A touch of Austin in south Palo Alto

The credit is due largely to Warren Hood and his four-piece backing band, who are approaching five years of anchoring ABGB’s music schedule with their midweek happy-hour residency. A native Austinite, Hood is well-known and widely respected here. Following in the footsteps of his late father, the illustrious multi-instrumentalist Champ Hood, Warren plays music that blends country, folk, rock, blues, jazz and more, epitomizing the rootsy mix that has long made Austin music recognized across the nation and the world.Shown here at Austin Brewery ABBG , Hood appears Sunday July 10 2 pm with The Waybacks by Eartgwise

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Earthwise Productions brain trust announces (soon enough) summer fall concert series or series’s

Did you say we are doing an Abbey Lincoln tribute or being Abby normal ?
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Dave Douglas et al Overcome album art, 2021 Vs Hiroshi Sugimoto seascapes et cetera 2007

I got some type of producer credit on this record and in fact suggested to Dave Douglas and his business manager Mark Mickelthwaite that we try to license a Sugimoto Seascape as the cover art:

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Dave Price is a big fat idiot

Dave Price is a big fat idiot



Dave Price in today’s Post has a column about the upcoming elections. Dave Price who has banned me from his pages and refused to run my mother’s death notice (Barbara Hayms Weiss 1931-2018) I called him a big fat idiot because it was in reference to Rush Limbaugh and Al Franken. This was before Al Franken pretended to squeeze some lady’s (bosom).-1 In Palo Alto the residentialists were 1964 or so, three activists who were opposing corporate hegemony. A senior member of management became mayor of Palo Alto and pushed through a plan to remove 100 homes from Oregon Avenue and toss them into the bay such that his workers could get to work on (his) time. What’s good for Hewlett-Packard is good for Palo Alto. The countervailing response is that we the people have the right to self-govern even if we are not millionaires, billionaires centibillionaires or trillionaires. One of those three people invited me into her living room and showed me clippings from 50 years before and explained this all to me. So I wrote what I called “the new residentialist platform” which at the time meant opposing John Arrillaga’s plan to turn El Camino Park into a monument to his awesomeness in the form of an office tower with a theater in the basement and a million tons of cement. (Which triggered a Grand Jury Report).

There were only six people running for four seats and and I came in last but got 6,000 votes without spending a reportable dime. (I spent a couple nonreportable dimes, or ten thousand of them).

So it is not true that Palo Alto’s residentialists are NIMBYs they just oppose Citizen’s United . We would approve housing in our backyard if we knew it was vetted by leadership who were responsive to or a representative of us. 

And yes Rebecca Eisenberg is both pro housing and a residentialist, and she is not lying.

Rebecca sometimes praises Mr. Price for his paper’s coverage of various issues despite the way he treated her when she ran and got 8,000 votes and was nearly elected (I got 8,000 votes in three tries although I’m probably the most popular candidate in recent history on a cost basis in that I spent less than $.25 per vote).

Although Dave Price has programmed his computer to automatically delete my emails to anyone on his staff he likely also searches for himself on Google so he knows that he is still a big fat idiot.

By the way I supported my Dartmouth colleague Kirsten Gillibrand when she ran for president and she said that if Al Franken was innocent he would’ve fought harder for his seat.

Have a good week everybody but Dave Price

coda: Braden Cartwright of the post shot a photo of my Earthwise Will Bernard concert at Lytton Plaza on Flag Day and then interviewed me both about my concert series and about the death of Gerber Sani who overdosed April 1 right before one of my concerts and I was potentially one of the last people he ever spoke to. His last words may have been “soccer makes me very excited”. He should’ve said “I think someone put fentanyl in my OxyContin”.

1- previous version of this used a more casual or vulgar term for secondary sex characteristic of a female which I think also was on the list of George Carlin‘s seven words you cannot say on the Internet. my problem with Mr. Price is that he is misanthropic and sensationalistic with his journalism and quite pompous; I’m sure I probably weigh as much as he does. 

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Herman Anthony Chunn wants something else: his money

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Fleetwood MinK

Both born on this day

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Upcoming Earthwise (9) and otherwise (9)

Saturday, June 25 Marta Sanchez Quintet, 7 p.m. Lytton Plaza, free. Sylvie Simmons, 5 p.m. It’s also George Orwell‘s birthday and doubleplusgood that it is either two shows back to back or Sylvie is opening for Marta and or a co-bill and we’ve moved the start time to 5 p.m. not 7 p.m. Being heliotropic we are also timing the event to conclude when the sun goes down.

