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Dispatch from Austin

Spring, 2017 nearly six years ago: has Palo Alto degraded as dramatically?   The more than 260,000 new residents who have moved to the area since 2018 might not understand that they’ll be frolicking in a symbol of Austin’s transition … Continue reading

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Twelve recent photos in my smart phone that illustrate something about me better than 1,200 words might

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Sylvie Simmons wrote this (as told to Mark Weiss)

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In Tanaka’s Satanic Service, Strikes Two

BLUF: if i was going to answer such a question I would say I am reading the autobiography of the recently deceased football hero Gale Sayers for whom the NFL humanitarian of the year award is named for “I Am … Continue reading

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Laura V. ‘Galaxies’ tutorial prompt VS Ben L. ‘Giving Tree’ result

Laura Veirs a singer-songwriter, mom, teacher and author in Portland, was slated to teach at Stanford April 4-5, then perform at The Mitch, April 6 — all postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic and “shelter in place”. Laura meanwhile … Continue reading

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Douglas Bruster VS Buster Douglas

Thirty years ago Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson.Three minutes ago, I was reading the Times online and I found a column about 10 new songs one of which was a Vietnamese parody about beating coronavirus, “rub rub rub” in the … Continue reading

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Matt Nathanson my modern love for his work, in a straight manly and professional way

BLUF he’s nobody’s girl friend vs speak friend and enter Last time I saw Matt Nathanson was in San Jose around 2009 or so and he wrote the words “WALLACE STEGNER” on his wrist with a sharpie. Not apropos of … Continue reading

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Wallace Stegner 111th birthday vs Freedy Johnston getting back masters to ‘Well I sold the dirt for a song’

This is a little esoteric but I was Mr. Stegners  neighbor for many years slightly before starting my concert business and I did go around in 2009 and 2010 gifting copies of his stories to singer songwriters Including a whole … Continue reading

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ESREVER NI ESIWHTRAE: somebody call a hear-se

Marta Sanchez, Roman Filiu Marco Diaz, Melecio Magdaluyo, Jon Bautista Lagunta (JBL) Johnny A Charlie Musselwhite MC Lars Valerie Troutt F Howard Wiley, Ruthie Price, Javier Santiago Elvin Bishop Mitch Woods f Maria Muldaur Larry Ochs, Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, … Continue reading

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‘Mendocino County Line’ Willie Nelson Leanne Womack by Bernie Taupin VS ‘Mendocino’ Sir Douglas Quintet by Doug Sahm

Fortythree cds stand out, recent acquisitons or somehow important (more so that the boxes I donated to the Palo Alto library — ironically, I buy cds back from the Mitchell Park library sale, especially when I am loading in a … Continue reading

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