Blues master offers two shows for Palo Alto

Uppity Blueswoman Gaye Adegbalola brings her FXBG feistiness to the 650, Saturday, May 21 at The Mitch and Sunday, May 22 free at The Mitch Bowl, by Earthwise

Gaye Adegbalola performs two shows in Palo Alto, Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22. Tickets at EventBrite, for either the indoor show at The Mitchell Park Community Center or the next afternoon, free in the park. Both shows presented by Earthwise Productions. Mark Weiss of Earthwise is also the Executive Producer of a new 3-song EP on Gaye’s Hot Toddy Music, distributed via Vizztone and Red Eye. The songs came out of a correspondence between Weiss and the blueswoman, over a two year period. The songs are: “Tell Mamala (for VP Kamala Harris)”, “Ain’t No Grave Can Hold His Body Down” (“A song of resurrection” — about former US Senator John Lewis); “Keep the Faith” which the liner notes describe as a reaction to “the pandemic fueled fear of the unknown, isolation, even witness to a Capitol’s desecration…when we name our fears we tame our fears and we can wallow in the beauty of our own being, deepen our faith and sing a song of FREEDOM”. Anna Konstantopoulos opens both shows. 

Gaye is a former junior high school science teacher who co-founded the outstanding all female band Saffire –The Uppity Blues Women, which released eight cds between 1990 and 2009, on the influential Alligator Records run by Bruce Iglauer out of Chicago:

The Uppity Blues Women;

Hot Flash



Old, New, Borrowed & Blue;

Cleaning House;

Live & Uppity.

Ain’t Gonna Hush;

Havin’ The Last Word;

Plus an Alligator solo record “Bitter Sweet Blues” in 1999. And a deluxe reissue of the first self-titled set.

“The concerts are the direct result of Bruce Iglauer writing a memoir about his record label and me buying it from the window of the bookstore at Town And Country”, said Earthwise’s Mark Weiss. “I read the passage about Gaye and then send her a note via email, and soon enough we were tossing around music ideas that resulted in her new EP and then flying her out here”.

The Earthwise series is eclectic but has featured blues events with Pinetop Perkins, Henry Butler, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Diunna Greenleaf and others. Beyond the brace with Gaye Adegbalola, Earthwise is producing two shows with DaShawn Hickman, a sacred steel player from North Carolina: Friday, June 3 at Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz and Sunday, June 5, at Mitchell Park Center. In terms of its uppitiness, Earthwise is also producing live musical with San Francisco Mime Troupe, Saturday July 30, also at The Mitch Bowl.

For a limited time, Gaye’s fans can stream “Tell Mamala” on Lions With Wings’ Bandcamp and all proceeds from downloads will trigger a matching donation to the Zami Nobla, the National Organization of Black Lesbians on Aging, of Atlanta. 


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Is Coldplay a green play?

Ultimately the best thing we could all do for the environment is either disappear from the planet altogether or not go anywhere as humans. And so we have to acknowledge a certain — I don’t know if you call it selfishness or placing a certain value on other elements of being a human, which is connection and music. Our critics could easily say that would be a much better option and preferable for them. But we decided we really want to tour and we want to show a different way of touring is possible, because even if we decided not to tour, lots of people still would be touring.

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Earthwise vs The Pink

Attn: Anne Schrager


May 21, 22 Gaye Adegbalola

Mitchell Park Community Center, 3700 Middlefield Road Palo Alto

$20 Saturday; free, outdoors, Sunday, Mitchell Park Bowl 

June 3 DaShawn Hickman group featuring Charlie Hunter (Santa Cruz Kuumbwa – -Earthwise debut there)$22

June 5 DaShawn Hickman group featuring Charlie Hunter (Mitchell Park El Palo Alto room) $20

June 9 Sony Holland Duo performs Linda Ronstadt (note: Linda Ronstadt does not appear, its just her music); Lytton Plaza, 7pm, 200 University Avenue Palo Alto

