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if you can hear it and it does not grate your ears, ambient or intentitional with a story melody or not, major and minor chords, the community rather than the industry if possible; if not the answer then a pretty good guess, and the people who live it; basie miller satchmo and the king of all sir duke

Riff in peace

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Molly VS Remi

This has been true for a couple months but there are two buzz acts in the music industry from Palo Alto, Molly Tuttle and Remi Wolf.Molly is on Compass and indie but has William Morris as an agent and Ken … Continue reading

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Mike Park releases ‘Steppin’ Stone’ cover for Earthwise’s online Covid-era new normal

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MC Lars ‘Grasshopper’ song embed on bandcamp

  Nancy Wright “There is Something on Your Mind”

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In Tanaka’s Satanic Service, Strikes Two

BLUF: if i was going to answer such a question I would say I am reading the autobiography of the recently deceased football hero Gale Sayers for whom the NFL humanitarian of the year award is named for “I Am … Continue reading

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Molly Alyssa This post is about an author I read about in the Times, Alyssa Cole and it made me think of Molly Tuttle, Palo Alto’s rising star musician in Nashville, although obviously the connection I am making is pretty … Continue reading

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World premiere of ‘There Is Something On Your Mind’ video featuring Nancy Wright, on Lions With Wings, an online initiative of concert promoter Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto

Earthwise Productions has released a video, made by Kid Andersen’s Greaseland Studios of San Jose, as part of its Lions With Wings initiative. The 8-minute video features six performers in isolation, an accomodation to the Covid-19 virus, but is edited … Continue reading

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Pop Smoke, tee shirt Vs MC Lars bandcamp

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What a difference a day makes or 17 years

OR, DIAL MM FOR MONEY AND MUSIC AND MEMORY I met Mulgrew Miller in France, when Henry Butler played Xavier’s festival.He was on my list of potential management clients, but I never had the nerve to ask.Here is his old … Continue reading

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Molly Tuttle Lindsay Lou cover of Operation Ivy ‘Crowd’ VS L. Marie Cook ‘Super Bon Bon’

  Step aside and let the gals go thru I found this today looking for something else: Bonus track: AJ Lee and Sullivan Tuttle – Molly’s brother, well, they are both former bandmates — live at Mitchell Park, doing Bob … Continue reading

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