Thursday, June 30: Femi Kuti at Guild Theatre. (not my show but I did produce a show at Cubberley Community Center in 2000, with the legendary and son of legendary afro-pop Fela). 

Friday, July 1: Ben Goldberg at Stanford Jazz Workshop – -not my show but I would pay to see it. 

July 10, Mitchell Park Bowl – Tne Waybacks (interestingly, an early version of this band appeared circa 2003 at Cogswell Plaza downtown, on the city budget, by We The People, as part of the Brown Bag series. In that year there were 18 civic shows in Palo Alto, twelve in the Twilight Series — which were on Tuesdays — and six in the nooner series. And most of them played original music not merely covers. The Waybacks features James Nash and Warren Hood but are a full band not a duo.

Monday, July 11: Howard Wiley at Stanford Jazz Workshop.

Wednesday, July 13: Old Crow Medicine Show, Molly Tuttle at Mountain Winery. Pricey but nicey.


July 17, Amendola VS Blades, 2 pm Mitchell Park Bowl. The fifth time that a version of Amendola VS Blades has played Palo Alto earthwise either at The Mitch, the Art Center, Lytton Plaza or Mitch Bowl. 

Sunday July 17 evening: Josh Milgrom at Stanford Jazz Workshop. 

July 21: Dayna Stephens at Stanford Jazz Workshop – but I recommend going to the jam sessions at CoHo some nights. 

July 24 Citta di Vitti band featuring Philip Greenlief and Lisa Mezzacappa, somehow inspired by foreign films. I think the drummer is Jason Levis but not Jason Lewis.

July 26: Counting Crows at Mountain Winery. If I ran into Adam Duritz right now he would not recognize me but there are three ways that I can explain to him how we know each other. And I sometimes tell people that he more than any other act epitomizes my being an 1990s indie rock guy. We got different reasons for all that. 

July 27 I would likely be too tired to actually attend this but I recommend Sony Holland at Bird and Becketts in SF. With Jerry Holland on guitar. Doing Linda Ronstadt book. 

July 28 Michael Franti at Mountain Winery. I tell people that the FBI or Deep State told Franti that if he switched from revolution to love songs they would make things easier on him.

July 30, San Francisco Mime Troupe, Mitchell Park Bowl, 2 pm; the famous agit prop comedia del arte group has been in and out of Palo Alto in recent years, at either Mitchell Park or Cubberley amphitheatre but Earthwise is proud to be the exclusive producer of this show. The show is called “Back To The Way Things Were”.

Factwino says 9 and 9 is fine

August 7, Native Elements, Mitch Bowl. This is a reggae band led from the kit by my friend Chris Cortez who is also a DJ at KCSM.

August 8, Erik Lawrence, Akira Tana duo or trio.

August 19, ROVA with Thollem McDonas at either The Art Center  or Lytton Plaza, or possibly both.

October 7 Marley’s Ghost at Lytton Plaza. This might be the last outdoor show of the season. I will say its “rain or shine”.

Steve Poltz. Tammy Hall. Battle Trance featuring Gunn grad Matt Nelson on reeds. Others tba. My best year as a promoter was 1998 0r 1999 and I did 32 shows and I hope to bust that this year, Lord willing and the crick don’t rise or covid deaths. We are at about 2,341 deaths in a county Santa Clara of two million people and I am sorry for your loss but we will survive this. And music helps. Flaming Groovies, The HA

So that’s nine of mine and nine of the others. Which adds to 18 which means “LIFE”. 

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I’m really happy that Rose Simpson of Santa Fe is in the New York Times and prefer the tearsheet to the online even though the online version has more photos

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Palo Alto leadership tactics are insulting to Black families in Ventura

Gunn 1982 detail

I agree with Rebecca Eisenberg but I still think the more troubling element is that 16 acres the fry’s site changed hands between developers but then somehow people knew to buy the adjacent 40 acres and the entire 60 acres was up zoned; A lot of these were, or a subset were, Black families selling the family farm so to speak.

So doesn’t it really appropriate that you’re meeting here behind closed doors on a federal holiday… If you want to go down in history is a bunch of Peckerwoods who did whatever you could to hurt Black people

So it is entirely appropriate that you’re meeting here behind closed doors on a federal holiday… If you want to go down in history as a bunch of Peckerwoods who did whatever you could to hurt Black people


You know, Pat Burt our mayor saying he has only six minutes and not a full nine minutes to hear the viewpoints and opinions of his constituents, before he and y’all disappear behind close doors for an hour, on a federal holiday that neither you nor he choose to respect, proves what a mother-fucking sorry state our so-called democracy is. Shame on you. MBW

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All that jazz

I don’t mean to sound snitty or disrespectful and in fact I am a donor for the first time in 50 years, and I bought three or four sets of tickets but as a former journalist—who in fact wrote about the 10th anniversary of the stanford Jazz camp— it does still trip me out that a good story is still sometimes contorted. 


