30th year presenting concerts as Earthwise


Jenny Scheinman, violin, Todd Sickafoose, bass, Scott Amendola, drums and effects, performing as Damn Skippy, Mitchell Park Community, March 4, 2023: soundcheck

Jazz and folk at seven public facilities in Palo Alto

Earthwise spring summer series 2023*

Phoebe Hunt, Lytton Plaza, Monday, February 20, 2023 (pop up– President’s Day)

The Tiptons Saxophone Quartet & Drums
Palo Alto Art Center, Wed. March 1, 2023 8 pm, free;

Damn Skippy
Mitchell Park Community Center, Saturday March 4, 2023 8 pm, $20 at door;

Stephan Crump
Lytton Plaza, Saturday, March 11, 2023 5 pm, free (rain cancels 🌧️);


Edu Ribeiro Trio featuring Edu Ribeiro drums, Vinicius Gomes guitar, Noah Garabedian, bass
Lytton Plaza, Thursday, April 20, 2023 5 pm free;

Nellie McKay, Karla Kane, Mitchell Park Community Center, Sunday, April 23, 2023 7 pm, $20;

Allison Miller Carmen Staaf Duo Mitchell Park Community Center, Monday, April 24, 2023 8 pm, $20;

Raffi Garabedian Octet featuring Danielle Wertz, Ben Goldberg, Scott Amendola, Marcus Stephens, Danny Lubin-Laden, Owen Clapp, Mark Clifford. 
Palo Alto Art Center, Thursday, May 11, 2023, 8 pm, free;

Laurie Lewis and Men of Note, Alyssa Burgart
Mitchell Park Community Center, Sunday, May 14, 2023, 7 pm, $20;

Amendola Vs Blades, JoVia Armstrong Destiny Muhammad Duo, Mitchell Park Community Center, Sunday, May 21, 7:30 pm, $20;

Sonny and the Rhinestone Sunsets, The Suitcase Junket, Mitchell Park Community Center, Friday, May 26, 2023, 8 p.m. $20

Freddy Jones Band, Lytton Plaza, Friday, June 9, 7 p.m. Free. 

Larry Ochs Gerald Cleaver, Cien Mil Mangos (Stanford, CA), Lytton Plaza, Saturday, June 10, 12 12 noon sharp to 2:30 pm, free

Jim Campilongo Ben Davis Duo Lytton Plaza, Sunday, June 11, 2023, 2 pm, free; world premiere; (repeats July 16);

Freddy Clarke Wobbly World, Thursday, June 15, 2023, 6 pm California Avenue “Third Thursdays”. 

Will Bernard Charles Rumback James Singleton, Mads Tolling Mitchell Park Community Center Wednesday, June 21, 2023 8 pm; world premiere; $20; repeats 6/22/23, 6/23/23 $45 for three-show pass. 

Will Bernard Charles Rumback James Singleton, Ben Goldberg Sheldon Brown Mitchell Park Community Center Thursday, June 22, 2023 8 pm; $20;

Will Bernard Charles Rumback James Singleton, Shelley Doty X-tet Mitchell Park Community Center Friday, June 23, 2023 8 pm; residency $20 per show, $45 for three shows;

“The Western Edition”, Lucie Stern Community Center, Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 7 pm, $20. 

Adam Levy Mint Imperials Lytton Plaza, Monday July 10, 2o23 7 pm Free

Jim Campilongo Ben Davis Duo Lytton Plaza, Sunday, July 16, 7 pm, free

Lydia Lunch, Eugene Robinson, Saturday, July 15, 2023, Mitchell Park Community Center, 8 pm. $25. 

Leon Timbo, Josh Thurston Milgrom Quartet, Thursday, July 20, 2023, California Avenue “Third Thursdays”. 

Matt the Electrician, Sony Holland, Friday, July 21, Johnson Park Tickets on sale May 11. 

Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express, Sunday, July 30, 2023 Mitchell Park Bowl, 2 pm. 

San Francisco Mime Troupe, Sunday, August 6, 2023, 2 p.m. Mitchell Park Bowl, free

Lisa Mezzacappa’s DuoB, Vinicius Gomes Fabiana Cozza, Mitchell Park Community Center, Friday August 18, 2023, 8 p.m.. 

