World premiere of ‘There Is Something On Your Mind’ video featuring Nancy Wright, on Lions With Wings, an online initiative of concert promoter Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto

Earthwise Productions has released a video, made by Kid Andersen’s Greaseland Studios of San Jose, as part of its Lions With Wings initiative.

The 8-minute video features six performers in isolation, an accomodation to the Covid-19 virus, but is edited and mixed to approximate a band performance.

Earthwise founder Mark Weiss explained that Lions With Wings temporarily replaces his concert series, which was based at Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park Center, and featured shows in 2019-2020 with Molly Tuttle, Elvin Bishop, Dave Douglas and many others. Weiss had 10 confirmed shows and onsales for March, April and May, 2020 when the pandemic hit.

This video includes Nancy Wright (of Oakland), sax and vocals; Bob Margolin (in High Point, North Carolina, near Greensboro), slide guitar and vocals; Mitch Woods, piano, vocals, and spoken word: on top of the original music by Jay McNeely, Woods adds an original spoken word bridge about the effects of Covid-19. 

“I met Nancy at Stanford’s radio station, during the promotion of my Bob Margolin show last summer” Weiss said of the Bay Area blues stalwart, who plays sax and sings. Wright and Margolin both record for Vizztone Records, that Margolin curates.

Weiss said that when Lions With Wings started inviting musicians to create content, he recalled their meeting and invited her in. She had worked with Andersen previously and suggested using the South Bay producer, as well as calling the song, Big Jay McNeely’s “There is Something On Your Mind”, from 1957, which was a minor hit for Bobby Marchan three years later.

Weiss said that he has roughly 20 projects in the works. The songs will be streamed for free on Bandcamp, a new and popular platform on the internet. Other projects set for release, according to Weiss, including a joint release thru Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf that will feature Fay Victor and Camila Meza; a cover by South Bay punk folk icon Mike Park and a debut solo project by Stanford’s Aleta Hayes, who has sung with William Parker. 

It’s a bit ironic because Earthwise Productions started as a response to the proliferation of media and computers, Weiss admits.



Fact checking my own post modern press release I notice that Dave Douglas ENGAGE  a version of which played The Mitch in a Bay Area excloo just before Thanksgiving was listed in a New York Times “Best of” story nine months ago: did they play “Sanctuary Cities” in Palo Alto? My show featured Dave Douglas, Carmen Rothwell, Jeff Parker and Clarence Penn. Besides the collaboration with Dave Douglas, vocalist Fay Vincent and vocals /guitar Camila Meza, Lions With Wings is negotiating to have original content from bassist Rothwell, and Jeff Parker — who also played Earthwise show with Scott Amendola band in 2019.  Douglas, truth be told, was an inspiration for this project – -he described for Weiss months earlier his interest in his coined term “remotetudes” — remote etudes, or studies; Weiss challenged Parker to do a tribute to Wes Montgomery based on their overlapping West Coast geography. Stay tuned or remotetuded. 

Enthusiasm for the 2018 midterm elections generated a sense of hope for Dave Douglas, a trumpeter, composer and bandleader who says his latest project, ENGAGE,”is a set of compositions dedicated to positive action.” Subscription fees and CD sales from one of the songs, “Sanctuary Cities,” directly supports RAICES Texas, a nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing legal services to underserved immigrant children, families and refugees. Douglas affirms: “Writing and performing these pieces is a reminder to myself not to get mired in negativity — to stay positive and engaged through music daily.” –Suraya Mohamed

and1: besides providing seed money to musicians and projects, I have been giving to various causes and campaigns — Covid is treating me better than most, I think. I too support in principle legal services for immigrant families. I was also really into Dave Douglas “Witness” and had dreamed of a show here at El Camino Park, like a modern day Be In sponsored by the Hoover Institute on the right and Peninsula Peace And Justice on the left. 

andand: Kid Andersen has recorded more than 100 blues groups in his secret Santa Clara farmland location. He’s from Coastal Norway and ran away from home at age 19 to meet the devil at the crossroads. I don’t know if he votes but I’d feel better having him book bands into the White House than I would be seeing last night’s shit-storm repeated four years from now. And what does the estate of Leonard Cohen say of “Hallelujah” being part of the flagrant Hatch Act violation? Jake Tapper or Wolf Blitzer on CNN said what I was thinking:; was this a “Godfather” wedding scene tribute? Meanwhile andandanand I caught part of Rick Perlstein Zoom gig with Rebecca Eisenberg talking Prop 13 and Reagan. 

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On Yom Kippur I couldn’t help jumping the gun to post that Dan Bern wrote that a Swastika four 7’s

On Yom Kippur at around 6:41 on a Monday and the sun doesn’t go down until 6:55 I jumped the gun to post that Dan Bern said something once about reclaiming the swastika and he said that it is comprised of four 7’s and that that adds to 28 which is half of Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak.

I also came up with something bout Steve Lacy and Mark Rothko.

Also, there’s a band named NOFX that is mostly Jewish. 

But I totally ignored a lot of things that are not Jewish in accordance with it being my dad of Repentence. 

Big Steve is coming up with a bottle of tequila, kosher tequilla. And Terry my wife is working today but will be home in about and hour and a half. I am trying to fast until she can break bread with us. Fifity seven eighty one seems like a winner. It factors nicely, three ties 1927. 


Ooi also did a shout out to Bert the Clever Klezmer,

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Formica Alto of the highest qualia

Michael Arcega has at least two pieces I saw at a new group show at a new gallery on Uzi Ave in Downtown Palo Alto four blocks from where I am sitting in a design within reach Clayton Moore (Eames) or whoever lounger (my wife, the artist Terry Acebo Davis picked it, and my dog Duffy Do Da Da has claimed the matching footrest or Ottoman as part of his empire) on my laptop computer from the Apple Store — the new gallery called Quaila is very near the Apple Store, that used to be Liddicoats Mall where Mrs Fields Debbie Fields sold her first commercial batch o f cookies. (When cookies were something you ate and not something that helped people spy on you).

