New website launch for Earthwise

It’s a bit quirky for the home page of a concert company but here is me putting up Allison Miller posters on Stanford campus, October, 2018; photo by TAD

My wife, the artist and former arts commissioner Terry Acebo Davis aka TMW, made a tribute page or fan page for Earthwise Productions, my concert company. I started in 1994, which predates the modern internet, and have had varying degrees of hipness as far as use of the medium (tempered with the fact that I’m still a Ludditte, meaning I don’t believe the proliferation of semiconductors and computers is as benevolent as “Silicon Valley” claims it is).

Here is the link to my homepage. The URL is “earthwise” “productions” no space dot “live”. Who knew?

(As a fan of a particular successful local jam band, I wonder, therefore, is there a suffix “dot dead”?)

Thanks,Terry. (Now who is going to update it daily?)
Link is here. i

edit to add: meanwhile, Plastic Alto is approaching 100,000 visitors, and has 2,000 posts. Close to a million words (and a thousand misspellings)

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Modest Mouse cover in front of The Varsity by Gunn duo at busker fete

Paper Thin Walls and ambient street noise

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Biography of 3 artists/personae: Bob Dylan, David Hockney, Steve Cohen


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I am wearing my third eye blind T-shirt today but not sure ‘how’s it going to be?’


Yesterday I wore a golden state Warriors replica jersey of Stephen Curry in Los Angeles and six or seven people stopped me on the street.  One lady, Carmen, said she was from San Lorenzo but had moved here parentheses Sherman Oaks parentheses with her husband and two kids to run a family owned Taqueria. kismet true believer that I am,  I naturally rerouted my life to take in three tacos and a Pepsi and exchanged greetings with her husband Omar and tell them that story.

Last night me and three guests two of home  i’ve known since seventh grade took in the third eye blind concert at the Greek theater at Griffith Park.

The Singer of third eye blind Steve Jenkins was one year behind us at Terman and Gunn.

He cowrote with his original song writer partner Kevin Cadogan the hit song from 1997 —That I referenced in my headline – “how’s it going to be? “And he in four band mates performed it Just great and the throngs sang along….


This poster (detail) from 1996 lists bands that played at Cubberley Community Center in 1995 (“The Palo Alto Soundcheck”) including Third Eye Blind (with SJ, KC, Arion Salazar and Steve Bowman on drums) and Zenbox (solo project of Herman Anthony Chunn, who wrote or co-wrote “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life”)
edit to add: this just in: spell checking Arion’s name, I learn that Leo Kremer the bass player of KGB, which shared management, Eric Godtland, with 3EB, played bass with Third Eye Blind recently and then founded with his brother Oliver Kremer a burrito chain in NYC. Dos Torros. KGB played the Cub auditorium.

andand: a bottom line of the concert Friday in LA-LA is that Steve Jenkins did not even bother to introduce his band, save the keyboard/2nd guitarist but no one heard the name because he didn’t wait for the applause to die down, didn’t time it right. (Though he did not say: “this is our new keyboard player — I’ll learn his name by the end of the tour!”)

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Carolyn Malachi: Hard rock, hip hop jazz the gospel glam


my visit to “Contact High” hip hop photo exhibit at Annenberg CAA 2200 curated by former Palo Alto Arts Commissioner Vikki Tobak, I read about in Rolling Stone.

3F4A6184-5141-49F6-A755-4E909F27BDF8The fickle computer ate my caption about Carolyn Malachi the DC based hip hop artist, so, in a post modern tactic I am cutpasting my correspondence just today from her agent:

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
From what I’ve seen, and my instincts (25 years in the biz), she is definitely worth working with.
But given the fact that she is not a proven draw here, and the nature of my room, I would not be able to be “the anchor” – the first person to book a show, the largest guarantee, etc.
Has she been out West, to SF Bay Area?
What kind of venues does she play?
How would you describe her music? Although I found her by researching, quite frankly, gangster rap, she seems to have a more pro-positive image. (I was looking for info about 1990s rap in East Palo Alto, the neighboring city, and specifically about the bill of a show I did see, a Juneteenth here/there…she guested on a performance mastered by a company or person who also worked with some of those artists).
Mark Weiss
you can call me “Mark”
On Saturday, June 15, 2019, 10:32:55 AM PDT, MaSheva King wrote:

Hey Mr. Weiss.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Are your loooking to book Carolyn for an event?
Again, thanks and talk with you soon.


