While I am happy to see a female dancer reviewed in the New York Times it is a little sad that it gets small play compared to a fashion model for a major brand


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Jeremy Lin peaking for Ducks


Ex Palo Alto Biking and Toronto Raptor double champion hits high of 36 points in China league. There are 34 Yanks in the circuit.

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Plasty live reports from Board and Commissions vetting of candidates

Palo Alto native and incumbent poly-commissioner David Bower — not to be confused with Arch Druid David Brower — is grilled by Alison Cormack, Tom Dubois, Liz Kniss, Eric Filseth, Adrian Fine. Not pictured: Lydia Kou. Absent: Greg “Happy” Tanaka.

There is no press per se here, but little old me is in the front row watching the candidates for four boards: Historic Resources, Parks and Recs, Planning and Transportation and ARB.
To wit: David Brower (i), Valerie Driscoll, Christian Pease, Deborah Shepherd (i), Amanda Brown, Adrianne Chang, Jeff LaMere (i), Ryan McCauley (i), Jackie Olson, Keith Reckdahl (i), Mark Robinson, Curtis Smolar, Brent Kevin Yamashita, Doug Burns, Rebecca Eisenberg, Angela Evans, Barton Hechtman, Karl Matzke, Randolph Asien, Asher Waldfogel (i), Christopher Kan.

The Post today had a story by Sara Tabin about Rebecca Eisenberg’s research on campaign donations and political appointments. Rebecca studied law at Harvard with Elizabeth Warren –the one runnng for POTUS. She may be close to the city record for most attempts at commission. Myself I have tried five times I think, plus 3 cracks at Council.

I’m in the music biz, but I find policy interesting. I like listening for “clams” — music jargon for false notes.

Plus my whole Earthwise at The Mitch is based on a very strong belief that a functioning Democracy needs expression, the arts, freedom of assembly.

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Richard Oakes, activist VS Larry Ochs sopranino

I’m working on a show a week from Thursday with Larry Ochs and four other musicians. I’m trying to establish that the former council chambers, the Auditorium at The Palo Alto Art Center is a good place for music. If I succeed maybe the name should be changed to Palo Alto Arts Center.

Driving home from an excursion I heard NPR Latino show about “Red Power” and the 1969-1970 occupation for Native rights of Alcatraz led by Richard Oakes.

Here’s a hodgepodge Of other recent images:


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Bob Cousy Sports Illustrated 1956 VS Simone Biles instagram 2019


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Marcell Harris (first) 15 seconds of fame

I was watching Marcell because I had met his mom at the stadium last year. He had been on the taxi squad until this game.


He had a brother playing D1. His parents met a Florida when dad was a player.

Mom owns a trucking business.

Here he strips Lamar Jackson after a long run. Niners have the ball but trail 17-14.

The wiki says he rejoined active roster in October.

edit to add:

Marcell momma:


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Four men, a ball and netting


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