One piece — or I strongly suspect it is from Michael Arcega having cheated despite challenging myself to try to find his work without reading the name tags — I saw it first, kept walking deeper into the space and then saw one that capitivated me enough that I broke my vow of three minutes earlier and read the tag, then was releived and excited that indeed that was Michael’s too.

The one piece is a musical instrument. I would call it a xylophone or TK like Lionel Hampton might play. Or Stephon Harris. I call the piece “Hampton” not referencing the Hamptons where rich white New Yorkers chill in the summer. I didn’t read the card carefully enough to know if the piece has a name. I squinted – I was wearing a Covid mask – -black and cotton and tied twice by Marine Layer which I sometimes call Marin Layer like from Tiburon or Sausalito and someday I will learn to type Sausalito or spell it or proof read and not think its funny to let the computer finish my sentence for me. I noticed it says DO NOT TOUCH which I took to mean to fight my immediate reaction to tap on the piece to try to get a sound. Did I finish the thought that with a mask on my glasses should fog so I took them off in advance?

So I’ve only seen the show to about a 99.8 percent acuity I could go back and look longer or bear the risk of getting a deadly disease for the sake of Ways of Seeing John Berger that much better.

I was in the gallery for about 3 minutes from 12:35 to 12:40 today. I had a time-stamped entrance from EventBrite but I did not need it plus my phone had died. There was one other person in the gallery who glared at me from above her mask and below her hat.

The gallery guy in the back room never bothered to acknowledge me – -though Michael Arecega’s piece is very near him.

Terry always likes to go into the office space of a gallery and see “the good stuff” if you excuse the digresson.

Fuck typing.

I mean, I alternate between being a stickler for grammar — “further” versus “father” like in Finding Fucking Forrester and or two versions of “cahoot” or more commonly “cahoots” from Websters 9th and Websters 11th and how the “devil” has been bleached from the latter or is just that much sneakier. It’s french and means “hut”.

That the gallery guy never noticed me – staring into his screen compared to me leaning  back, legs crossed keypad poised on tights or thighs and typing — but I was not offended maybe even with retail and gallery open during Covid time why increase the risk by being polite?

So this is a home made and maybe jury-rigged or improvised xylophone or TK made maybe of found objects or animals like Debbie butterfiedl but hers are actually bronze — the piece was sitting on little vintage plates. One said “welcome to Nebraska”,  “the gateway to the west” or something. Maybe the piece overall references Western Expansion or Manifest Destiny or white people taking from Red people with the help of Brown Brownish and Yellow people but then saying Irish Need Not Apply No Jews Either if You Can Read This You are Too Uppity.

A previous piece of Michael Arecega  I saw at Montalvo – which itself has a racist history he and his friend Stephanie pointed out — was a boat made of Manilla envelopes that apparently also floats.

I was tempted to tap on the keys or bones anyways and risk the scorn of the guy at his computer. When I used to hang out in Center City Philadelphia I once got scolded by the guard for banging the pads of my palms on some steel Alexander Calder sculptures near the museum or Benjamin Franklin Parkway. He did not excuse me for saying that I was in jazz and knew personally and had worked with John Santos and Stephon Harris.

The second piece or second suspected piece references Kon Tiki. It looks like models of seafaring or lake-faring crafts like the ribs – -hey maybe that’s a pun or interaction – iteration — like it happens twice — bones versus ribs — Underneath the table or on a different shelf were some bundles of sticks and empty bottles. Like, it could float.

So I suspect there are two pieces my Michael Arcega at Qualia Gallery on Uzi Ave in Palo Alto, one could float and one could make music. (Note: If you bang or tap the side of a boat you can get sound, and in deed an African xylophone thing might float or burn in a pinch). Vibes. Bobby Hutchinson also, was or is from around here and plays like that. Plus Mathew Zupri or something from Switzerland. Matthias Lupri or something on a small label. Maybe there is a Steve Nelson who plays with a super famous bassist I saw in New York one night with John Ellis and Joe Martin. Not Gary Peacock but that class. Not Charlie Haden either.

I want to come back to the gallery when Michael Arcega is there to demonstrate or sound.

There’s also a little annex that might have been storage for Disco Rex Pharmacy that has an installation of some chairs and a couch – but not Design Within Reach quality — and some chandeliers made of slides such that when you turn it on – it was dark when I went in but could make out the shapes of the charts and couches — you either notice the detail of the slides —Kodak et cetera — or it makes interesting random patterns on the wall. There is slim chance that that is a 3rd Micheael Arcega piece

did i say there were about six artists and about 20 pieces in various dimensions mostly works on the wall.

A couple other points: my dog was carrying a small orange ball and decided to leave it a two-putt from the xylophone. I hope no one trips and falls and sues the gallery which might then have to close. And then on way out I used their sanitizing goop to clean my hands – -though I had not touched anything — alas — and also stole some Scott tape from a handy dispenser or self-dispenser left near the goop and wrapped my bulge of newpapers or bundle as if I wanted to see if they would float.

Pamela Walsh also has a gallery nearby on Ramona with some nathan Oliveira nudes I like for about $15,000 each. There is also a small gallery I notice in the Thoits Building at 500 Uni, near the back on the southwest corner of the lobby exterior by Elon something or Something elm that is a globe thing with a light bulb plus Ghost Records like chopped up pieces of music, fake Christan Marclay. This is near Joe and the Juice which i call Joe the Juicer and Accel Partners or something.

