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Molly vs Jerry on ‘Cold Rain and Snow”

Molly Tuttle is playing a much-anticipated show in her hometown on Monday September 30, at Mitchell Park Community Center, so I’m geeking out on her internet footprint. There’s a video of her playing with Allison Brown and Sierra Hull on … Continue reading

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Palo Alto’s ‘grassy knoll’ of rock and roll

Bo Crane, 67 — a Paly and Stanford grad — is giving a talk at Palo Alto Historical Association next month — their annual dinner — about rock and roll. He published a book or chapbook on such — maybe … Continue reading

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Fire on the Mountain > Estimated Prophet (Bill Monning w. Jerry Hill)

If you send me a jpg. of you Senator Bill Monning at the Jerry Garcia Archive, with the hand statue, I will post it to my blog, Plastic Alto. I’m a concert promoter in Palo Alto who has run for … Continue reading

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Office versus culture in Palo Alto

I am late for the City Council study session on water because I am reviewing the voluminous packet of letters regarding tonight’s later item about a Downtown Cap or a moratorium on office space. I want to chime in, via … Continue reading

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Yes, Peggy, there is a Jerry Garcia thread to the Palo Alto jazz story

Peggy McKee, a history teacher and board member of PAHA, asked me, while advancing our Jan. 25, 2015 event, whether there would be any Jerry Garcia discussions during the event, a discussion of jazz here. I said no, that Jerry … Continue reading

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Dude what’s your Weissman score?

I admit I had to use search-injuns to find out that there is a Tsachy Weissman (short of Itschak, or “Isaac” — maybe pronounced like “Socky”, like sock puppet) at Stanford but the Weissman Score for compression is just a … Continue reading

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Mosh pit lays waste to historic Palo Alto night club

“Mosh pit destroys historic Palo Alto night club” screams the headline in my mind but lo, it is actually the even more dangerous and depraved real estate industry that will bring the wrecking ball to 260 California Avenue, the former … Continue reading

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Are there any other celebrities on this blog?

Dear Moe and All: Setting here listening to your Stella Brooks album sounds tough and good. Old timey sound of the backs her up “Little Piece of Leather” is onery, delightful and rough. “Gin’s gonna kill but they don’t say … Continue reading

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