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The rail: Good week for Avenue Beat from Quincy and Nashville, bad week for TJ DeStefano of San Jose and Palo Alto: fuck 2020 low key ok?

 Or as the woman once said: some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug  Debug. like dis:

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On June 29, 2020 just before midnight and before walking the dog, I discover Avenue Beat

Riyl Molly tuttle, Aj and Sully, Jenny Tolman, the Donnas bw and now Duffy really really needs to go outside fuck leashes 2020 low key what’s the tea

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Montalvo announces Storm and Her Covered Mouth

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Los Lobos opening credits in ‘Colors’

  bw: United colors or estacion Penn (I will have to finish the movie and think hard about whether this is a good or bad movie but it’s interesting to see how it predicts George Floyd Black Lives Matter or … Continue reading

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Smidgen of Bill Frisell w Petra Haden, HSBG, October, 2019

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‘Plastic Alto’ will refer to ‘Black’ rather than ‘black’ as an editorial style to convey power to those that the term describes

I read John Eligon article in the New York Times from yesterday Saturday, June 27, 2020, And most specifically the ideas attributed to Professor Whitney Pirtle of University California at Merced. So going forward I will speak of Black people … Continue reading

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b 2 B VS Liverpool champs oh sit down

i start my morning by walking the dog then sitting to read The New York Times. I had two tear sheets from yesterday’s news. Actually I carried a bit of it in my bath robe because I could not find … Continue reading

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A call to censure Pat Burt

Pat Burt is a bully he does not deserve a second crack at this; Specially in the me -too  and Black lives matter era the last thing Palo Alto needs is a macho jock white guy who is used to … Continue reading

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Am I the last to notice that Austin powers back story is based on Michael antonioni ‘blow up’?

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Stickers and tattoos and a bit of world views

Guest column by Sara Dumanske (I met Sara when she worked at Karen Imperial’s gallery on Bryant St in Palo Alto; I had her stickers on the bumper of my Chevy Cruz until I sold that about six months ago). … Continue reading

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