Shamarr Allen, The SticklerPhonics, Sunday, August 2o, 2023 2 pm, Mitchell Park Bowl, 2 pm. free

Amendola Vs Blades featuring Skerik and Cyro Baptista, Eric Person Quartet featuring Marcus Shelby, Adam Klipple, Sunday, September 17, 2 pm, Mitchell Park Bowl, Free. Note: this show features eight musicians and two sets; the AvB show on May 21 features four musicians and two sets. 

David James Band Mission Rebel No. 1 Searching For the Reverend Jessie James, Sunday, September 24 2 pm early show, right before Yom Kippur, which starts at Sundown.

Earthwise at Palo Alto JCC, September 28, 2023. Hold the date: Earthwise at the JCC, which means “Jewish Community Center” but you do not have to be Jewish to attend. I have seen events there featuring Amy Tan, West Coast Live Sedge Thompson, Black Violin. (I produced a show there in December 2019 with Charlie Musselwhite, Valerie Trout and MC Lars).

Dan Bern, Sunday October 8, 2023, Mitchell Park Community Center 7 pm,. Note: at this show, in addition from culling from his collection of 1,000 songs, Dan will debut a song commissioned by Earthwise Productions and Lions With Wings — the online–only record label affiliated with Earthwise — about Wallace Stegner and his short story about tennis and class “As Cool As Them” on piano. 

Young Dubliners, Saturday, November 11, 2023, Mitchell Park Community Center, 8 pm. $25. 


edit to add:

Stefan Crump, Lytton Plaza, Saturday March 11

Carmen Staaf, Allison Miller, at The Mitch


edit to add: the headline of this post is slightly misleading in that although I started Earthwise in Palo Alto in 1994, there were years when I focused on artist management and not concerts so there were few or no shows in Palo Alto (but I worked on shows in New Orleans or New York, for example). There was only one show in 2018 (Allison Miller Trio at The Mitch)  – -the year my mother died — and no shows the year before. I did 43 shows last year — my most ever.  Yet I also said that, like the rain Saturday, Earthwise is doing shows intermittently: let’s say its once or twice a month, on average.  The upcoming three-night residency for Will Bernard, James Singleton and Charles Rumback— from New Orleans and Chicago — a notable exception. I’m predicting 36 shows for Earthwise in 2023. 

*it says “spring summer” but now includes, via editing and adding, October and November. I am not sure if I will take the winter off, as I did in early 2023, and make it seasonal, and establish an off season or a quite zone, or just keep adding dates indoors. I would think October 15 or so is the last outdoor show. 



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Which Wich is which?

Tammy Hall, Mads Tolling, Marcus Shelby, SFJazz, May 28, 2023

I may have crossed the line last night in my enthusiastic banter with our performers, at SFJazz the Joe Henderson stage.

As Mads Tolling was introducing his version of the 1974 Jimmy Webb song, “Wichita Lineman” I blurted out that the song is about Texas, not Kansas.

Then I publicly pledged that if I was wrong I would donate a million dollars to Mads favorite charity.

Yet, back home and at my computer, the evidence is not so clear.

Jimmy Webb was born in Oklahoma and raised in Oklahoma and Texas — evidence that implies that he was thinking or wanting us to think Wichita Falls and Wichita County, north Texas, on the border of Oklahoma, when he titled his lonely worker.

He also has songs about Galveston Texas.

Yet, The New York Times obituary said that Glen Campbell sang songs about “Galveston, Texas and Wichita, Kansas”. (I sent a note to the writer, Jim Farber, to no avail).

I don’t know how I started to think Jimmy Webb was writing about Wichita Falls and not Wichita Kansas.

Maybe Freedy Johnston told me. He is a singer-songwriter from back east who lived in Texas for a while and now lives in Portland.

There’s also a local leader — who was on the Historic Resources Board — Beth Bunnenberg who made a point to tell me she was from Wichita Falls, Texas, before Palo Alto.

I apologize to Mads and band and the audience for causing such a commotion. I said “Are there any Texans in the house”. A lady in the fifth row nodded her head. But Tammy Hall, from the piano, ad libbed “Texas is a good place to be from“. She told me last fall, after her show at Johnson Park in honor of historian and MLK expert Claiborne Carson, that she was from Texas. I promised to send her a copy of Annette Gordon Reed’s memoir about Texas and Juneteenth. (MLK by the way is from Atlanta before Alabama — he is the subject of a new book by Jonathan Eig, the one with the yellow cover).

