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Campy and cubby shirts I cannot resist a quick post about The Baseball Project, featuring Steve Wynn and Peter Buck, performing last night at the Cubby Bear in Chicago. I believe the first line of above song references the day that Campy Campaneris … Continue reading

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Jazz funeral for Stella Brooks

I’m a little piece of leather, don’t you know? Continue reading

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Addi the balloon bass guy

addi somekh the former kfjc improv jazz dj has found his 15 minutes via the balloon bass Continue reading

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Terry Acebo Davis as virtual open studio installation

Terry Acebo Davis has been too committed to her role as chair of the Palo Alto Public Arts Commission to make a trove of new work, but I cajoled her into showing one piece at her studio, at 4030 Transport … Continue reading

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Pan of “Pink”: or, my brother the asymptote

the surprising truth about banality of trendy group think books of the month Continue reading

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JC Brooks is Passing Strange

Passing Strange in chicago, back where it all started for this signifying monkey. Continue reading

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Thurston Moore and Alden Van Buskirk

blood never lies Continue reading

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Wesley’s new bag

Bob Dylan turns 70 on May 24 next week even. Continue reading

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Fret de la musique

we are the world here means that we are pretending that there is only the English language, spoken by white people, for no pay — the only people who get paid at Palo Alto’s “World Music” Day are the police. Where sour grapes meet dancing raisins, per haps. Continue reading

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Why John Mickelthwait has 1.4 millions readers and I have 1.4 hundred

I have spent about $100 on The Economist over the last 12 months. Continue reading

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