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if you can hear it and it does not grate your ears, ambient or intentitional with a story melody or not, major and minor chords, the community rather than the industry if possible; if not the answer then a pretty good guess, and the people who live it; basie miller satchmo and the king of all sir duke

Ants marching VS ants dancing

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Hopkins Struever “Painted Perfection” Wheelright Museum Santa Fe, New Mexico 2001 p 68: The insects holding hands illustrate a Hopi story of how ants got tiny waists. matthews circa 1994: Lights out we up and Die…mommy.

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Came Sunday: Valerie Troutt, her father, Charlie Musselwhite and me —Palo alto December 29, 2019

This is an Ellington song made famous for Mahalia Jackson version:

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Pass 10 minutes listening to Tim, Greg and Bob

OR: “Mother Hips” vs “Mister Jones” I’ve got a funny bee in my bonnet about Frost amphitheater in that Pollstar magazine a trade publication nominated Stanford’s 7,000 capacity outdoor concert venue for best new venue, fittingly — And I went … Continue reading

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Earthwise Siphonophore Chorus tribute to Laura Veirs

April has been the cruelest month to Laura Veirs and her fans down here in the Six-Five-Oh. Instead of both a workshop at Stanford and a show at The Mitch, we have various examples of woodshedding. Using my magic box, … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Sky Posse VS CA Plane Por Moi

Sky Posse is a political action group lobbying to change federal aviation laws in favor of suburban quiet enjoyment. One of their people ran for city council and got 8,000 votes, but in retaliation the pilots are buzzing are homes … Continue reading

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Partial list of artists I had worked with especially at Cubberley 1994-2001; but not impartial

BLUF: This is a pastiche of two letters I dredged from my email archive, both dealing with race, plus I am reacting to the passing of Bill Withers “use me” “sunshine” We pledge allegiance all our life to red blue … Continue reading

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Deep Blue Something ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ VS Ana and The MRI duo, song performed mostly covers at Lytton Plaza

Deep Blue Something is a group from Dallas Texas who had a big hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that played at Cubberley Community Center in 1998. It was #5 on the 1996 Billboard Hot 100 charts. It namechecks a famous movie, … Continue reading

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