I thought Mads trio with Tammy Hall piano and Marcus Shelby bass was a wonder. Set list; Monk, Mysterioso; Joe Henderson Black Narcissus; Theme from “The Flintstones>>Who Could Ask for Anything More by George Gershwin — Mads says its a contrafact, a new song built on the chords or changes of a known other; Wichita Lineman. An original Topsy Turvey based on Brubeck’s second most popular song, something about Turkey. (I guess not knowing the names of Brubeck’s tunes limits my credibility about Jimmy Webb and Glen Campbell).

I wonder how many more shows Mads Tolling, Tammy Hall and Marcus Shelby would have to do as a trio before they could play the main stage at SFJazz, which featured Keyon Harrold celebrating Miles Davis’s birthday). I wonder if there are plans to record together. I wonder how the trio came about. I suggest that next time each member calls out a song; Tammy and Marcus both lead their own groups beyond their considerable demand as side-people. Marcus also is creative director for Healdsburg Jazz Festival.

Mads Tolling appears Wednesday June 21 in Palo Alto, an Earthwise show featuring the debut of Will Bernard guitar, James Singleton (from NOLA) upright bass Charles Rumback (from Chicago) on drums.

Jazz is the only field wherein a BLT with bacon lettuce and tomato is different from a TLB with tomato lettuce and bacon.

I suggest TAMAMA or To Mama or Tu Mama for this trio. Maybe To Momma. To Momma Trio?


Kudos to Aleta Hayes and Stanford’s Dance department for an amazing show at the old Roble Gym parts of which are now called Harry Elam Theatre. The show was a tribute to Bell Hooks, who attended Stanford. (Aleta Hayes leads Chocolate Heads, is senior lecturer in dance, and sang with William Parker for many years or tours — she is from Fresno before Stanford, Palo Alto, Princeton and New York City).




one is the deal with the Australian line dance almost “the Madison” that is set to Tina Turner “Nutbush City Limit”. And how is “nut bush” in the context of Tina Turner not about sex?

I had an extra ticket so tried to invite Jose Cuellar aka Dr Loco but he said he has just finished hitting at SF Carnival with Bernal Beat. He appears in September at Guild Theatre, Menlo Park a benefit for farmworkers. Guild Theatre meanwhile won approval to expand their cultural empire into the Menlo Clockworks store adjacent. They say that they will feature acoustic and not amplified music seven nights a week. Interesting. On one hand, of the 1,000 acts I’ve presented, only one, Asylum Street Spankers out of Austin, claimed to be all acoustic (and no, in their vernacular, “devil electricity”); on the other hand, a governmental decree against amplified music — and not based on decibels per se — is an unconstitutional prior restraint on speech. A noise ordinance that is not narrow tailored is against the law. Any noise restrictions at the new Guild annex should be based on noise complaints not weather Mads Tolling uses looping and amplifiers for his violin and effects. (Now that I have looped back to my main topic…).

Cuts: “Blue Rondo a la Turk” is the first track on side one of Time Out the 1959 album by The Dave Brubeck Quartet — that has “Take Five” as track number 3. Mads said that “Blue Rondo” is the second most covered or most popular Brubeck original.

Jimmy Webb to share stories behind G…expressnews.com

San Antonio Express News

How Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Linema…” inside hook.com

Galveston: A Look Back at Glen Campbell…wideopencountry.com

Jimmy Webb on writing “Highwayman..”texasmonthly.com

Glen Campbell’s Wichita Lineman: the bbc.com

Glen Campbell’s recording of Oklahoma…oklahoman.com

Behind the Song: Glen Campbell “Wic..” amerciansongwriter,com

Songwriter Jimmy Webb Reflects on G…texasstandard.com

A lineman for his country. jimmywebb.com post grow your blog community

“Wichita Lineman”: the story Behind t…sandraheyersongs.com

Jimmy Webb — Wikipedia

Wichita Lineman – Wikipedia

Washita County, Oklahoma – wikipedia

…I am implying that my understanding, based on sources I do not recall, is accurate and 10 other websites and online internet sources might be wrong. I am not going as far as to write to either Jimmy Webb directly or to the author of a book about him, but I do hope that journalist whose obituary graced the New York Times responds. Actually, come to think of it, I went to high school one year with Jim Yardley an editor of the Times. Or assistant managing editor. Maybe I can appeal to him and claim that Glen Campbell’s obituary is potentially inaccurate. He could ask Jim Farber to defend his statement that Glen Campbell wrote songs about “Wichita, Kansas”. If Yardley says I am wrong and need to make good on my statement of donating a million dollars to charity, I will consider the matter settled. I was Yardley’s editor for the Gunn Oracle in 1981.

