RedVette Band, 1981

This will take a bit more sussin’.

I post this here because Mesha Spivey, a former CCS high jump champ from Woodside, who grew up 12 years younger and across the street from CCS champ (and NBA Champ) Charles CJ Johnson, of Sequoia — both Redwood City –and also interned for Anna Eshoo then San Mateo County Supervisor, posts that this is still his all-time fav band.


I woke up today imagining contacting Anna Eshoo, our congress rep, and suggesting that she stand in front of her colleagues and read the lyrics by Patti Cathcart (of Tuck & Patti fame) of her 1989 composition “Love Warriors” — which is our alternative national anthem — and is in the vein of Patty Smith “People Have the Power”. This is video from early this year 2018 in SF as Tuck & Patti are on tour with the former tour manager, their niece, from Tulsa, Annie Clark performer known as St. Vincent. (I also wrote some wild emails to two important industry figures on this topic).


and1; the drummer for the James Brown project I saw in Fremont Saturday (featuring Cubby Ingram) was John Hanes a veteran of many Bay Area rock bands including Pearl Harbor and the Explosions — fitting since it was December 7 or thereabouts. I remembered that when I first started scouting bands in the mid-1990s, he was in a project called Engorged With Blood; maybe they sent me a demo.

I found this from Brand C: Matthew Kaufman, self-proclaimed “reigning looney” behind Son of Beserkley Records, has a new project to rave about: celebrity interviews released on compact disc. The first, out now, documents San Rafael reporter Joe Territo‘s 1981 tete-a-tete with Jerry Garcia.

“At first, I couldn’t imagine it as a piece of product,” Kaufman said. “Then I recognized that it comes across as if it’s Jerry talking to any fan. And he’s far more candid than I’d be to my psychiatrist. . . . I saw it as the ultimate fan record.”

The founder of Beserkley Records, the label that introduced Jonathan Richman and Greg Kihn to the world, Kaufman put his label on hiatus about eight years ago. “I took a big siesta,” he said, rechristening his company Son of Beserkley upon returning to the music industry.

“I thought S.O.B. sounded good for the ’90s,” he said with a laugh.

With bands like the Uptones and Stiff Richards on his current roster and an Engorged With Blood (boldness mine) release slated for the future, Kaufman will remain in the business of selling music.


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