But if you are a fan of Michael Arcega — as I am — or are in Palo Alto anyhow – go see this little gallery. there is also Leo Villarreal at PACE, plus our 16 BLM murals on literally on Hamilton between Bryant and Ramona plus various extant or surviving Greg Brown murals like at Bryant and or just before Uzi.

(I call it Uzi Ave not Uni Ave or University because at this rate with Fascism creeping into our society the huge corporations with office space downtown will soon have private guards with machine guns not just protecting their assets but firing at us for kicks making us dance or conform, with impunity or maybe for prize money. I just laughed to myself and simultaneously thought of Adam Johnson and his short story about Palo Alto hiring precocious teen snipers to silence corporate dissent).

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She’s not muted she’s having a technical malfunction

I was disappointed by the candidates’ forum, 10 aspirants (2 incumbents) moderated by two from the Weekly over Zoom.

I was imagining the Last Supper, 10 disciples of Jesus deliberating over how to most effectively pray to Yahweh for two thousand twenty years of an absence of floods, plagues and pestilence.

Or , the Kurosawa movie about a humble village hiring seven samurai to ward off the brigands.

Read George Packer, “The Unwinding”.
Over the next five weeks keep seeking info to help sort these 10. Vote for your best four.

There are commissions open. Apply. Ring the doorbells of electeds to complain if they don’t give your interest due consideration.

Push for publicly funded campaigns with twenty candidates in 2022, ranked choice and districting.

Keep your mask on.
Stay calm.
Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

And1: my computer trailed off during the final minutes, so I missed 9 of the closing statements. I liked when Jocelyn subtly by her tone called out Greg Tanaka for gorging on special interest funding.

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MC Lars ‘Grasshopper’ song embed on bandcamp


Nancy Wright “There is Something on Your Mind”

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In Tanaka’s Satanic Service, Strikes Two

somebody down there likes greg tanaka

BLUF: if i was going to answer such a question I would say I am reading the autobiography of the recently deceased football hero Gale Sayers for whom the NFL humanitarian of the year award is named for “I Am Third” the title of which refers to his philosphical belief system and hierarchy and I quote, “The Lord is First. My friends and family and constituents are Second. I am Third”. I am listening to a new jazz based oratorio by Nicole Mitchell and Lisa M. Harris of Houston based on the writings of Octavia Butler about a future society that is balanced and humane and elevates women and people of color, “EarthSeed” and I am watching two movies by Robert Wise “w” “i” “s” “e” no relation different spelling “The Set Up” and “Somebody Up there Likes Me” from the 1950s and I taped them both from our cable system and The Movie Channel TMC in that they are both about boxing, one stars my fellow Dartmouth grad a former collegiate boxing champion Robert Ryan about a fighter asked to throw his match – -maybe the basis for the Bruce Willis plot point in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and the other starring Paul Newman in a break out role based on the life of Rocky Graziano but what I’m tracking is race in that I noticed that the Set Up is based on a poem by Joseph Moncure March I think is his name but the character in the original is a black guy named Pansy Jones and I always thought it would be interesting to stage a new production restoring that fact, but I buy way more books than I ever finish, and I have tons and tons of music and cds that I am trying to screen — that’s my business, my work, I’m a concert promoter – and I’m always taping then erasing a lot of stuff on tv, more than on Youtube, but I watch some of that. Plus I write my own blog, Plastic Alto, which has about 2,400 posts.

In Tanaka’s Satanic Service, Strikes Two

Yesterday I posted to my blog about Palo Alto council member and incumbent candidate Greg Tanaka and how weird it was that he described himself in relation to Satanic murderer Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker.

Marlowe wrote about the faustus myth and I hope midnight comes to GT, at least in terms of his being on council

And I connected that to his discussion of CAHOOT, a mental health police intervention program, the name I claimed could possibly be a second dog whistle to potential devil-worshipping followers of the politician. I said that my Webster’s dictionary mentioned that the word was often used in conjunction with “the devil” as in “Greg Tanaka is in cahoots with the Devil”. 

But in my new Webster’s, the Eleventh edition relative to the Ninth, it actually changes the definition of “cahoots” slightly and omits the part about “with the devil”. 

Meanwhile it turns out the Molly Tuttle, a Nashville based singer-songwriter from Palo Alto not only sings a Rolling Stones song “She’s Like a Rainbow” that indirectly has a reference to Satanism – its from a 1976 album called “In Her Satanic Service” but she also has a second song on her new cd “Olympia” – by Tim Armstrong of Rancid – that includes the lyric “I was feeling much like the devil”.

But I would never say that Molly Tuttle is Satanic, I would just say its a coincidence or she is being ironic or stepping out a bit, since she is, as I said, saintly. I like Molly Tuttle, she is fantastic.

I don’t like Greg Tanaka. He’s horrible.


More specifically: in 10 or so years in Palo Alto leadership, as commissioner or council member, Greg Tanaka has never said anything that I agree with. He’s never said anything I find intelligent or insightful or important. I’ve just heard him mumble a bunch of tiresome nonsense about it costs too much.

Brian’s Song was a favorite movie from my youth

Also, Greg Tanaka is constantly attacking public art and the very popular Percent for Art program and I love public art, love the Percent for Art program, work in the arts, campaigned for public office and commissions on art platforms or planks, and am married to the former chair of the arts commission Terry Acebo Davis, who is Catholic, while I’m Jewish. 

Plus, Greg Tanka not only did not listen to me when I visited him in his office, but he cut me off and left the room exactly as I was sharing a very intimate personal detail to him, and why I dropped out of the 2018 campaign. And then he edited his tape of the meeting to cover up that fact — while I kept my tape of that meeting.

I suspect Greg Tanaka of being some sort of a sociopath or having a neurological basis for his weirdness. He is not fit to serve. I hope voters reject him, bigly.

