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Do bloggers out here need good reasons to run icons of Willie Mays?

I forget why I was thinking of writing about Willie Mays or two vintage baseball cards.  

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Jenny Scheinman vehicle to get Earthwise treatment next spring ‘Kannapolis’ by Finn Taylor, maybe

I always regret mentioning, to media or friends and I guess now my own blog, upcoming or potential bookings. However, I saw Jenny Scheinman last week in Santa Cruz, as part of Allison Miller Boom Tic Boom at Kuumbwa, and … Continue reading

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Maybe my coffee is too strong but I see the face of a billy goat or Gandalf the White in this Trevor Paglen found photo at Altman-Siegel

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The Residents w The Residentialists

The Residents are a legendary yet obscure rock band from San Francisco that wears or wore giant eyeball constumes to help protect their secret individual identities. I know virtually nothing about them. R.I.P. Hardy Fox, co-founder and chief composer of … Continue reading

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3 Teens kill 4 no motive w 4 pols run with mo money

3 Teens Kill 4 is a band from the 1980s that sound like Talking Heads meet Negativland. No Motive was their first album, both names ripped from the tabloids. Here is my comment in the PAW board — I habitually … Continue reading

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Abstract and stylized in two colors of cement, the head of an indigenous person, in front of former bowling alley targeting students, first pointed out to me by the historic resources commissioner Beth Bunnenburg

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She calls herself ‘noname’ AND talks of self in third person??

    blacked with I know that’s bad I usually say backed with or bw a man who needs no introduction, I edited his early stories and assigned them, my roommate for one night, sworn to protect our Constitution, when … Continue reading

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Feeling his presence


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The Red Sox, a ‘patriot’

On the night that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in Los Angeles, Anna Eshoo Member of Congress in Los Altos Hills called my mother Barbara H. Weiss “a patriot”. On October 26, in Washington Anna had also … Continue reading

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Egg 0, Rock 17

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