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Would that it were: the Olympics of shaggy dog stories

Hi, Cammie. I’m a Dartmouth ’86 and former sportswriter digressing from something else to send you a quick greeting. (I’m researching the Palo Altan Rink Babka, a discus athlete from 1960 Rome and a painter, apparently — he’s in a … Continue reading

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Democracy army marches on its stomach

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A butterfly affect

I’m a gonna speak to City Council in about 30 minutes, after 14 or so speakers, about butterflies literally and metaphorically. Eleanor Laney, Palo Alto Garden Club, was tabling at California Avenue farmers’ market Sunday about monarch butterflies and planting … Continue reading

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This picture in the Sunday paper reminds me of the Magritte show: This is not a test

This is not a test    

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If Matt were a baller he’d write a parody of “Laid” the way that the Liverpool punters turned “Oh Sit Down” into a a Mo Salah jam

This only makes sense if you know who Messi is:

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Draft of a letter to editor of Palo Alto Post about how stupid they are in their reporting on public art

Dear Editor: I’m beginning to wonder why you mention Bo Crane so many times in your paper —especially second to last page, or cover three, or Page 11 — when you didn’t for example mention Manuel Neri (b. 1930) a … Continue reading

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Doris Day riff: chopine w. chorine

Chopine is a type of shoe, according to Webster’s Ninth. Shoe not show. Chorine is a girl in a chorus. I am tempted to watch all five pieces of my Doris Day collection f It’s a Great Feeling, Tea For … Continue reading

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Boots v Two Boots

It’s both a tour de force and a, if you excuse the expression, and sorry to spoil ya, tour de horse. Did i mention time got The Coup their first gig at Fillmore? This guy. edit to add (and i … Continue reading

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Letter to Jon Jang, pianist composer historian, possibly Palo Altan (diasporic)

not by konitz I mean but i left “knit” because it was once a venue in ny. Jon, excuse me if I have this wrong but i mentioned you on my blog Plastic Alto in a long list of Palo … Continue reading

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I wish I knew how it would feel to be free

Billy Taylor wrote “I Wish I Knew” in 1963, before I was born. Nina Simone recorded the most famous version, in 1967, on “Silk and Sumpin’”, released as a single, later used in recent times out of context by some … Continue reading

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