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Twenty five years to get his Mojo working

Dan Horne revs up with solo album Palo Alto’s best young bands Begun three years ago by the moms of teens in local high school rock bands, an annual rock concert-benefit for the Ecumenical Hunger Program continues this year on … Continue reading

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All hail the Sylvie

Kudos to Sylvie Simmons of San Francisco by way of something very posh across the pond for her new album of music on Compass Records. Sylvie played in my Earthwise Productions concert series in fall, 2019 at Cubberley Community Center … Continue reading

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Streb dancers VS hoop dancers

Laura Veirs has a new video featuring a young hoop dancer she met randomly; that remined me of my interest in streb dancing. I don’t do streb dancing, mind you, I just sometimes talk about it.I’m kind of a streb … Continue reading

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Maya Wiley, from DC, running for Mayor of NYC speaks truth to power re the insurrection

Mark, Yesterday, a pro-Trump, white supremacist mob stormed our nation’s Capitol as legislators met to certify the results of the presidential election. This mob, many of whom were armed, were able to bypass Capitol Police to violently disrupt democracy at … Continue reading

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‘Correct me if I get this wrong…’

At about 3:47:30 of last night’s Palo Alto City Council meeting, retread Pat Burt apropos of housing says “correct me if I get this wrong.”You are wrong. By historical standards, Pat Burt is not qualifed to be the dog catcher. … Continue reading

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Kudos to Kamala

Vogue cover of VP elect: what’s the problem?

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More specifically or to explain further there is a set of soccer fields at the corner of Oregon Expressway page Mill Road and El Camino and it is Stanford land but was the site of an elementary school at one … Continue reading

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Muddy Waters VS Louis Armstrong

I am plunked down in front of the TV to watch more NFL football, Saints versus Bears and of course it occurs to me that both cities register as music hubs. I know its Drew Brees vs Sobrisky or whoever … Continue reading

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Good luck, Chris Strausser in his first NFL playoff game

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Central Park Five Birtherism Build The Wall Muslim Ban Russia, if you’re listening Lock her up Grab ’em by the p***y Hush money Charlottesville Niger Kids in cages Government shutdown Ukraine Impeachment Teargassing protesters 360,000 Covid deaths Election fraud Coup attempt

Word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(18!) Keith Boykin, my former day reporter, 1984 at The Dartmouth. Former Clinton staffer. Author. Could easily pin Jim Jordan. what he said!

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