I think its possible that based on the exact geography and population density, the lone figure in the song was closer to Texas than Kansas but over the years Glenn or Jimmy amended those facts to include the more popular and well-known Kansas city. And only Texans, like Beth Bunnenberg and Freedy Johnston would insist — apocryphally — that the song is about a Texan not a midwesterner. I guess my activism is to include the lesser known Wichita Falls into the minds of song listeners, as much as to be accurate or a debunker. It’s to open people’s minds to the possibility of the ambiguity per se. I am a line-blurred for the county or country. I am an anti-line mine. Last word: Mads quipped that Marcus quipped that he thought the song was about football.

The song was written in 1968.Glen’s version reached #3 and stayed in the top 100 for 15 weeks. Notable jazz versions include those by Fred Hersch in 2019 and Alan Pascua, 2005, Cryptogramahone owned by fiddler Geoff Gauthier), Sergio Mendes, Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano and The Meters.



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Hanif had a sneaking suspicion that Chewbacca might have been Black

Trayvon Martin, at NASA three years before his murder; his parents’ alma mater, Florida Memorial, an HBC, awarded Martin a posthumous degree in aviation sciences. “Lift Every Voice” was written At Florida Mem. See also: Huffman, traumanauts

II. Haniger as an honorary Mulcahy

Mitch Haniger is related to the Mulcahy’s because a Haniger married a Mulcahy. That makes the Giants slugger an honorary Mulcahy in there for an honorary Palo Altan. The Mulcahy brothers played for Cubberley mostly water polo or basketball.  There were 25 glasses of Cubberley students, roughly 10,000 so let’s conservatively claim they are 5000 extant in the diaspora.  But they all feel something was taken from them so they are organized and outspoken.

III. Flute-song for Alex Blandino

Erik Lawrence recorded in his home studio, a wooden flute tribute to former Stanford baseball player and major-league Red Alex Blandino. We were going to go up to Sacramento to give it to him personally on CDR when Little Feat was in Oakland. But Little Feat fired their horn section to save money.  And Blandino was released by Sacramento.  

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Space Man, bass man

Bw Tina Turner, cover of WSJ:

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Joey Alexander VS Jed Parsario

Joey Alexander is a 14 year old Indonesian piano genius; Jed Parsario is one of the leads in the new San Francisco Mime Troupe show, appearing here in Palo Alto on Sunday August 6, called “Breakdown”.

I remember reading there was a Palo Alto connection to Joey: Jason Olaine and Jana Herzen I think played early roles. Jack Randall asked me about an avail once but I balked at the idea of the Mitch piano — which is barely adequate — being swapped out for a Steinway per the rider, especially the idea of the teen’s father slash manager demanding such. Stanford meanwhile has announced a show next year with Joey, and ones with Lakecia Benjamin, Gretchen Parlato, Joshua Redman who was once a Jewish prodigy but became a Black star.

As compared to Stanford Jazz Workshop who is presenting Pluto Juice featuring Dayna Stephens and 29 other shows. I counted 19 of their 80 faculty are people I have worked with.

I have some right to make this joke and am not anti-Asian because I am married to Terry Acebo Davis. Terry was born in Oakland, graduated Washington High in Fremont (plus Cal State Hayward, SJSU two degrees) but likes to ask people their ethnicity.

edit to add: I looked it up: Joey is a 19 year old, turning 20 in June. They call him young mc because he was young when he started. I booked Taylor Eigsti at age 16; I booked The Donnas (as Raggedy Ann) when they were 15 year old –girls. I had three of the four get their parents to sign permission slips. I did not want to get accused of corrupting youths. But I am trying to corrupt the internet with my lousy blog.

