Gordon Dyal vs Paul Krugman


Former Gunn football and track block and New Mexico Native — before LAH I think his dad was at Los Alamos.

What would I know about billionaires?

Apropos of Gunn football I posted a comment about Gordon Dyal, Gunn ‘79 Dartmouth ‘83, who I said had made tens of millions as a Wall Street Guy. Fact checking my own blurb – –the Palo Alto   weekly gives you five minutes to edit your comment although it took me six — I learned that one he left wall street for a boutique agency at Columbus Circle near Carnegie Hall and two if he consulted on hundred billion dollar deals he might have made hundreds of millions himself.  So I’m likely wrong by a factor of 10x which come to think of it might be true for  qualitative things I say here. (It also says somewhere that he bought a huge ranch in Montana, likes to hunt, and is therefore an environmentalist and on the board of all the big save the planet groups) Gordon Dyal was more of a track guy than football.  I Remember the Gunn  seniors as being a great group of athletic smart and fun guys.  I believe I spoke to him exactly once for a minute and a half in the basement of Phi Delt.


Krugman today who himself won a Nobel prize in economics compares a $60,000 worker with a $60 million man.  What Does it mean if some of us are worth 1,000  times or 10,000 times what another one of us is? Sort of appropriately reminds me of the Orson Welles line in the third man about people looking like dots from the top of the Ferris wheel.

I wonder if Gordon Dyal will run into Glen Eberle of Boise Idaho —  in my mind Idaho and Montana are sort of the same thing but neither is Wyoming  or Dakota.

Glen is a former Olympic biathlon man, Dartmouth  class of ‘85, who owns a company that makes technical gear for outdoorsman and sharpshooters of the legal variety.

ok another weird Segue But here is a picture of a lady arrested for selling churros in the subway without a churro-selling license:

8E5174A5-CDAE-46E3-8E68-6305F5C30714.jpegThree more typical Dartmouth men, not billionaires but credits to their fields, indubitably old boy:

OK Ed told me once because for a minute there I would stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel before Ian Schrager bought it and I could afford it  that he and his would move to Gramercy Park if they won the lottery. Meaning in this context thatbeven very successful very smart people usually know their limits, what parts of their world they are meant to tread.   Or the meaning of dumb luck. Which reminds me that when I met Gene Tenace as a 10-year-old He  showed me his World Series ring inscribed “S plus S equals S”.

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success, circa 1974.

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Bob, Jimmy, Andy, Terry, Mark & Mitch

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 7.04.08 AM

Bob Margolin and Jimmy Vivino headlined a show at Mitchell Park, for Earthwise on Saturday, July 6, 2019, with Mitch Woods opening then sitting in. Afterwards, Terry and I, along with our sound guy Andy Heller, posed for this photo.

How many of us are wearing shades?

How many of us are wearing eyeglasses?

How many of us are wearing caps?

How many of us are wearing hats?

How many of us are wearing Hawaiian shirts or what you call it? I think Mitch rolled in wearing a shirt like mine, then upgraded to something with longer sleeves — he’s a classy guy.

Mitch is doing a quasi-residency at The Mitch. He’ll support Elvin Bishop on Dec. 20 (with Maria Muldaur for a few songs), then likely return in 2020 with another group of friends — roughly related to his cd, “Friends Along The Way”.

Stay tuned.

Also, Terry Mt Terry, Terry My Wife (TMW), has curated a website for Earthwise.

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Old Davis band circa 1970


I got a call from Greg Brown one day saying that he wanted to show me a flyer he did for Old Davis. He said it was a band featuring a member of what would become Journey, either Gregg Rolie or Neil Schon. We did not sent up a meeting and when I asked him about this some time later, he forgot where he put it.

I tried to find this band by Google and could never remember the name.

By the way, I am starting to use the term “Google” as a verb, because Alan Eagle talked at my Andy Dolich sports marketing class and said it was “okay”. (Previously and various I used a coined term, “search-injun” as a verb and noun).