And when I say “On Tanaka’s Satanic Service Strikes Two” I mean strikes two as in “of the clock” and I am referencing Christopher Marlowe’s “Faustus” and not baseball “strike two” meaning me missing something. I mean maybe Tanaka made a deal with the Devil, Beelzebud — his angel, from Milton’s “Paradise Lost’ or Satan. 

I did listen to the second half of Greg’s talk with Rev Bruce Reyes Chow and had nothing further to report on this matter.

ok well wait a minute; at 33:33 which is half of 66:66 the devil’s number, Tanaka says that apropos of police reform he wants to first check the data and look at “apples to apples” – is that a dog whistle to maybe a set of Satanists who have read “Paradise Lost” and know that he is talking about the apple with which Satan tempts Eve? The snake me beguiled and I did eat. I’m jest saying. 


Tanaka says that Palo Alto housing prices peaked in 2018 and are in decline.

And that the house next door to him was on the market for $3m but sold for $2m which he called a “thirty-three percent haircut” – -he used that term at least twice, “haircut”. But my question would be: what was the seller’s basis? Or how much per square foot? Or, how long on the market. And I don’t believe this person was actually next door to Greg. 

He also said something about buying two small pizzas – and he gestures to indicate they were the size of his head, but they cost $90.00. I had to reply the tape because it sounded like “nine dollars”. 

Then he said, most weirdiest, that commercial utility rates are too high and a bigger problem that the residential rates. And that if people move to Austin Texas housing is one-sixth of here. His actual words” you can get three times the house for half the prize”. Now I almost moved to South Austin in 2009 after spending a month there around the time of SXSW and I used to say I could cut my overhead in half but if You look it up I bet you will find that we are more like 60 percent higher and not six times. (edit to add: Tanaka is correct and I am wrong that the median home price in Austin in 2019 was $395,000 and her it was $2.7m so indeed prices here are 6.66 times higher)

“Byzantine entitlement process, so it’s really hard to get approval, right?” “we charge relatively hight impact fees” 

Palo Alto Housng Corporation changed their name he said because they have built everywhere but Palo Alto.? I’m guessing, they merged and moved? Or because of all the scandals and bad publicity of bad deals like Maybell?

I took a big pay cut? “Haircut” is also the name of a story by Ring Lardner, and a collection of that title, which is about a bunch of guys who hang out at the barber shop and talk smack, circa 1920 and how that goes too far, but none of them were elected public figures such that the smack talker — me- is protected by the first amendment. 

surcharge on pizza? he’s against it, because it’s already $90?

Inflation has been 3 percent but we’ve had double digit rate increases in utilities last few years??

He claims that Palo Altan’s pay $50 for black trash bins but Mountain View only pays $35.

He kinda goes on and on about sob stories about his child’s friend parent who complained of losing his job and the utility rate increase, yet why does he collect contributions from the uber-wealthy special interests like Chop Keenan and other developers? And he claims poor sad sack won’t be able to donate to “PIE” this year – although he cannot recall the acronym — let me try it Parent Endowment or Education? i forget to, don’t have kids. But he’s sort of messing the point that previously taxes and property taxes paid for schools — pre-Prop 13 – -and as part of the tax-dodging libertarian type that’s part of the equation, that we don’t ask as much in taxes but ask for donations to foundations, a type of privatization. 

When Greg Tanaka says “i feel for them” I don’t think he knows what that means but I think he knows or thinks that if he pretends to care or feel he can trick people into giving him money or voting for him. 

Never mentioned whether he was for or against a business tax – -he’s against it. But rails against a straw man of something no ones heard of, the $10 surcharge on the $90 pizza. 

He’s reading “All American Boys” by Jason Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely 2015. He sort of botches the story line by omitting that most of the plot is about the fact that the cop beats up the young black suspect who he accuses of shoplifting. At least at a glance, although I admit he is closer to an accurate description than what I first thought he said and started to pounce upon. 

And he watches not “the Matrix” tho he’s seen it but like in the Matrix, he watches a lot of youtube how to fix it content to help him fix his bike, which he been riding for more than 30 years. And the book was suggested by his student intern. it’s about an assault wherein a black person and a “white caucasian person” saw it differently – I was anticipating  his use of the term “rashomon effect” to no avail. And he listens to podcasts, about startups which are better than IBM or HPs. He says he’s also “AA” meaning anti-acronym. LOL. Oy. 


Take us home, brother Marlowe – shout out to my professor James Shapiro: 

FAUSTUS. Ah, Faustus,

Now hast thou but one bare hour to live,

And then thou must be damn’d perpetually!

Stand still, you ever-moving spheres of heaven,

That time may cease, and midnight never come;

Fair Nature’s eye, rise, rise again, and make

Perpetual day; or let this hour be but

A year, a month, a week, a natural day,

That Faustus may repent and save his soul!

O lente, lente currite, noctis equi!

I like Bruce, he should run next time



this is pretty experimental and obscure but I took photos of 10 human faces from artwork in my home office / spare bedroom and bathroom and was going to assign them arbitrarily as avatars of the 10 council candidates, alphabetically versus the order I shot them and see if it causes any weird shift phases of my views on them. I will correct any specific gender or race microagression. 


Ajit is a business man asscociated with high tech and the image I used is of Clint Eastwood in a parade and Carmel so just spit-balling here I guess I would predict that Palo Alto or America under someone like Ajit there would be private cops with AK-47s shooting at the feet of pedestrians in front of every office building on Uni Ave, which we would then jokingly call Uzi Ave. 