For the record — and someone recently wrote a column on the term “the record” — the next piano genius I have in my series might be….thinking…maybe Leon Timbo. Then Adam Klipple and Will Blades in September together outdoors. And I had Sam Reider with Laurie Lewis, plus of course Carmen Staaf in April.

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I hear dead horses


Dead Horses by Golden Sky or vice versa: This song plays ten spins per day at a cafe in Palo Alto but so low that I heard it 100 times before I caught “golden sky” and could find it on the internet

Your song plays every day, likely several times each day, likely so alongside others of your songs, in the cafe I frequent, in Palo Alto, California, near San Francisco (and San Jose). A hundred times I’ve noticed the plaintive voice: we must not lose sight. We must not…lose sight, with a slightly different phrasing or melisma. On intonation. More than a handful of times, I have stopped what I was doing or thinking and tried to catch more of the song, the exact lyrics, but the mix or the ambient noise of the cafe — its busy here — thwarts me. I don’t have Shazam or Soundhound or any of the modern day song-catcher doohickeys, and I don’t really need them neither. 

But today I did search-engine the phrase “we must not lose sight” to find, after two or so false suggestions — “golden sky” and “dead horses” and, soon enough — with, yes, my handheld doohickey but a regular search engine not an app — a video of the trio and the female voice and a face and name that matches what I hear in the cafe.

And ironically, just as I get my aha! or eureka!  the player jumps to The Beatles “Ticket to Ride” and Johanna, in a good mood, starts shimmying, as she places her order. She’s a yoga teacher with full license to shimmy and shake – and as I near her I step to her step — in my more obviously middle-aged and “showing” way — my hips swivel, more or less. And Beverley, half our age, joins in and approximates “The Swim” or something more 1960s — way before her time – -of course, it is the Beatles, to her Beach Boys or Gidget — but filtered thru her Central American mannerisms. 

And Pollstar tells me that Dead Horses is booked by Kate at Crossover Touring. They have five or six shows on their schedule, none in this area. They are from Oshkosh, by golly, and are working, but not really in demand. Their draw is an analog to her voice in the mix on that song, here at Coupa. 

I still don’t know the song. Maybe its about a yard sale at a church yet I think it’s about high school football. The tone of the voice reminds me of Deb Talan and her herons; and Iris Dement, our town — which I thought was on “Twin Peaks”. Or Jenny Lewis who went to a cobbler who can fix the hole in our hearts. 

Good on, Ms. Vos and company.

If you make it as far as Frisco, we have a $500 guarantee for you, plus parking permits, a sound rig and a small audience at Lytton Plaza, by Earthwise. Or maybe we should play Coupa Cafe itself and see if anyone, beyond me, makes the connection. (Or: maybe we can get Jack Johnson, to play what I used to mock as the butter butt song* — Tommy Jordan is from here and played steel drum on some of that session).

The other Crossover bands on my hit list — or I’ve worked with – -and I book shows into three or four parks and facilities in Palo Alto for audiences between 100 capacity and 500: The Mother Hips, Tim and Greg, AJ Lee and Blue Summit, AJ and Sully, Anais Mitchell —we’ve had Todd her arranger here twice in the last year, mostly jazz; Antibalas — played The Palace — Cedric Burnside, Charlie Parr — I think I met him at Stanford once, with Low – -and the man from Low said that Charlie went to Stanford but he chuckled and told me personally that he had not; Rebirth, Tinsley Ellis, Tommy Castro, Victor Wooten. I saw Billy Strings at Stanford last year. Pollstar says he’s getting $100,000 per show. He was Molly Tuttle’s housemate. To me, he was. I’d be curious what he sounds like in a band with Les Claypool. Maybe I should book bands in alphabetical order B, I, L, L, Y to get his attention. Like Yonder Mountain. Indigenous, Lucy Lou. Spells Ymill.

Fair play to Dead Horses. Let me know when you cross the divide.



