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when i say ethniceities i mean “jewish”

V.Vale v Eve Valois

If it is not obvious on first instance, one might recognize a pattern wherein a common trope at Plastic Alto is to compare two dissimilar items with similar names. Wasn’t there a guy on Saturday Night Live who would have … Continue reading

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Thirty thirty night for Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson of Palo Alto, Albuquerque, Israel national team and The Dodgers had a thirty thirty night in that he hit his career-high 30th home run of the season but then crashed into a wall in the fifth inning, making … Continue reading

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It’s 2 bad I didn’t know this guy, nor his music

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Assata Shakur (Kahlil Joseph) detail VS Miriam Schapiro detail, at Cantor

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Crate-digger: from Creamer and Layton ‘Whoa Tillie’ to Eddy Mitchell ‘Baseball (Anna)’ in five easy paces

Yesterday while in my walk-training I stopped at an estate sale and bought five not necessarily play-able 78 shellacs From a guy name Chris Easton On Marion Street very near where the Ohlone had burial mounds until the 1960s — … Continue reading

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Jewish ‘ire cookie’ vs Jamaican irie: or, Bow tie vs Bob Marley

My Jewish neighbor from LA, M- noticed my Cantor’s shirt and remarked that in her youth she would go by what to her then was a neighborhood joint and eat the largest available “ire kiegel”. I had no idea what … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman VS Matzo Man

Parentheses I ripped this from an article in the New York Times about 25 important Modern arts and the screen capture is from an edited video of the 1970s super hero show whereas the other piece is from a well … Continue reading

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