This is a slightly out of focus detail of a painting by outsider Jimmy Lee Sudduth and it times comments have described this as a cheer-leader and Cari is a cheer leader of sorts for the developers and like Armit for a type of corporate hegemony but what comes to mind just like here I can only imagine vacuous and insipid utterances about Brothers Grimm if she was asked to write a thesis on Brother Jim she would say that it reminds her of Palo Alto because the buildings — you cannot see here — are more that 50 feet. (I can Swede in the building — but I have to add that my fav candidate also favors raising the height limit downtown.)


Ed as a candidate seems to have a fairly blank face and fake smile when he is on the dias like the facial expression in this sticker which depicts a Warriors logo in reference to Dia De Las Muertos. 


This is a cartoonified and pixelated version of the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa played by Sly Stallone and as I referenced above Rocky was based partly on Rocky Graziano; Greer is pound for pound…


This is a masque made by Santiago Romero the nephew of Mateo Romero and son of Diego Romero, a Dartmouth grad and he told us that his former step-mom Roxanne helped him design it — whereas Greg Tanaka seems to lie all the time, so it highligths the long nose here.


(somehow got deleted but I think it was a female figure or face by Leonard Baskin, who is Jewish, whereas one of the knocks on Lydia early on was that some people in Barron Park said that her support of the Christmas pageant at Buena Vista showed a misunderstanding of the no establishment clause. But she did come to my mom’s memorial at Beth Am so thank you).



This is a Tibetan face from the Beastie Boys concert at Golden Gate Park in the early 1990s and I can only say that it reminds me of the time in 2014 when Pat and I were both candidates in office of the Daily News waiting for the intereview to start and he said he had just been to the Bridge Concert at Shoreline and he said his favorite act was Jack White. But he did not know who White Stripes were. 


It is not strictly true that matching randomly ten details of artwork on my or Terry’s walls with ten alphabetized candidates by first name happens to yield Raven Malone a Black woman as represented by a painting my Ian Johnson of Ornette Coleman, but close enough for Plastic Alto. Ornette is a hugely influential living legend in jazz who created his own sub-language and style – and influenced the naming of this blog for his acrylic saxophone — whereas Raven is trying to exert an influence in this her adopted home town by participating in protest (BLM) and now running for office. 


This is a painting or mixed media work by Mateo Romero of Santa Fe area and depicts a Santa Clara pueblo woman with a black pot on her head. It means that Rebecca, a Stanford grad with a Harvard law degree has a lot of her mind. 



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MC Lars tribute to NorCal indigenous for Lions With Wings label and Earthwise

MC Lars sent me via these magic media boxes, that approximate the human experience thru an elablorate systems of digital pulses, some words, music and images that comes out of our discussion of a mutual respect for the pre-contact civilizations of Northern California.
His song is called “In the Land of the Grasshopper Song”. It features he, Ash Tell Em, Christina Rotondo and Mike Russo. It has a catchy hook, but it also tells the history of the region from the perspective of the Hoopa and Yurok. It was mixed by Beau Vallis and then I just sort of tapped on the magic box on my lap and — cross your fingers — have set it up such that you dear reader and total strangers can sort of hear what Lars’ song sounds like.

You can stream it for free or download, although I have to admit I am not sure the distinction. It’s free either way. 

Lars is a Stanford grad who also studied in Oxford. He hails from Pebble Beach, California near Carmel and Monterrey. I’ve been aware of his work from his undergrad days – -he was already recording and touring before he graduated college, but only met him about a year ago.

Matt The Electrician (Matt Sever) who played an Earthwise Productions show October, 2019 at Cubberley H-1 mentioned between songs that he had met Lars at a show in their mutual hometown at the beginning of their respective careers. I, cheekily, reached out to Lars mid-set and shared his receptive reply to the crowd, essentially fact-checking Matt.

Lars later played a showcase I did at the Palo Alto JCC that also featured blues legend Charlie Musselwhite and soulful singer Valerie Troutt, in December.

So now I have two shareable files for my Lions With Wings bandcamp, plus a couple that are gestating. (See also: Nancy Wright, “There is Something On Your Mind” cover).
I don’t presume to return to the concert business until fall, 2021.

Lions with Wings is named for the bestiary landmarks on campus that some people call the Stanford Griffons but they are really just lions with wings. I learned on the internet that there is a fountain in Leicsester, England that has the exact same Lions but they spit water. My Lions with Wings only spits rhymes.

I think I suggested the source to Lars. Here is more, according to these same sources:

In 1908 two young women—the authors of this book—Mary Ellicot Arnold and Mabel Reed –accepted Indian Service appointments as field matrons for the Karok Indians in the Klamath and Salmon River country of northern California. Although the area had been the scene of a gold rush some fifty years earlier, they write in the foreword, “the social life of the Indian—what he believed and the way he felt about things—was very little affected by white influence. The older Indians still had the spaced tatoo marks on their forearms, by which they could measure the length of the string of wampum required to buy a wife. . . . The white men we knew on the Rivers were pioneers of the Old West. . . . All around us was gold country, the land of the saloon and of the six-shooter. Our friends and neighbors carried guns as a matter of course, and used them on occasion. But the account given in these pages is not of these occurrences but of everyday life on the frontier in an Indian village, and what Indians and badmen did and said when they were not engaged in wiping out their friends and neighbors. It is also the account of our own two years in Indian country where, in the sixty-mile stretch between Happy Camp and Orleans, we were the only white women.


My Dartmouth classmate Andre Cramblit wrote an introductions to this edition of the book the MC Lars rap is based on. 

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The Lord is first; my friends and family are second; I am third.

