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Rocky road

I could not imagine that when I collected baseball cards as a eight-year-old in 1972 that pulling them out of my mothers attic as a 54-year-old I would be using the magnifying feature on my handheld computer and communication device … Continue reading

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It was 20 mins ago today

w I’m working on, scraping only above the incredibly high bar that is plastic alto, something about logrolling or coincidences and the fact that the second musician mentioned in today’s Merck in the eye by Andrew Gilbert former jazz bakery … Continue reading

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Ode to Thurman Munson or 1970 Topps trading card

I retrieved recently from my mothers attic a binder of old baseball cards from nearly 50 years ago and I was perhaps a different person or several different people back. I retrieved were pulled from the plastic coffee is about … Continue reading

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Random Ta-Nehisi / Sprouse Story Martin bomb

Bw blacked width

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Our 1-in-10000 shot at The White House

Alison Cormack, a former Google stalwart and Palo Alto soccer mom, is first-time candidate for public office and, when pressed, a self-described one in ten thousand chance at being the first woman to pot us. She actually said it was … Continue reading

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Counting Crows w Crazy Crab

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Gilbert and George Schultz

I don’t know much about Gilbert and George other than the fact that Collin Bailey of the D Young thought they were cool. George Schultz ate at Chef Chu’s when he worked at Hoover and then join the bushing ministration … Continue reading

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