In spring summer 2023, I am trying to use posters to market my concert series. For example, I have an 8.5 x 11 color Xerox by Robert Syrett for my Sonny Smith aka Sonny and the Rhinestone Sunsets event Friday at The Mitch. And I have an 11 x 17 poster designed by Copy Factory on El Camino that features photos of six upcoming performers: Sonny Smith, Lydia Lunch, Freddy Jones Band — though no one in the photo is actually a “Fred” or a “jones”; Will Bernard et al; Chuck Prophet et al. Chuck appears tomorrow to interview Lucinda Williams about her new memoir, at a theatre on Hayes 275 Hayes maybe, for City Lights, excuse the digression. I am drawing a blank — 11 x 17, white on white — what the sixth one is. I noted there were 17 white people in the photos and only two women. Anyhow, because I hate social media I am hoping to make up for it by increasing my use of posters, handbills, flyers and broadsides. 


*its actually Jack Johnson “Bubble Toes” and “La-da-da-da-da-da-da La-da-da-da-da-da” not “butter butt butt”. Tommy Jordan of Geggy Tah plays steel drums on “Flake”. 

^ an hour or so later, I polished this up a bit — Sarah Vos not “Ms. Vos” and spent $10 on band camp to support a newer release. And I should up my offer to $1,200 for a trio which is scale here, or has been the regular offer for jazz trios. Support bands I tamp it down a bit. But if I am offering to build a show around Dead Horses on the basis of one song or one stanza that I heard nearby in a cafe, at Lytton Plaza and will throw in sound and permits and staffing, might as well go all in for the full $1,200. I say scale is $400 plus some acts get “headliner money” as negotiated by their agent. Yet weirdly or hedgingly or hesitantly I am sending a link to this screed to the band or their website and not a direct query to said agent. (or half-said agent: Kate no last name of Crossover Touring). The hard part is getting from Wisconsin to the west coast. Its possible that they’d come during the winter and we’d do a show at The Mitch — 200 capacity – but we’d likely have to build it up as a co-bill, And lastly or as a caveat — I find more shows scrutinizing the routing of bands on tours than I do by listening to college radio or this playlist thing. A lot can happen to a band between recording of “Golden Sky” and now. 

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Succinct and Essential Notes to 2nite’s Show

JoVia Armstrong hopes to leave her mark in Palo Alto


Earthwise presents at The Mitch a two-act bill tonite (stylized: 2nite).

The first set, 40 minutes, features the debut of Jovia Armstrong-Destiny Muhammad. The 2nd set features Amendola Vs. Blades, making its fifth appearance with Earthwise.

JoVia came to my attention in 2 ways: one, she provided the soundtrack or an audio installation to the successful The Black Index visual arts show in 2021 at The Palo Alto Art Center. two, she released a cd, “The Antidote Suite” (Black Earth, 2022) that her publicist sent word of. She is a recent PhD from UC Irvine, hailing from Chicago and Detroit. Now a tenure track professor of music at University of Virginia, she flew here from LA — she will be on a panel next week at Irvine about The Black Index. She is noteworthy for her connections to the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), Nicole Mitchell, J.C. Brooks Uptown Sound and Euonia Society Music.

JoVia suggested the collaboration with Destiny Muhammad, an LA native who has made the East Bay her base for many years. Destiny cut her teeth as a busking harpist at farmers’ markets. She told me she bought her harp — she calls Paloma – from Gryphon Stringed here in Palo Alto.

JoVia and Destiny rehearsed for three hours yesterday at a studio in Palo Alto and will present a combination of originals, standards and improvisation featuring percussion(cajon), voice, harp and electronics. They hope to re-enter the studio, to record a version of 2nites’s act, someday soon (perhaps with Lions With Wings, the Earthwise digital extension). 

Scott Amendola, drums, and Wil Blades, hammond B3 organ, have played: the Mitch, The Mitch Bowl, Lytton Plaza and Palo Alto Art Center. They are the closest we might need to a house band. Amendola has appeared in shows with eight other combos: Charlie Hunter, The Sticklerphonics, DaShawn Hickman, Raffi Garabedian, Philip Greenlief, Damn Skippy, Plays Monk and TJ Kirk.

Amendola Vs Blades returns to Palo Alto and The Mitch Bowl on Sunday, September 17 with Skerik (sax) and Cyro Baptista (percussion), supported by another jazz combo featuring Eric Person (sax), Adam Klipple (organ), and Marcus Shelby, bass. 

The next Earthwise show is Friday, May 26 at The Mitch with Sonny and The Rhinestone Sunset(Sonny Smith, a noted visual artist as well as his music),  and The Suitcase Junket. 