I had this exact conversation with Adam Klipple my fellow Dartmouthian a wonderful organ player who was with the Will Bernard band at Lytton Plaza this week that there’s a really interesting confluence of Jim’s jazz camp, Stan Getz coming to town to dry out and Nathan Oliveira putting jazz into his paint that catalyzed Stanford incorporating jazz as an academic pursuit—for example recruiting Larry grenadier—And the camp becoming a series and a workshop etc.
I mean I spoke to Mr. Klipple 10 minutes ago on this point  and we’re looking for some shows to go to together and suggested he should sit in on the jam. (He Moved to Palo Alto four years ago with wife and two kids —the kids are actually enrolled in the camp..) 


It’s kind of a shibboleth  but if the term “stanford Jazz camp” does not appear in the article I think the article is a bit off. 


Neither Taylor Eigsti nor Josh Redman are exemplars; one was a protégé and getting professional gigs at age 8 and the other is the son of a legend—- incidentally the Shedroffs have family in Palo Alto; I’m not sure if that influenced Josh’s enrollment. 


Ethan Iverson who by the way  recorded a Monk program  with Dayna Stephens —bass— recently in Rudy Van Gelder’s studio — told me in 2004 that he too was a SJW camper but Jim was not aware that that was the same Ethan Iverson.


I think a big part of the program is the jobs created for mid-level professionals, and people like Josh Milgrom and Ivor Holloway.  


See you soon.


Yes I do have a Marta Sanchez Quintet show that conflicts with both the city of Palo Alto’s world music day, the city of Palo Alto’s Beatles cover band in the park, and an Indian jazz show at Stanford; so I’m adding three more acts to the bill and going from 12 to 9 at Lytton, sat 6/25.[in honor of George Orwell’s birthday I am double plus good producing a Sylvie Simmons concert simultaneously to the Marta Sanchez sound check  Sylvie’s set includes David Bowie’s “1984” from 1974 in about 96 hours. I will 72 hours ahead of the load in put up NO PARKING signs, which is where Sylvia and Marta will park. 


Mark Weiss Dba Earthwise 1994-


Former stringer Stanford Daily


You write:

While performance had
always been an important
component since the early
jam days, Nadel said it wasn’t until sometime in the late 1980s or early
1990s that the SJW’s concert series started being referred to as the
Stanford Jazz Festival.
Actually it was a camp for its first 15 or so years and then the freak coincidence of gets being on campus hanging with Nathan Oliveira led to the series being added to the camp. I know this because I interviewed Jim Nadel in 1982— my first six professional/adult years I was trained as a journalist.

I point this out every five years — although this year I also gave a donation and bought three or four sets of tickets— several of the people who have appeared in my series also teach at the jazz workshop at Stanford: Josh Milgrom, Dayna Stephens, Caroline Davis…

2011, Plastic Alto, my blog: At the event Thursday at Stanford shopping center, I button-holed Jim Nadel, the founder of the Stanford Jazz Workshop. I showed him an article I had written, from June 27, 1982 for the Stanford Daily. “Jazz in the Summer” was the headline. I had interviewed him in honor of his tenth season at what was then more of a camp than a concert series. There were jam sessions between pros and students, and they were excited about special guest instructors Lanny Morgan and Stan Getz. A public lecture by Getz — probably billed as such to avoid going through his normal booking agency fee structure  — is what has evolved years later into a truly world-class schedule of 36 ticketed events this season. The festival’s new marketing director, keyboardist, writer and editor Ernie Rideout, has arranged for banners in downtown Palo Alto that proclaim “Stanford Jazz Festival: Our 40th season”. “Festival” versus “series” versus “camp” versus “workshop,” Nadel and company have accomplished a “coliseum” of jazz and jazz education, semantics and “stretchers” aside: they’re the tops! Of lamp-poles, but also of the hierarchy of jazz presenters and educators.


I have tickets to Ben Goldbergs show but might be going away that weekend its my wife’s 35th birthday. 

Weiss, Nadel 10 years ago


pS heard from Thomas Pridgen a former stanford jazz camp asset who was once the youngest endorsee of a certain drum company 



probably doesn’t go here but my wife took two pictures of my head:

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