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Still grooving on, intrigued by Nicole Mitchell Lisa A. Harris ‘EarthSeed’ oratorio and tribute to Octavia Butler

It’s a complex work, but it’s chipping away at me. I’ve bought two Octavia Butler books, and noted that both Veronica DeJesus, the visual artist, and Rebecca Eisenberg, the activist, feel her. I was streaming it from a link provided … Continue reading

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Belgian drummer with cool tattoos revealed, released

BLUF good luck to About Raf Vertessen and his new cd and sorry about the gratuitous reggae reference courtesy of or to Fully Altered I mention below or above (I forget – which way you scroll or which way history flows, … Continue reading

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Five oh one saxophone blues

In a former life, we used to have a notebook in which I wrote the names, date of birth of 1,001 saxophone players that I had culled from three different music reference books, all music guide, a British one, and … Continue reading

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Monk America Monk again

I’m only kidding about the janitor actually being an FBI agent, but a lot of the press about Danny’s (Scher) concert with Monk does describe the timing of the event during an era when MLK had been shot and East … Continue reading

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COINTELPRO in Palo Alto, fall 1968 legend

Yoshi Kato in PAW and Almanac has the scoop that the Thelonious Monk Palo Alto live concert produced by Danny Scher then a senior at Paly has been shelved, because of an injunction by Verve’s Record’s rivalry with another label. Not … Continue reading

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San Jose and Blue Note jazz legend, Eddie Gale, 78

When I met Eddie Gale late in his career I had switched my focus from concert promotion to artist manager for the likes of Henry Butler, John Ellis, Chris Cotton, Laura Price with Laura Chavez, the blue eyed Devils, the … Continue reading

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Lions With Wings logo reveal

By Queen Sara Saturday:

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Shout out to Jeff Parker and Aretha Franklin sample song

I have Jeff’s phone number, and that of his agent. Mark my words, he will lead a band in Palo Alto soon. Recently I named, as part of a poll I took, his band Tortoise as one of my five … Continue reading

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Sonny Simmons VS Sylvie Simmons

I wonder if Sylvie Simmons (Blondie, Leonard Cohen) ever thought to write about Sonny Simmons?Or maybe they can jam, hot sax and cool uke.Happy thought. Now my brain goes to Darth Vader: I am your father, L’ll uke. Way before … Continue reading

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Giants of improvisation VS Mardi Gras VS Beth’s birthday VS Earthwise at The Mitch VS Duke

OR: CLARINET THING AT MITCHELL PARK, FEBRUARY 25, 2020 FULL CONCERT (67 MIN) These are times that try something novel, here in the mediated consciousness stream of my fellow music lovers and coronavirus resisters. I do believe that our inclination … Continue reading

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