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We have a nap for that

I am not saying that an app targeted at 2 to 6 year olds to prevent bullying could not work. (I happened to meet Rosie Linder of PeppyPals having a meeting on my right and across from me at the … Continue reading

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Killing my Lobster plus Mostly Other People Do the Killing mashup: or weird review of Charles Rumback, considered as a band leader

(maybe ain’t nobody home, dove ventured — UPDATE: if this post were about lobsters and not jazz music I would add information about lobster references in “South Pacific”, “Ah, Wilderness” and the works of David Foster Wallace; and or, I … Continue reading

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The mentawai went away

I was at Cantor yesterday, looking for the Lucy Lewis owl, but noted that the famous or infamous mentawai gibbons is gone. Could be merely moved, or probably rotated meaning stored, but I recall and dear readers of Plastic Alto … Continue reading

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In truth, Bruce Springsteen never played Palo Alto, except a cameo for a Clarence Clemons show

If you look, you can find a review by Jeff Santosuosso in the Stanford Daily, from the December 3, 1982 show. edita: The Jerry Garcia photo, by Baron Wolman, makes sense, since he played there 81 times. The Ray Charles … Continue reading

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Several pueblo pots, mostly black, considered

15 Pueblo pots, considered, or 16 artists and their work I recently became aware, or it drifted to the front of my mind, and to the top of my agenda today, although it took me until about 3 p.m to … Continue reading

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Paul Weiss in Mexico with Cupertino Rotary, July, 2005

edit to add: Brian Moore commented on the Weekly’s obit page, which I was somewhat pleased to notice my Dad shared a column, and in the print version the page, with George Liddicoat, the father of my friend John Liddicoat: … Continue reading

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‘Open curtain’ at SF Opera

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Race track turns monkey house

Chimps or chumps? Their slogan is “The best decisions start here” so I’m sure they know what they are doing. My simple reaction is “good riddance” but my reaction is more nuanced than that. Palo Alto, its physical site and … Continue reading

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