Mike Siani I think from Villanova unless I’m confusing him with Phil Vilipiano.  Pete The Rooster Banacek who was a short yardage specialist; Phil,  was a linebacker maybe from Penn State.  Jim Otto 00 who never missed a game. George Buehler  a lineman from Stanford— unlike his nephew Forest Bueller he never took a day off either.  Which is how he got to Stanford.
Anyhow, that was very sweet of Anita to reply in earnest and also offer up this more recent photograph– she has not lost a step:

and I do not know if she was teasing or seriously offended but I did 30 years later cheat on her with eight 49ers cheerleaders:



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I saw a Casti student with a ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ shirt

think it’s worth noting that two students work with underground music and a third has a “Thrasher” shirt, for skate culture. Maybe this presaged BLACK LIVES MATTER.
Go ahead and delete me, Bill.
(I met a Casti grad wearing a Dead Kennedy’s “Too Drunk to Fuck” shirt today but she did not recognize my description of Ms. Lamm…).
It’s funny to me that @How Rude!! Enough!! of Esther Clark Park wherever that is thinks 9 comments on the infinite internet is too much space. There’s 10,000 utterly insipid posts herein..but, yeah i do have a blog…

i said we interviewed Jello for The Oracle


si señor (get shorty sent me)


from Times article on Spokane Indians Texas Rangers affiliate :
@Thomas Penn in Seattle I logged on to say something similar: good first steps, now deed the land under your stadium back to the indigenous group, and give them a slivver of your equity. I like the idea of getting people to start saying “Spo – kah-nee” and not “spo-can”. When I worked for the Telegram and Gazette briefly back in the 1980s the local chamber said “its pronounced as in good not goofy” — Worcester. Maybe there can be an initiative to use minor league baseball to improve the big cities — although that sounds like a plot point from a philip roth novel. Gish Jen, too. (I’m all over the place here, like ryne duren)

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Young & Restless Black Lives Matter

It might take me a minute to edit to add this with the name of the Black actress on “The Young And The Restless” — mostly I been watching “Get Shorty” binge-style.
Also, I have 100 items taped and not quite queued or whatever in my infinity or whatever taping library function.


(I was kidding but it’s actually true:

But another big reason Y&R was beloved in my family was its black characters, who flourished in the 80s and 90s: They began as background figures, but slowly evolved into pillars of their fictional community. Born the year The Cosby Show premiered, I grew up watching 227, Amen, Family Matters, and A Different World not knowing how hard it was to integrate TV; for me, black folks were already there. There was a point in my childhood when I knew Drucilla, Olivia, Neil, Nathan, and Mamie, Y&R’s powerhouse stable of 90s black characters, better than some of my own cousins– The Atlantic; And I found 2 more:

No longer called Soap, now they have Trintellix for worsening depression. Dopes?

Dope Opera? That can’t be by me. 




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Coupa water


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Win with Ben

Ben is ren: sports, business, family, music

Ben said he went to Yale even though the counselors at his high school suggested he try Scanton State. He said that because the coaches either refused or didn’t know how to submit his game films to Ivy recruiters or Penn State Paterno era that he and a teammate snuck into the football office and made their own highlight reels, using borrowed VCRs that they joined, figuring it out as they went. Ben went to Yale, excelled in football and javelin, graduated, and years later has four kids, co-owns a business and, the reason we are here today, has a wife Jesse running for School Board.
I would infer therefore that Jesse Fletcher Ladormirak as a trustee of Palo Alto Unified School District would yield a bumper crop of young people who both listen to their elders and improvise when they have to.
Good luck to Jesse, Ben, Sylvia, Marguerite, George, Jackson, Lu, and the campaign team.
Normally and for about three years now, I talk to Ben from sidewalk to stoop while Duffy teases and cajoles Yasmine thru the gate, but when I heard that Jesse was running for public office I broke protocol — even in these times — and entered the yard to wish them good luck.

Ben and I were discussing in this context the former wild man of Princeton Keith Elias, class of 1994, consideration of which prompted this random missive to a former Cornell sportswriter named Jasmine Marcus:

Princeton star Keith Elias

Hi, Jasmine. Doctor Jasmine. Nathan Ford was name-checked very specifically by the emerging genius Mindy Kaling who went to Dartmouth. I am on this topic this a.m. because I was looking for more info about famous Princeton athlete Keith Elias. But being a Palo Altan, my mind jumped to Nathan. Nathan was baseball and Football of course. His parents were rich, and they donated the lights to Paly High Field. (I actually went to rival Gunn of Palo Alto, so usually vote against the Vikes – -in fact I consider their name white supremecist. And Of course I went to Dartmouth. )
I am putting you in my Columbia pantheon, and I guess my Cornell as well. Next to: matt gonzalez, june omura, jack kerouac et al. I guess: ed marinero, william gould 3 or 4, my dear friend Ben Clements and Cindy Cuba, their friend the novelst and former spy — the Rain spy books, its early here, Palo Alto Barry Eisler — Witkowski threw for 5 tds against Dartmouth, my freshman year. I was a sports editor of The D.
Nathan played baseball at Paly with a kid named Max Pinto, who was black. Black. Is. And I met Max in the library, talking about Dartmouth. He went to Williams but I just found out that he went to Tuck as well.
Paly lost to Wilcox 2-0 in the CCS baseball finals. Max got picked off second a trick play, hidden ball. Nathan unfortunately tried too hard to pick a guy off first and that led to the run.
I don’t do social media but I will say: can we be “friends”?
Mark Weiss
in Palo alto
plastic alto blog

Not sure this helps Jesse Ladomirak for School Board but bless my little free-associating, web-surfing and football minutiae retaining Gray and Green Matter. (Which, because I was caregiver to my mother I know will likely someday hopefully not for 25 years be LACK GRAY MATTER or SLACK GRAY MATTER. excuse the pun, yo.)

and1: I also reached out to Max PInto who is now a money manager or VC in Boston. I met his dad at Carol’s 4th of July party two years ago, the swimmer.

also: good luck to my Dartmouth classmate Maya Wiley running for Mayor of New York (a la Ed Koch, Bill DiBlaiso, David Dinkins, Fiorello LaGuardia, Lindsey, Rudy Guliani, Michael Bloomfield). She would be their second black mayor and first woman. We met in Spanish class in fall 1982 — I am trying to recall the name of our professor.

Dartmouth alumna and next mayor of New York, Maya Wiley

andand: I am also high on Rebecca Eisenberg, a Stanford grad, Harvard law protogee of Elizabeth Warren and soccer mom for Palo Alto City Council

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GPT-3 can suck my left foot


A Hmong it is Manny Tallents

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Buddhas on their scooters




every cutie with a booty bought a Coogi


Since it’s Shabbat  I am going to say that Fay Victor reminds me of my friend Victor or he’s really Andrew’s big brother who at 18 flew off a cliff or a path not entirely like Lew Welch 10 or 15 years before although Victor was in Yosemite and Lew we think was in Marin; This is a horrible thing to preserve or disseminate as it were: I found a reference to the Jayhawk hotel and the Menninger clinic and RB, Bobby.

I’m trying to read “the women on the wall” by Wallace Stegner I’m trying to read the bridge by hart Crane I’m trying to read three or four stacks of tear sheets from recent New York Times and the like.

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