June 14 Will Bernard Quintet; Lytton Plaza, 7pm, 200 University Avenue Palo Alto

June 20 Mary Gauthier % Lytton Plaza, 7pm, 200 University Avenue Palo Alto;

June 25 Marta Sanchez Quintet $20;Mitchell Park Community Center, 3700 Middlefield Road Palo Alto

July 10 The Waybacks; free, outdoors, 2 pm Sunday, Mitchell Park Bowl

Mark Weiss 

Dba Earthwise 

Since 1994

Ad in todays Pink p3

(650) 305-xxxx

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In our increasingly globalized world, diversity is an essential element in the transformation and growth of society: Single systems of absolute values and principles used to color the lives of large numbers of people under the rule of royalty or monarchy, but such coherence is now rare: However, the progress of computers and artificial intelligence is accelerating, and if they reach the stage where they boast absolute intelligence, society and whole nations are likely to blindly follow them: This work attempts to express that premonition as an immense ‘floating vacant throne’ 

Kahei Nawa 2022

Earthwise Productions May132022

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Gunn streaks to top 25 in CCS baseball and El Camino league title

Quinton Sterling rounds bases in Leclerq double vs Lynbrook

Gunn has won nine straight, 14-1 in league with 25 teams in the entire CCS can boast more wins and ranked higher by MaxPreps. Paly is #3 with 23 wins. Maybe they each will win their respective CCS divisions. 23-5, 17-10 — that’s a combined 40-15 and 73 percent for our town’s sandlot lads.

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Seventeen photos of Meklit Hadero, who appears here Friday

She also sings



1) I found this snapshot of Tim Bloom of the mother hips and yours truly Mark Weiss of Earthwise productions I took it with a cheap camera disposable at Tressider in 1999 I don’t know if I still have the original print and I forgot where this was hiding:

2) Tim Bluhm 20 years ago actually looks a little bit like a 18-year-old Paly baseball player Henry Bolte, who  came into Coupa Cafe a few minutes after I was writing a blog post here about his 12 homeruns and 43 stolen bases; I did not speak with the kid but Duffy and I stepped outside and I heard him talking about playing against Wilcox or Los Gatos so I presume that is indeed the guy or kid. And it’s 130 and I’m at the new coupa at quarter and Hillview Stampford industrial Park somehow called the hub but I set an alarm to remind me in about two hours to swing by gun and show my alma mater support. Gunn v Lynbrook.

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Earthwise ads in Chronicle Datebook and Sunday Pink for the first time since 1990s

to appear in Friday’s Datebook and Sunday’s Pink

I am buying two ads in the upcoming editions of the San Francisco Chronicle, that is actually the Examiner in drag.  I recall buying at ad for Dar Williams in 1995 and a handful of times during Earthwise’s “The Cubberley Sessions” era — I did about two shows a month at the old high school auditorium and cafeteria. 

This little ad — 1/16th of the full tab and 1/8 of the Sunday insert — will appear on Friday, May 13, day of show for Meklit et al, and Sunday in the Pink, The Datebook they call it. 

I didn’t pick the pink and black color schemes. But I did chose. the fact that all three featured artists are Black. 

The May 13 show – -Friday the 13th — this Friday — in exactly 82 hours if you are counting — actually has Wayne Horvitz Sara Schoenbeck duo, Meklit Hadero full band and Inspector Gadj featuring Frank London and Ismail Lumonovski which is close to a total of 20 musicians or I have lost count. 

The May 21 and 22 shows, one indoors at the Mitch then Sunday at two at the Mitch Bowl, feature Gaye Adegbalola but we are likely or highly likely to have an opening act.