I read this book and did a book report for my fourth grade class, with Mrs. Show, in Saratoga, at Foothill School, in 1974; I also recall discussing the tv movie “Brian’s Song” with Andrew Dieden

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Weird connection between Guild Theatre development and MapLight policy project

I wish to point out respectfully that your Palo Alto report is seriously flawed.  Procrustean. And perhaps too short a narrative arc.  
For example you list me in a table and list me as “neither” — It is trying to compare residentialists and pro-growth. 
I am arguably the founder of the new residentialist movement in that I got 6,000 votes running under that doctrine in 2012. Tim Gray* and I were the only also-rans and each got considerable support and worked with each other comparing notes on how to describe whst we felt the problems were here. I was mentored by Tom Jordan who had knowledge of the original residentials movement from 1964. I also had meetings with Mrs. Pearson who was the founder of the movement. She showed me collateral and clippings from that era which had to do with fighting Hewitt packards  movement to create an expressway for their benefit and it divides Palo Alto north and south among other effects.  The residentialists — which is not limited to the role of PASZ — in Palo Alto have some thing of a push back against Silicon Valley or corporate hegemony which you seem to miss. Incidentally Mr. Jordan mentored Tom DuBois who was successfully elected but I still contend that he and Filseth and later Kou were sort of compromises.  For example they represent Silicon Valley, the men and real estate she. 
I am a bit of a red herring in that I spent little or no money and did not except contributions— I was making a point about Citizens United.

I’m actually the most popular politicians of the generation if you look at how much I spent,  less than $2000 (in three cycles) and how many votes I got more than 8000 — I spent about $.25 per vote,  all that my money. 
You may not have realized that Asher Waldfogel plays another role in recent history in that he was taken down by Rebecca Eisenberg a Stanford grad with a Harvard law degree who accused council of spoils and corruption especially apropos of his not recusing himself regarding Castilleja.  
I am not claiming that my popularity would’ve scaled or that if I had spent $60,000 or what not I would’ve gotten 200,000 votes, 
I also wrote a blog some of which is more relevant than others but several posts under “the new residential platform” I have another general blog that probably has 100 more articles about local policy and 2,000 on entertainment and other cultural topics. Most  significantly and on the suggestion of Mr. Jordan i opposed John Arrillaga ‘s large office tower scheme and the local papers noted that. 
I know that one of your founders Layton is also the man behind the redevelopment of the Guild theater I hope that succeeds that actually is my professional interest having worked in the music Business  for 25 years in Palo alto mostly. I was the engine behind a very weak attempt for a public private partnership redevelopment of the varsity theater 456 University predating the Guild scheme by several years and admittedly I don’t have 20 million of my own money.  
I was also a trainee and reporting at the Peninsula Times Tribune in 1984. 
I was once a Nelson Rockefeller center for public affairs fellow at Dartmouth College. 
I will report back any other more obvious conclusions from your essay.
For what it’s worth I rank my candidates in this order Rebecca Eisenberg, Greer Stone Raven Malone Lydia Kou incumbent. 
Mark Weiss 
In Palo Alto
Re Bergen Smith et al 3/2020
*Whereas I claim to be independent residentialist and not affiliated with PASZ Tim was more integrated in that he was the treasurer of Lydia Kou’s campaign

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In Tanaka’s satanic service?

ain’t no good for you, palo alto voters, tanaka

I da know what the fuck but Greg Tanaka mentions Satan twice in the first 30 minutes of his interview with the rev Bruce Reyes Chow of 1st Prez.

This guy is a nightmare. He puts the bent in “incumbent”. How did he decide to run in the first place? Who…does…number…two…work…for?

These are my notes from a day or two ago watching this crap. I’ve got the Raiders on which is getting me so psyched:

Actually I want to mention that I am a Jew and there’s a riff, coming out of Beth Am, that Satan if you go old school and back to the source is God’s book-keeper and his job, during this Jew holy week, between Rosh HaShanah head of the year and Yom Kippur when we eat canned fish well-sealed, God is laying it out for the next 12 months of OT retribution baby and basically when we, like, blow the Ram’s horn, the shofar, we do it in a shout out to the old days when it would “confuse” Satan, and thereby spare us from The Grim Reaper, excuse my mixed metaphor. Did i mention that Ed Solomon the Bill and Ted dude, was in my Hebrew school car pool? I’m also liking some of Vince DiFiore’s trumpet solo especially on Motorcade of Generosity as pseudo-fake-Satan riffs.

But Tanaka, what’s his deal? 

With the devil?

And I just want to shout out — hats off, Shirley, for RBG but also whoevrer wrote Sullivan Vs New York Times protecting freedom to toss serious shades on electeds and fuck-wad incumbents. 

This is the unedited draft. I got a guy in LA who might be able to pull some reocords in Northridge to refute or prove Greg Tanaka’s statement that he lived three doors down from a victim of Satanic murderer Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker. Peterson. Look it up. 

Greg Tanaka: can you please prove your statement that you lived near the Petersons, three doors down. What was your address in Northridge? What was the address in Northridge of the Night Stalker crime scene?

(Kind of reminds of the Chill Phil saga at Paly but I digress. Also, the title riffs on The Rolling Stones, not sure what songs…)


This is pretty rough, but I think you get my drift:

Tanaka in Cahoots with Satanic Mass Murderer

I’m at minute 33 of Greg Tanaka’s interview with Bruce Reyes Chow and I am baffled. 

He starts out by talking about Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker. I had to look it up: Ramirez is dead of cancer at age 53 but in his 20s carried out a series of 19 attacks and murders, including one in Northridge, CA which Greg Tanaka claims was three doors down from him, at the time, his neighbors. Wiki says there name was Peterson and they survived the attack; Tanaka falsely claims they were shot in the head. The woman was shot in the face and and man in the neck, but they escaped. Northridge is not generally thought of as a locus of Richard Ramirez nightmare. Nor do other Northridgeans lead with this fact. 