On Saturday, June 15, 2019, mark weiss <> wrote:

I’m writing about Carolyn Malachi. I’ve only seen or heard two tracks but I’m impressed. I’m a rock and jazz and blues concert promoter and manager from Palo Alto, near San Francisco. I’m in LA today and saw a photo exhibit on hip hop by Vikki Tobak who used to live in Palo Alto. I don’t do a lot of urban music but I did produce an early Ledisi show under the name Anibade. I booked Boots Riley and The Coup into their first Fillmore show. Plus Ozomatli f/ Chali 2na.
I was researching “East Palo Alto” hip hop and that led to a mastering studio that worked with Greenspan f CM.
Anyhow I’ll spread the word but let me know if she will have a West Coast tour.
Mark Weiss
Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto

ps  to the world and probably should set it straight with MaSheva:

When I was friendly with Joe Pagenelli and he was house manager for the Fillmore of Bill Graham presents and was also put in charge of producing or booking the Fillmore sessions of local bands I did recommend to him the Coup featuring boots Riley and purple Pam and I also recall I had his phone number which I think will Bernard gave me and the number of his manager Mr. Ellis back in Baltimore so I might’ve spoken to and maybe I mentioned to Mr. Ellis that I recommended to Mr. Paganelli the show And I went to the show and even bought a pro Palestinian T-shirt and told boots who I was and what I had done what I had claimed to have done

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Has ‘Rock and Roll’ jumped the shark?


Yo Kiro Taco Bell meets I want my MTV

I remember in 1992 getting a Christmas card from Lane Wurster of mammoth records and thinking that there was an oasis somewhere where people could be “punk” or “Indie” and still be in business  Mammoth had seven or eight employees and posed with Clyde Jones and some of his creations   I knew I was done with advertising but wasn’t sure what was next.

After a few stints  as a marketing guy for environmental groups nonprofits NGOs or activism I decided to put on concerts full-time and I’ve kept on it 25 years

I don’t think the world has gotten any more environmental or green there’s a lot of Greenwash propaganda. For example I have no idea what to make of Lil Dicky and is really fun animated video about earth it is our planet.

I remember when Wells Fargo had some PO P in my branch of a black chick with an Afro holding a guitar backlit in the dark and it was an ad for a small business loan.

Just now watching the Giants on TV – I also actually had a ticket I bought for six dollars on stub hub but decided to let it fly —  there’s an ad for Taco Bell that starts with some guy on stage belting out some tune and then if you rewind it you realize he singing about nacho something or other he certainly wasn’t Jack Black or anybody as far as I can tell. “Rocker dude” is just another trope.  Although I did like the woman from Arcade Fire who has her heart in the environmental activism and social action things “plus one.”

This is a weird Segue but I’ve been to two Kirsten Gillibrand events and I started to talk with some of her people about using Music for the campaign and I was imagining her getting Dessa who has an interesting song in the credits of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie about the bull in the china shop.  In the China doll in the bullpen. Although Amy Klubachar of the same state was supposedly using it.  I was even thinking Kirsten could go to the 930 club and go backstage and meet Dessa.  And I was thinking, because Kirsten is multi talented and pretty well put together for a woman to 50 that she could conceivably dance a little bit for example to this tune. But if you’re potentially the POTUS unless it’s your daughter’s wedding, you might limit the moves to two or three beats at most.  We want a female POTUS who hints that she can dance but does not actually have to dance for us.

5EE328C5-169D-4289-9158-88A32368B213.pngB:w or edita two days later:




Random grouping of recent photos including: my Rwandan/Belgian friend F—– at Apple visitor center; Scott Amendola at recent Earthwise hit; Skerik — don’t call me “Wally” at recent show at Palo Alto Art Center; Wil Blades; Jeff Parker, who will be playing a show at Stanford Jazz Workshop with Scott Colley; a Palo Alto High School student’s paiting

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Rose B Simpson, Maria (black on black car) VS Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin (blues man)


Actually what gave me this idea is the chapter heading p 83 of Hearts of Our People catalog “Maria, Rose, Empowerment, and Indigenous Woman Rollin’ Hard”.

The name “Rose” could reference a fragrant flower or physical motion in this case upward. Whereas “Bob” could be a nicked name for “Robert” or the motion or path of a solid object of wood or plastic (and or captured air or gas) temporarily or partially immersed in water.

Our planet, Earth can be described conversely (relative to the previous sentence about “bob”) as water “temporarily or partly” immersed in or on land.

81CF3FC4-0F89-4C14-9B68-2A2AF8831C40.jpegI don’t believe my father Paul Weiss lived long enough to have seen rose car Maria 2014 but he would’ve liked it because he sold Chevy for 40 years and this is a 1985 El Camino.

Roses work in about 1000 other female artists are being shown in Minneapolis until August and then the show rolls perhaps towed by Mrs. Simpson’s magic vehicle.

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