The June 5 is indoors not outdoors on a Sunday – -someone rented the bowl out from under me — and is actually billed as DaShawn Hickman Sacred Steel featuring Wendy Hickman voice and Charlie Hunter electric bass (yes the same Charlie Hunter who headlined same room in December and at the Cub five or six times back in the day, although he insists he is playing an electric bass just like a normal person — your Victor Wooten, your Jaco Pastorius and NOT your weird and mindboggling 8-string Novak or 7-string fanned fret doohicky although typical of Charlie he is simultaneous a sideman, the producer, the manager and likely the driver of the van. There are some percussionists in that set tho I am not liberty to name them — or I’m just a beat slow, to my own show. And I am booking DaShawn and the Doohickeys or the Not Doohickeys both at Palo Alto on the Sunday and two nights prior at Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz on Friday 6/3. (And they are part of a five act showcase in Berkeley for Little Village Music Foundation Thursday, June 2).

And back to the big shoe Friday: it is definitely the most musicians I’ve had on the payroll at once. I could go on.

And I will explain later how it came to pass that Gaye Adegbalola of Fredricksburg, Virginia is doing two shows for Earthwise. 

But for the sake of the Chron and Pink it is 20 words and not 100 email messages between Gaye and I since 2020. 

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Palo Alto’s Henry Bolte has 12 homers and 43 stolen bases as Vikings sail on to 20 win season, regional title quest

Palo Alto is 22-5 and third in the CCS heading into the league playoffs

Paly wins by average score of 9 to 3 (231 runs scored, 73 yielded, after 27 starts).

Bolte is hitting nearly .500, and if they walk him it’s like a double.

I met the dad down at a cafe on Ramona and he said his son made good use of the Covid shutdown to lift weights. His buddy said he stood out from age 13.

I hope to catch another game or two, especially the CCS final if it goes that far – -which might be a rematch against Saint Francis. But in truth there are a handful of teams that could knock out the Vikings — most of them cross themselves before each at bat, if that explains it.

Bolte has announced he will enroll at Texas Austin and play for the Longhorns but he is also rumored to be a first round draft choice or second round for the bigs. There have been pro scouts at the games.

Gunn meanwhile is 12-1 in the lower division (15-10 overall) and beat Monta Vista 30-0 on Cinco de Mayo. (They beat Monta Vista in football 37-15 in comparison, on September 27, 2019). Titans play Lynbrook today at home at 4.  Gunn’s coach Chris Melvin is a cousin of Bob Melvin of Menlo Atherton, Post 375, Cal, Giants, A’s and Pads fame.  (Which reminds: we are 122 days away from Paly and Gunn meeting in football, September 9, for the first time in 10 years — first City Serious tilt since September 2011, 45-14 and September, 2012, 45-0).

Paly’s sophomore Ari Smolar-Eisenberg still leads his team with 13 strikeouts in 10-and-a -third innings, although junior Sam Papp has 42 k’s in 49 innings and is 6-0, while Danny Peters has 41 k’s in 45 innings is 5-2.

Bolte’s numbers project to 72 HRs and 258 SBs over the familiar 162-game fixture. (Of course, he plays against high school boys, for now). Let’s remember that Joc Pederson of the Giants, with 154 career MLB home runs, once had 33 homers and 30 stolen bases for AAA Albuqueque in 2014 age 22. Last Pacific Coast league player to do 30-30 before him was Lefty O’Doul of the SF Seals in 1927.

Paly has a team ERA of exactly 2 and eight players who have appeared in 3 or more games on the mound, including sophomore Ari Smolar-Eisenberg who started against Mountain View but took the loss.

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650 concert promoters’ media war

Nonprofit the guild full page ad page 9 of the Chronicle Sunday paper showing 24 shows five of which previously appeared in Earthwise a Productions at either Cubberley or The Mitch

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Bob Dylan, the vote, Will Bernard, Sony Holland singing the music of Linda Ronstadt


Just now, taking the dog out, I noticed todays mail. It included a single balcony reserved seat ticket to a Bob Dylan concert upcoming in Oakland Friday June 11, in about a month and a notice for a polling place for a primary election that Tuesday.

And on my calendar i note free concerts I am producing Thursday June 9 and Tuesday June 14, at Lytton Plaza.

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