The Earthwise EventBrite page lists 13 more concerts thru November 11, 2023. Earthwise was founded in 1994 by me, Mark Weiss and is perhaps the only for-profit concert promoter that showcases public facilities and parks. In some ways, it is a spin-off of Earth Day here; in other ways, its a reaction to watching on tv Rodney King ask “Can we all get along?” (then having the network segue to Chrysler: America’s Import).

390 words at 9:40. 

435 words at 10:03

452 words at 10:13

JoVia rehearsal set up: thanks to Jermaine Hamilton studios

I meant to leave 8 passes to 2nite at Gryphon; instead try Bell’s or just show up — $20 at door, bargain.

Wil Blades’ organ is by Pete Fallico, who is also a programmer and air talent at KCSM 91.1 in San Mateo, and Earthwise is a sponsor of KCSM, but there is no connection between these three facts. Six facts. Seven, if you count the six facts as a fact. (552 words at 11:15 — gotta go advance the show)


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Al Downing vs Big Al Downing

Terry was listening to Terry Gross interview Donna Summer, and I have Dave Thompson book about I feel love Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, and how they reinvented music.
I noticed reference to “i’ll be holding on” by Big Al Downing — but my brain is hearing  Mick Hocknull, or somethings “holding back the tears”. Simply Red.
Al Downing was 5’11 175.

I think of him as a dodger, not a Yankee .

some people think of them as grooving the ball to Hank Aaron. 715.
This is beginning to sound like a Dan Bern song.

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Kagan rebuts narrowing of ‘fair use’ in Warhol Prince case


The photographer was Lynn Goldsmith And I admit I don’t really know what it all means 7-2 except I posted as a bookmark to go back and sort it. I am for expression and against property rights.
Ironically, I am reading the article is well on vacation in Carmel. And they practically ripped the communal copy from the hands of another guest, of Wall Street Journal. Tempted to steal the tear sheet, A4

Museums including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art warned that a constricted view of transformative use could threaten their ability to create exhibitions and publish artistic works.

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By ‘the Nelson Matthews Effect’ I hereby declare that Albert Einstein never said that insanity is doing something over and over again, but expecting a different outcome

And they thereby, therefore caution Palo Alto Mayor Lydia Kou about running for state assembly and throwing out, pop, references to historical figures and what they reportedly said, and why, especially if it pertains to hard science;

I was surprised to read that Lydia Kou is running for assembly; not sure if Mark Berman is doing good or bad.  Duly noted that 19 of 20 anonymous posters on the palo alto weekly website are happy she’s running.  I am not allowed to post on the palo alto weekly website.  

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Lytton Plaza re:Set June 9 10 11 by Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto not Stanford

June 9 Freddy Jones Band 7 pm

June 10 Cien Mil Mangos 12 pm, Larry Ochs Gerald Cleaver 2 pm, free

June 11 Jim Campilongo Ben Davis Duo 2 pm

I am doing shows on three consecutive days next month at Lytton Plaza, Downtown, Palo Alto. There has been some talk lately about renaming the plaza for Earth Day whose planning offices were across the street or for the A3M movement, the group of Stanford antiwar activists, who played rock music or clashed with the police there.
So that’s like a reset, right?
Actually “reset” is the name being used by a three-part concert series at Stanford Frost nearby and soon. But if they can appropriate the name “ Steve Lacy” — a hip hop artist headlining here with the same name as a jazz legend — pictured above -I can steal the name reset or Re:Set.
Maybe I should call my company GoldenVice… not named for a type of marijuana; or GoldenWeiss. 

edit to add: I was just jawing with Scott Amendola (played Thursday, plays May 21) that there is less taboo about doing shows on the anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center; I never believed that the Muslim extremists thought too hard about their date coinciding with numbers you call on your phone to signal an emergency; it much of the world they go date/month not month/date. The towers fell on 11-9. But I do like writing 9 10 11 although I am way off topic — 6/9, 6/10, 6/11. We — Scott and I –were talking about whether our September show would suffer from the Niners game on tv versus the Rams. The only conflict I have with being a football fan is that if I host a show when the Niners host the Cowboys, we will go early, a matinee. 

I have 66 advance tickets for Laurie Lewis tomorrow at the Mitch — but I don’t think that means its the mark of the devil. 

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