Then apropos of Black Lives Matter and police reform, whereas Bruce says he was “on the wrong side of the baton a few times” while living in SF, Greg says that recently at Middlefield — on his motorized skateboard or bike, a group of young people in a white minivan verbally  accosted him about being Asian, blaming him for Covid — which supporters of Trump claim, they call it “Kong Flu” or “China virus”. 

But even oddlier, Tanaka riffs on Stanford Prison Experiment and that maybe if police are also cross-trained in fire and carry spare uniforms in their car, this somehow prevents the brutal murder by a rogue police officer in Minneapolis of George Floyd. I want to know, using his odd Socratism: ok, what does Zimbardo say about BLM? Do intelligent people try to invoke the purported lessons of The Stanford Prison Experiment regarding today’s challenges at reform? (I also think of Ron Jones and the Cubberley experiment, aka The Wave, which to me is oddly similar).

They also namecheck CAHOOT which is a program, I learn wherein Springfield and Eugene OR have a special mental health intervention program that they spend $2.1m and claim savings of $20m in emergency response, that (Paly basketball star) Ron Wyden US senator has a bill to expand by at least 10 fold to $25m if that means national. 

Cahoot in this case is an acronym. Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets. My Webster’s 9th — I can crosscheck with my 11th — I spent $30 on a new dictionary, stimulus spending first time since 1984 towards I guess this flow, my blog — says its from the French word for “hut” as in strange bedfellows or under one roof and says that it entered the language in 1829 and is usually a plural, cahoots sic and is often used in the phrase like “Is Greg Tanaka the weird incumbent Palo Alto council candidate in cahoots with the devil?”

More to the point, in 30 minutes, I have not heard one good idea. I barely hear ideas at all. I hear words, phrases, half descriptions, no actually linking of thoughts or depth of thought.

He says he is the council’s leader on retail — didn’t Lydia Kou own a business? A video shop?

Tanaka a couple times points to the Cali Ave redo as an accomplishment – isn’t that just giving a bunch of contractors $10 m to repave and re-stripe?

Isn’t IBRC just a blue ribbon fluff job for the new Police Station? Or did I miss the big pothole problem that happened and then we fixed it? I liked Le Levy’s song about flivver quiver or whatever. But I’m an arts presenter.

We still don’t believe Tanaka went to Berkeley or CalTech — did he graduate? I guess it’s progress that he didn’t claim a fake Stanford education, like his LinkedIn misleadingly claimed.

I don’t believe Northridge is comparable in any way to East Palo Alto – is he comparing 1985 dollars to 2020 dollars?

I don’t believe Percolata does jack shit. He says he goes to New York to tout it. How many employees does it have? How much revenue? i believe it may have gotten some random gift from a VC but that doesn’t mean its a business. (It looks to me like it spies on consumers, and then pivots to spying on workers).

From his story you cannot tell which family member was interred and which died or left. 

He mumbles and jumbles.

As far as I can tell the people who told him to run were Chop Keenan, an architect and others who are special interests. 

So, yeah if you believe in Satan as a supernatural evil force that walks among us or flies and causes havoc and evil —and explains Richard Ramirez — you can fairly simply go from watching 30 minutes of Greg Tanaka to saying “Greg Tanaka is in cahoots with the devil”. 

At minute 29 Greg says something about wanting to reform policing here but avoiding the Stanford prison experiment. he says that in Eugene OR there is something called Cahoots where a police officer is also trained as a fire fighter and would keep a spare uniform in his car, and change it in the case of an emergency; he also says he is looking forward to “a thousand flowers blooming”.

He says Stanford prison experiment was stanford students and grad students acting as police which led to abuse.

Has anyone seriously tried to apply lessons of Zimbardo to Black Lives Matter?

Zimbardo is alive — is he speaking out on black lives matter?

What about Ron Jones and BLM?

Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets (CAHOOTS) Act, grants states enhanced federal Medicaid funding (a 95% federal match) for three years to provide community-based mobile crisis services to individuals experiencing a mental health or SUD crisis. It also provides $25 million for planning grants to states to help establish or build out mobile crisis programs.

Ron Wyden

I used to get beat up going to school just because I’m Asian, plus it was sort of a rough neighborhood.

Driving While Asian is just like Driving While Black?

Is it possible your father was pulled over for a vehicle manuever and not because he was Japanese?

His father works as an extra in Hollywood for instance was in “Minority Report” — not sure I would take that as true until verified, either.

I could title this essay “Greg Tanaka’s satanic ‘minority report’”

Median income of Northridge, in 2008 dollars, is $58,000.

Palo Alto’s is $138,000.

East Palo Alto is $18,000, less than a third of that of Northridge.

So it is not true that if you grew up in Northridge that it is the equivalent to growing up in East Palo Alto.

Northridge also has a university, and nineteen other schools.

I’m sure your counterparts in leadership in Northridge would be aghast to learn that you describe their city as the home of notorious murder Richard Ramirez. 

This riff does not make you seem accomplished or self-made.

It makes you look like a total goofball or moron. Your Ramirez story, as told to Bruce, was not factual. 

Mark Weiss (i did send two versions of this to people via email)

And I’m sorry if it is true that a group of teenagers commented on your race once in March 2020. But I doubt many share your opinion that “Driving While Chinese” is equivalent to “Driving While Black”.

In Palo Alto it was an Asian officer who battered a black suspect.

And then was promoted. 

Interestingly the Los Angeles City Council member who represents  Tanaka’s former town, Northridge, Mitchell Englander is under indictment for allegedly accepting bribes for real estate developers.