When I tried to find cites about my own Charlie Musselwhite concert, coming to the Palo Alto JCC, I found a flyer for the bluesman playing the Big Beat of Palo Alto which was on San Antonio near Charleston. Old Davis was on the bill.

For some reason, my Elvin Bishop show is selling much better than my Charlie Musselwhite show. I tried to get them to appear as a duo but they would not. (They are playing together in Berkeley I think). My Elvin show features Mitch Woods with Maria Muldaur as a support act. My Charlie show features the emerging artist Valerie Troutt of Oakland and Howard Wiley.

Other groups or acts to appear in upcoming shows, mostly at the Mitch, include: Matt the Electrician and Sylvie Simmons (at Cubberley, room H-1 — hey that reminds me: maybe I should have “Beat Hotel Rm 32′ to a 12 minute opening set, or Sussman Can’t Sleep; Dave Douglas Engage; Larry Ochs Dave Rempis; Mother Hips Duo; Patricia Barber; CJ Chenier; Marta Sanchez; Wayne Horvitz Sara Schoenbeck – -I’m actually doing a set of piano duo co-bills; Johnny A.

So much for Old Davis: anybody?


The art for this Charlie Musselwhite Old Davis Big Beat flyer looks like the Day on the Green logo, right? (I’m not saying that Greg Brown did the Day on the Green art – its likely a different flyer…) seems to say “Martin”


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Tool of The Times

Today is Veterans Day and I thought of my father, a mug Ehren Tool made, then noticed this article from May featuring Berkeley veteran artist Ehren Tool, who Dad, Terry and I befriended during his Palo Alto Art Center residency in 2013.

9F8B3556-5519-4A7A-A504-0FD9039A3296.jpegI liked and forwarded a story in today’s paper (?!) about honor flights: treating veterans to visit our nations capital and its halls and monuments, to Democracy.

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Upcoming Earthwise showcases for Troutt, Simmons and Rothwell

valerie by james knox.jpg

Valerie Troutt is a composer, teacher, leader and singer out of the East Bay.

Her ensemble supports blues legend Charlie Musselwhite at the Palo Alto JCC on Dec. 29.


Sylvie Simmons with Steve Earle (who not likely to appear Saturday — but I did see him live in Santa Fe once and at the Fillmore; I approached his agent Frank Riley in the men’s room and he explained that Steve is likely beyond my reach in terms of his fee; fair enough; oddly, a writer out of Canada created a “mark weiss..concert promoter” in a work of fiction who assualts someone in the bathroom of the Fillmore

Sylvie Simmons is a ukelele based singer-songwriter, also internationally known for her knowledge of writer and performer Leonard Cohen. She appears at Cubberley’s H-1 in Palo Alto, with Matt the Electrician, who, despite the monniker released 4 albums of original folk and is recording this week in Portland with Tucker Martine. This Saturday, November 16.

Carmen Rothwell is a jazz bassist from Seattle. She will appear Thursday, Nov. 21 at The Mitch, with Engage: Dave Douglas, she, Jeff Parker and Clarence Penn.


Carmen Rothwell, circa 2015


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Repertory bands VS Tribute bands VS cover bands

Two cases: case one Tom Harrell took ill two weeks ago in Palo alto and his Trio played on without him; Raises the question is Harrell’scomposition so well regarded by his peers that future generations will play his music; Did my audience appreciate the show or could they get over the fact that the focal point had taken out which by the way I wasn’t clear on until somewhere between sound check and the hit—  Low when I saw Thom in the hospital I told his manager wife that he should rest because his long-term health was paramount .  Mingus is music lives on. Monk in Ellington and les brown and Glenn Miller more obviously.

Darkstar Orchestra plays the dead as does Joe Russo I’m working on a Robert Hunter tribute.

I never hand I made fun of and on sale at Montalvo with “classic album band and had the nerve to send my thoughts to their agent who I just met at a conference.  I never hand I made fun of an on sale at Montalvo with “classic album band and had the nerve to send my thoughts to their agent who I just met at a conference

Tug hill singer of Waycross once

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Journalism is dead

“Doonesbury turning 50”

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