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New Mariano Rivera Inspired Design

I bought this from Bill peaks while visiting New York City on my honeymoon in September 2018 via New Mariano Rivera Inspired Design

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Cynthia Branvall, ‘Porcelain Medallions’ VS Billy Nayer, ‘Vagina Made Of Glass’ VS Lily He golfer w 234k social media followers VS ‘From Russia With Love’ wrestling match

This gallery contains 8 photos.

  Weiss: This started with, and maybe I should not admit, something triggering a memory of a dirty joke I read in Playboy magazine years ago about a businessman playing golf in Japan but not speaking the language too well … Continue reading

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Terry and I happened upon Rachael Short’s opening in Carmel

The next morning Duffy and I cane upon some colorful flowers:

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Molly Tuttle at Hardly Strictly, 2018

  Palo Altans likely have been following her progress for more than 10 years,  but Molly Tuttle made her debut in 2018 at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco. I got a report from my friend who went to Telluride … Continue reading

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Crate-digger: from Creamer and Layton ‘Whoa Tillie’ to Eddy Mitchell ‘Baseball (Anna)’ in five easy paces

Yesterday while in my walk-training I stopped at an estate sale and bought five not necessarily play-able 78 shellacs From a guy name Chris Easton On Marion Street very near where the Ohlone had burial mounds until the 1960s — … Continue reading

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Matt Gonzalez says: about Washington High Arnautoff murals

We have a Arnautoff mural here in Palo Alto at the old medical building that is becoming a history museum. The controversy here was that it showed a woman’s bosom as she is being checked by the male doc. New … Continue reading

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Kossoff, 92 Tate, 26

edit to add: the reviewer in the New York Times says it’s not really a spoiler because your understanding of the film is contingent of knowing something of the impending doom of the Tate LoBianca murders. And I admit I … Continue reading

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Weegee portrait of Marylin Monroe

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Jewish ‘ire cookie’ vs Jamaican irie: or, Bow tie vs Bob Marley

My Jewish neighbor from LA, M- noticed my Cantor’s shirt and remarked that in her youth she would go by what to her then was a neighborhood joint and eat the largest available “ire kiegel”. I had no idea what … Continue reading

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Cheyanne Woodward’s use of type as

…compared to a long block of copy observable on a bathing woman’s right thigh….

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