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when i say ethniceities i mean “jewish”

Hey, Jay, nice to see you. That guy David is the one who turned me on or out as a Dead head, we recalled that I bought his NYE tix in 1989. Question: what is that random but lovely photo of drummer Ali Miller, you file and tag as ‘corporate’ – is she the poster child for the Jazz School or something? Is it okay i.e. fair use that I randomly run it on my blog next to the color version of Bob Dylan by Tony Frank: I tag the photo ali jay bob which sounds like a Kevin Smith character

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You know me, Joc

When I met Joc Pederson Friday at The Mitch he was mired in a 2-for-22 slump. Yet he broke loose Tuesday with three HRs and 8 RBIs, then had another dinger yesterday. I am taking partial credit for the swing, … Continue reading

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Still snazzy after all these years: Jon Pareles of The Times on Dan Bern 25 Aprils ago

Dan Bern strums an acoustic guitar, sings through his nose, free-associates with sly inspiration and name-drops historical figures. He is also prepared to deflect the inevitable comparisons to Bob Dylan. In his late set at the Bottom Line on Tuesday … Continue reading

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‘Dirt it tough’ at Dartmouth: jah and shakespeare in the reagan irie

“‘Dirt it tough’ at Dartmouth: jah and shakespeare in the reagan irie” Actually Peter OutLoud had a great story this week about the history of the tenderloin but he could’ve name checked “the hard crowd” by Rachel Kushner whose parents … Continue reading

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Charlie Hunter at The Mitch by Earthwise by Paula Weiss Media preview

Upcoming Amendola VS Blades, Johnny A, Plays Monk with Ben Goldberg, Todd Sickafoose, Scott Amendola, Greaseland All Stars featuring Kid Andersen, Lisa Leuschner, Jimmy Pugh, Caroline Davis Quartet Jazz Residency, MC Lars, tba.   bw peninsula media center feature on … Continue reading

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Charlie O VS Charlie Hunter ‘Candy-O’

WE NEED YOU: Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola make their Mitchell Park debut tomorrow around 8 by Earthwise Productions. Tickets available on EventBrite

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[I had a different headline here but it was ambiguous that I am sympathetic to the victims of sexual assault in Ann Arbor]

ed to ad an hor later: I wrote Geiger back to say “nevermind”. Also, I know that the agent of Trevor Noah does not get 10 percent of gross, as much as he may deserve such.   and another reason … Continue reading

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Charlie at The Mitch


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Gunn drives for league title and CCS berth with upset of Cupertino; hosts Fremont and Lynbrook in playoff surge

            [Updated in about anhour or by Sudany 2 p.m — Terry is yeeling at me to ffed the dog, hence the hitters jitters] Gunn rushed for 513 yards on the ground spearheaded by quarterback … Continue reading

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Twelve recent photos in my smart phone that illustrate something about me better than 1,200 words might

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