Does Tanaka accept any contributions from developers who also do business in Northridge or gave money to indicted District 12 council member Mitchell Englander?


and 1 or edit to ad: the Rolling Stones album with the word “Satan” in the title or reference to such is their eighth American studio album came out in 1967 – I only heard about them in about 1975 — and features “2000 Light Years from Home” and “She’s Like a Rainbow” which I’ve been tripping on recently thanks to the Saintly Molly Tuttle of Palo Alto doing right by. Their Satanic Majesties Request mixed with some Ian Fleming, ironically pronounced with a fake breathed “rone” like drone or cows that don’t fuck. I am not saying that Greg Tanaka fucks cows in outhouses as implied to the Supreme Court by Terry Abrahamson for Larry Flynt’s Hustler and the Moral Majority but thank you baby first amendment Jesus that I reverse that wrong. Aight?! Kentucky fuck me 1952, but born on the south side


On August 6, 1985, Ramirez drove to Northridge, California, and broke into the home of Chris and Virginia Peterson.[62][63] He crept into the bedroom, startled Virginia, 27, and shot her in the face with a .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun.[64] He then shot Chris in the neck and attempted to flee; Chris fought back while avoiding being hit by two more shots during the struggle before Ramirez managed to escape.[65] The couple survived their injuries.[66]


We should pull his card because he brought this up at all…

outro but red herring or shaved miss courtney my coreligionist and “sloopy”


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The Palo Alto Post has picked four choices for Council even though there are still two months left in the campaign. Their slate includes four of my five bottom-dwelling worst-possible candidates. The only thing Dave Price and I agree on is that Greg Tanaka would be a nightmare continued.


edit to add, an hour later: maybe I am being unkind, especially to Commissioner Templeton with a one-word dismissal: “ninny”. In all caps. 

Mainly, if she is a commissioner she is complicit in all the problems her platform would claim to address and remedy. Or, maybe she thinks Palo Alto is running very well, and that she would continue such, and ten thousands fellow citizens agree with her, and that’s what we actually want.

But I thought it odd, delving a bit into her — and with the short season and lack of events you have to do some research — to find that she lists herself as a Stanford alumna despite her credential there being the MLA masters in liberal studies*, which to me is closer to the classes I took recently — with Lynn Stegner, Michael Krasny and Andy Dolich – that were not selective or demanding and I paid my $500 and sometimes attended. If MALS finishers are considered alumnae just like people with BA’s and the GSB crowd, I stand corrected. But that she doesn’t even list a bachelors’ degree — Pat Boone who ran a couple cycles ago was similar — to me is a tell. And we live near Stanford so it is not elitist or credentialist to  call someone on this point. I don’t list Stanford Continuing Studies on my resume. I don’t list my Dick DiBiaso cerfificate from Stanford Baseketball Camp as a credential, although I put it on my wall recently, and ironically. Greg Tanaka lists or listed a similar pseudo-Stanford connection until I wrote him about it. I don’t believe, or want qualifed his connections purported to either UC Berkeley – is he a graduate, what class, et cetera? — and CalTech. 

Not to digress too far but: Greg Tanaka claims, in a taped interview with Reverend Bruce Reyes Chow that he lived three doors down from a victim of Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker – -he gets some of the facts wrong — but I don’t believe the story: can Greg Tanaka prove that the Petersons, shot in the neck and face, but survived — lived on the same street and block in Northridge, Calif.  as the Tanakas?

Regarding Cari Templeton, I noticed that in one of her videos she says something about her study of Grimm Fairy Tales but doesn’t actually say anything qualitative, smart or thoughtful other than some cliche that “Palo Alto politcal life is not a fairy tale”. 

Also: does her sudden, mid-career interest in Grimm mean she does not care that Jews feel that Grimm is anti-Semitic? What would she say about Grimm and The Jews? If her thesis actually addresses this point I will donate $500 to her campaign. Likewise, if Greg Tanaka can prove that he was living three doors down from the Petersons when Richard Ramirez shot them, I will donate to his campaign.

Why would Greg Tanaka mention this at all? 

I’ve written previously, and discussed privately, and posted and re-posted and had censored my views on why Pat Burt is a bully, why Varma’s views are Fascist, and Ed Lauing’s siding with landlords rather than citizens in the limit to constitutional rights at Lytton Plaza, which I compare to Quisling in the sense of being useful to the more powerful. Burt more obviously, wants to help Arrillaga. Burt more than Templeton is responsible for the mess we are in, and the Grand Jury Report bears this out.

I hope my fellow citizens think harder and read more about our leadership and how to improve it.

I think things are worse not better apropos of the residents versus downtown real estate interests, or the average person versus the very wealthy, compared to when Tim Gray and I ran in 2012. And America itself teeters on the edge of an abyss. 

Or as Stevie Wonder would say: heaven help us all. 


Did I mention, or do you read Plastic Alto carefully enough to know that Dave Price, the editor of the Post is a big fat idiot? In the sense of US Senator and SNL writer Tom Franken calling out Rush Limbaugh. Franken, who, according to Kirsten Gillibrand would have fought for his job if he was innocent. But still correct about Limbaugh. 

The Post did not bother to discuss two of the candidates I support. 


*here is a link to the discussion on their website about Master of Liberal Arts, MLA. It is intimiately connected to the Continuing Studies program, though it claims it is “rigorous” and “selective”. And my own mother took courses one at a time at SJSU (then full-time for her MSW at Cal) when I was a kid. But she is being a bit misleading and I am starting with not liking her performance on commission. There is a woman in Stegner’s 2019 memoir class who lists “Stanford” at the top of her social media page.  Cari Templeton also remind me of the not terrible sympathetic (we don’t like her) character — or two of them we are meant to blur, perhapss — in Coen Brothers “Inside Llewyn Davis” – -the professor’s wife and the horrible harpsichord player. If Cari can prove to me that she knows Coen Brothers I might support her. Reminds me, I will check back on which candidates answered my query on Monk. How does Thelonious Monk influence your policy?

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