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if you can hear it and it does not grate your ears, ambient or intentitional with a story melody or not, major and minor chords, the community rather than the industry if possible; if not the answer then a pretty good guess, and the people who live it; basie miller satchmo and the king of all sir duke

Molly Tuttle Lindsay Lou cover of Operation Ivy ‘Crowd’ VS L. Marie Cook ‘Super Bon Bon’

  Step aside and let the gals go thru I found this today looking for something else: Bonus track: AJ Lee and Sullivan Tuttle – Molly’s brother, well, they are both former bandmates — live at Mitchell Park, doing Bob … Continue reading

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Now we’re messing with The Kid: Earthwise announces content development deal with Christoffer Andersen of Greaseland Studios for Lions With Wings imprint


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Lions With Wings logo reveal

By Queen Sara Saturday:

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Bruce Springsteen ‘American Skin (41 Shots)’

Jake Clemons nephew of the Big Man: song about Amadou Diallo (who, sadly I confused with Abner Louima who was brutalized but not killed by police)     bw Big ups to Sean Wilentz in Rolling Stone RS 1341 on … Continue reading

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Bowden Bell Ringers does Dameron

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Many of the Zomba men know who is Messi, but Ed Sheeran hell no (Ian Brennan, 2019)

(Not sure who the Zomba men are but you have me curious…rrr n)

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As with The Hand in the Glove, Stout makes a play for social justice, this time confronting segregation. Unsurprisingly, the scenes with the Black waiters at the Spa haven’t aged well. However, even after all these years, one point of … Continue reading

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Smidgen of Bill Frisell w Petra Haden, HSBG, October, 2019

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Groundhog Day for drum buskers at Lytton Plaza soft re-opening

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Mother Hips meet Dena Dey

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