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if you can hear it and it does not grate your ears, ambient or intentitional with a story melody or not, major and minor chords, the community rather than the industry if possible; if not the answer then a pretty good guess, and the people who live it; basie miller satchmo and the king of all sir duke

Upcoming Earthwise (9) and otherwise (9)

Saturday, June 25 Marta Sanchez Quintet, 7 p.m. Lytton Plaza, free. Sylvie Simmons, 5 p.m. It’s also George Orwell‘s birthday and doubleplusgood that it is either two shows back to back or Sylvie is opening for Marta and or a co-bill and … Continue reading

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We are the world

Gertrude Stein said I write for myself and strangers. As I sit the world around me is increasing, approaching 9 billion souls and bodies. I am actually South County today, so we are more like 2 million not the 60,000 … Continue reading

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June swoon

EARTHWISE FEATURES SEVEN CONCERTS NEXT MONTH, IN THREE VENUES Upcoming concerts via Palo Alto’s Earthwise Productions: Friday, June 3, DaShawn Hickman Sacred Steel featuring Charlie Hunter bass and Wendy Hickman vocals; 8 p.m. Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA. Tickets … Continue reading

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Earthwise ads in Chronicle Datebook and Sunday Pink for the first time since 1990s

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Jack Cullen (music) VS Jack Cullen (baseball)


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Free concert Sunday at Mitchell Park bowl

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Every day is Earth Day: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and, especially Sunday, April 24, with MC Lars and Matt The Electrician, in Palo Alto

  Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered I’m producing an Earth Day concert Sunday 2 p.m. at Mitchell Park Bowl.  I’m writing early Wednesday morning, or Tuesday night, depending how you look at it. So … Continue reading

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August and Everything Up To It

AUGUST AND EVERYTHING BEFORE Kudos to Mountain Winery and Golden Voice for their Mountain Winery season, which was announced in a full page ad in today’s Mercury. I bought tickets for Counting Crows, Michael Franti, Jake Shimbakuro and Trombone Shorty, … Continue reading

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Roger v. Remi

Roger Craig won three Super Bowl rings; Remi Wolf has released 11 videos. they are both wearing red in two photos and face paint. there is no other reason I am mentioning them in the same breath. coincidentally I met … Continue reading

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Peace has come to Zimbabwe: vain search for Lew Welch: where the lemonade springs

(Earthwise music series thru August, various parks and facilities) Featuring Dan Bern, Rob Syrett, Or Barakat, Tivon Pennicott, Jeremy Corren, Savannah Harris, Matt The Electrician, MC Lars, Aleta Hayes, Ben Goldberg, Scott Amendola, Todd Sickafoose, Wayne Horvitz, Sara Schoenbeck, Gaye … Continue reading

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